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Northern red snapper
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Northern Red snapper is a low-calorie, lean supply of protein that’s wealthy in selenium, vitamin A, potassium, and omega-Three fatty acids. Regardless of the potential health advantages, Northern red snapper could include mercury ranges that make it unsafe for pregnant ladies and younger youngsters to eat various occasions a month.

Northern Red Snapper Profile

The Northern red snapper, scientific name Lutjanus campechanus is a species of snapper native to the western Atlantic Ocean together with the Gulf of Mexico, the place it inhabits environments related to reefs.

Northern red snapper species is commercially necessary and can also be sought-after as a sport fish.

At a look, the most important distinction between the 2 Snappers is their measurement and general form. Red Snapper is small and slender, whereas Red Snapper is extra deep-bodied and customarily a lot greater. Red Snapper has smaller eyes that are extra of a pinkish red.

Northern red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus


The northern red snapper’s physique could be very comparable in form to different snappers, such because of the mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, lane snapper, and canine snapper.

All characteristic a sloped profile, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin, and a laterally compressed physique.

Northern red snapper has a quick, sharp, needle-like tooth, however, they lack the outstanding higher canine tooth discovered on the mutton, canine, and mangrove snappers. They’re somewhat giant and are red in color.

This snapper reaches maturity at a size of about 39 cm (15 in). The frequent grownup size is 60 cm (24 in), however, it could attain 100 cm (39 in).

The utmost revealed weight is 50 lb, four oz (22.79 kg) and the oldest reported age is 100+ years.

The coloration of the northern red snapper is light red, with extra intense pigment on the again. It has 10 dorsal spines, 14 gentle dorsal rays, three anal spines, and eight to 9 anal gentle rays. Juvenile fish (shorter than 30–35 cm) may also have a darkish spot on their sides, under the anterior gentle dorsal rays, which fades with age.

Fish in profile

The northern red snapper is discovered within the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern Atlantic coast of the US and far much less generally northward so far as Massachusetts. In Latin American Spanish, it is named huachinango, pargo, or chillo.
Northern red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus
This species generally inhabits waters from 9–60 m (30–200 ft), however, it may be caught as deep as 90 m (300 ft) every so often.

They keep comparatively near the underside, and inhabit rocky bottoms, ledges, ridges, and synthetic reefs, together with offshore oil rigs and shipwrecks.

Like most different snappers, the northern red snapper is gregarious and kind giant faculties around wrecks and reefs. These faculties are often made up of fish of very comparable measurements.

The popular habitat of this species adjustments because it grows and matures as a result of elevated want for the cover and altering meal habits.

Newly hatched red snapper unfold out over giant areas of open benthic habitat, then transfer to low-relief habitats, corresponding to oyster beds.

As they close to one yr of age, they transfer to intermediate-relief habitats because of the earlier yr’s fish transfer on to high-relief reefs with room for extra people.

Round synthetic reefs corresponding to oil platforms, smaller fish spend time within the higher part of the water column whereas extra mature (and bigger) adults stay in deeper areas.

These bigger fish don’t enable smaller people to share this territory. The most important red snapper unfolds out over open habitats, in addition to reefs.


Northern red snappers transfer to several types of habitats throughout their progress course.

When they’re newly spawned, red snapper settles over giant areas of open benthic habitat(s). Underage 1, the red snapper transfer to low-relief habitats for meals and canopy. If out there, oyster shell beds are most well-liked.

The second stage is when these fish outgrow low-relief habitats and transfer to intermediate-relief habitats as age 1 snapper go away to maneuver on to a different progress stage. Subsequent, at about age 2, snapper search high-relief reefs having low densities of bigger snapper. Subsequent, at platforms, smaller snapper occupy the higher water column.

Then, the bigger, older snapper occupy the deeper areas of the platforms and enormous benthic reefs and so they stop smaller snapper and different fish from utilizing these habitats.

Regardless of native habitat preferences, Szedlmayer reported that of 146 L. campechanus tagged, launched, and recaptured inside a few yr, 57% have been nonetheless roughly at their respective launch site, and 76% have been recaptured inside 2 km of their launch web site. The best motion by a single fish was 32 km.

A northern red snapper attains sexual maturity at two to 5 years previous, and a grownup snapper can stay for greater than 50 years.

Analysis from 1999–2001 prompt the populations of red snappers off the coast of Texas to attain maturity quicker and at a smaller measurement than populations off of the Louisiana and Alabama coasts.

Northern red snapper


Juveniles generally feed on zooplankton. However as they mature, their weight-reduction plan switches over to bigger prey together with shrimp, squid, and octopus.

Grownup northern red snapper feed on quite a lot of smaller fishes, crustaceans, and mollusks, which they discover in flat backside areas adjoining the reefs.


Red Snapper is a lean, moist fish with an agency texture and a particular candy, nutty taste which makes it versatile for a lot of taste parts from delicate to intense seasoning.

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For filets, it’s higher to grill or sautés these after you have got marinated them, after which serve them with rice pilaf and exquisite contemporary greens on the facet.

Our favorite snapper species for consumption are red snapper, red snapper, lane snapper, and schoolmaster snapper.

What’s the greatest red snapper ever caught?

The world document for red snapper, weighing 50 lbs. and four oz. was caught within the Gulf of Mexico off the Lousiana coast by Doc Kennedy in 1996, based on the Worldwide Sport Fish Affiliation.


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