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madtom catfish

Madtom catfish is a freshwater catfish under order Siluriformes, of the genus Noturus of the family Ictalurida, in North America, Eastern USA, and Canada.

This article will give an overview of madtom catfish for sale, care, Ohio, range, Indiana, Venom, description, family, etc.

Madtom catfish Profile

It’s the most species-rich family of catfish in North America, native to the central and eastern United States, and adjoining components of Canada. Their fin spines include a light venom with a sting akin to that of a honey bee.

With some species reaching four feet and exceeding 100 kilos, it’s simple to overlook that not each catfish of the household Ictaluridae are veritable behemoths.

Madtom catfish are pocket-sized in comparison with Blues and Channels, and as such make significantly better aquarium residents.

Almost half the species of madtom catfishes have been described in a single complete revision of the group.

Morphology may be very conserved on this genus; a lot of the species look very related and telling them aside from the same old meristic and morphometric characters used to establish species is tough.

The extra was conspicuously variable attributes of those secretive fishes are options of pigmentation, which are also harder to quantify and sometimes fluctuate based on substrate and water high quality.

These species have small to tiny or fragmented ranges, and features of pigmentation are vital diagnostic characters of every. Over one-quarter of the acknowledged species variety in Noturus stays undescribed.

Various madtom species are narrowly distributed and intensely uncommon, thus are in nice danger of extinction. Noturus trautmani could even be extinct, having been finally collected in 1957.

Madtom catfish

Madtom catfish Species

The Noturus genus is probably the most numerous of the household Ictaluridae, containing 28 of the 50 catfish in that household. All 28 are native to North America:

Noturus albater (Ozark Madtom)
Noturus baileyi (Smoky Madtom)
Noturus crypticus (Chucky Madtom)
Noturus exilis (Slender Madtom)
Noturus fasciatus (Saddled Madtom)
Noturus flavater (Checkered Madtom)
Noturus flavipinnis (Yellowfin Madtom)
Noturus flavus (Stonecat)
Noturus funebris (Black Madtom)
Noturus furiosus (Carolina Madtom)
Noturus gilberti (Orangefin Madtom)
Noturus gladiator (Piebald Madtom)
Noturus gyrinus (Tadpole Madtom)
Noturus hildebrandi (Least Madtom)
Noturus insignis (Margined Madtom)
Noturus lachneri (Ouachita Madtom)
Noturus leptacanthus (Speckled Madtom)
Noturus maydeni (Black River Madtom)
Noturus miurus (Brindled Madtom)
Noturus munitus (Frecklebelly Madtom)
Noturus nocturnus (Freckled Madtom)
Noturus phaeus (Brown Madtom)
Noturus placidus (Neosho Madtom)
Noturus stanauli (Pygmy Madtom)
Noturus stigmosus (Northern Madtom)
Noturus taylori (Caddo Madtom)

None of those species are generally out there within the pet commerce, although they do see their method into shops occasionally.

Even when discovered on the market, you might not anticipate nearly all of the shops to have a correct species identify offered.

Be ready to establish it yourself! Specialty retailers and fish auctions ought to be rather more dependable on this respect.

madtom catfish

Madtom catfish Conservation Standing

The Carolina Madtom, Piebald Madtom, Neosho Madtom, and Northern Madtom populations are thought of as lowering and Close to Threatened by the IUCN.

The Smoky Madtom, Yellowfin Madtom, Frecklebelly are Weak.

The Saddled Madtom, Orangefin Madtom, Ouachita Madtom, Pygmy Madtom, and Caddo Madtom are Endangered.

The Chucky Madtom is Critically Endangered.

All different species of Madtoms are both of Least Concern or are Not Evaluated. Sadly, telling these species aside will be tough, particularly in areas the place a number of populations overlap.

One species, the Scioto Madtom (N. trautmani), was later declared extinct in 2013.

Madtom catfish Distribution

The madtoms are widespread throughout the central and northern areas of the USA. A few of these species are additionally discovered within the southern part of Canada, restricted to the central and northern borders with the US.

