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stream catfish
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The stream catfish comprises of family Akysidae of catfishes. Many traits are helpful in classifying this huge, numerous superorder—the character of the body masking; presence or absence of barbels, fin spines, and adipose fin; modifications of mouth and fins; sorts of the tooth.

Stream Catfish profile

This article will give an overview of stream catfish facts.

Much less apparent however particularly vital are quite a few cranium options, specializations of the Weberian equipment in otophysans, the configuration of the swim bladder, and fusions of vertebral components.

Stream Catfish Distribution and habitat

Akysids are recognized from throughout a big space in Southeast Asia. They’re present in recent water.

Fish of the subfamily Parakysinae are primarily discovered within the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Sarawak, and western and southern Borneo.

Most species are typically present in deeper components of comparatively swift rivers and forest streams.

Stream catfish Description

Akysids are small to minute fishes with cryptic coloration, tiny eyes, and fully coated with unculiferous plaques or tubercles.

In some genera, among the tubercles on the body are enlarged and organized in distinctive longitudinal rows, the variety of which can be diagnostic.

The dorsal fin of the stream catfishhas a robust backbone and a brief base, and often 4 or 5 tender rays and 4 pairs of barbels are discovered.

Unusually amongst catfish, they have got a low principal caudal-fin ray rely upon and extra rays within the higher caudal fin lobe than the decrease.

Within the Akysinae, the body has small unculiferous tubercles organized in longitudinal rows, a median mid-dorsal row, often in four lateral rows.

The dorsal fin often has 5 tender rays. An adipose fin is current and average. The pectoral fin has a robust backbone, and the anterior margin has a notch seen dorsally and often serrated posteriorly. The gill openings are comparatively slim and the eyes are small.

Within the Parakysinae, the dorsal fin of the stream catfish has 4 tender rays. The pectoral fin backbone will not be serrated. The anal fin has eight to 13 tender rays.

stream catfish

The mandibular barbels often have quick accent barbels. Gill rakers and lateral line pores are absent.

The top and body of the stream catfish are coated with rounded tubercles organized in longitudinal rows in Acrochordontichthys and Breitensteinia or evenly distributed in Parakysis.

The adipose fin of the stream catfish is absent in Breitensteinia and Parakysis and is current as an adipose ridge; the fin is current and lengthy in Acrochordontichthys. The eyes are minute. They’ve 30–32 vertebrae.

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