Madtom catfish Description

Madtoms are usually small fish, most reaching between 1.5 and seven inches relying on species.

The exception is the Stonecat, which has the most size of 12 inches. Nevertheless, most specimens solely appear to develop to about 6-Eight inches.

Madtoms are retiring fish that spend nearly all of their time in captivity both hiding in caves or resting on the substrate.

They aren’t aggressive fish and may cohabitate high-quality with non-nippy tankmates. Though predatory, fish that aren’t “bite-sized” ought to be secure to maintain with madtoms.

If different ictalurid catfish are any indication, madtoms are probably extra sociable as younger and develop to change into solitary fish as adults. Any quarrels they’ve with different fish aren’t prone to finish in harm.

Like different ictalurid catfish, these fish are mildly venomous. Although reportedly no worse than bee stings, people who find themselves allergic/delicate to animal stings ought to take warning when performing tank upkeep.

Additionally, like different ictalurid catfish, they’re considerably vulnerable to Ich infestations. As a result of their temperate native habitats, they could not reply properly to the “warmth and salt” technique.

Formalin might be the most effective remedy technique for this case. Most different medicines (for Ich and never) ought to be utilized in moderation as they’re considerably delicate to frequent therapies.

Madtom catfish Feeding

A hungry madtom is a wholesome madtom, and they need to eat nearly any meals offered to them.

Sinking pellets are a superb staple, sometimes supplementing with frozen meals like brine shrimp, Mysis, krill, and so forth.

Newly caught specimens could not immediately take to ready meals and will reply higher to frozen fare.

These are nocturnal fish and feed simply after sundown within the wild. Nevertheless, they may adapt to the feeding schedule and can finally change into life through the day.

If preserving with grasping/boisterous tankmates, it might be simpler to feed at night time after the lights have been turned off. I’ve personally discovered that feeding one hour after lights out is best for nocturnal catfish.

Madtom catfish Water High quality

Madtoms aren’t notably choosy about water hardness and pH offered that extremes are prevented. Madtoms are present in water sources ranging in hardness from not less than 6-16 dH and pH 6.7-8.2.

No heater is important for these species, and seemingly so properly with water temperature around 60-68 F.

As stream fish, they want excessive portions of oxygen within the water to do properly. Excessive filtration (8-10 instances tank turnover per hour) and/or powerheads are beneficial.

Brackish Suitability

Not properly documented. Although the Margined Madtom has been famous in areas as much as 1.004, most madtoms hail from freshwater streams within the wild and aren’t famous in brackish areas.

There exists the chance that these fish can tolerate low ranges of brackish waters long run, on condition that the Margined Madtom and the associated Channel, Blue, and Bullhead catfish can all tolerate low ranges of salt.

That mentioned, there may be little purpose to take action and are most likely finest saved in freshwater.

Madtom catfish Tank Measurement

For a few of the smallest madtoms, tanks within the vary of 20 to 30 gallons are greater than enough for housing the long run.

All madtoms, apart from the Stonecat, might probably be housed in a 40 or 55-gallon tank indefinitely.

Although not notably prone to attain their most measurement of 12 inches, a tank around 60 or 75 gallons would enable Stonechats area to develop and depart ample room for tankmates.

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There are only a few information of madtoms breeding in captivity (maybe unsurprisingly, given how uncommonly they’re saved).

For one aquarist, the Tadpole Madtom was efficiently bred twice by preserving three specimens in a tank at 64 F with powerheads after which shifting to a tank at 70 F with out powerheads.

Within the wild, males keep across the nest throughout this time to protect the fry.

Remaining Ideas

Madtoms are attention-grabbing fish for individuals who like Channel catfish seems however not Channel catfish most measurement.

There are some particular drawbacks to acquiring these fish, as a result of endangered or threatened standing of most species, however, a properly-procured fish will make a beautiful addition to a peaceable neighborhood tank.


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