Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish Description

Golden Bangus Filipino Milkfish
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The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish is a species of fish within the Chanidae family. It lives all through a lot of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This article will give an overview of the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish.

Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish is an extremely essential supply of meals all through this area. In reality, many contemplate this species the nationwide fish of the Philippines. Learn to study in regards to the Milk Fish.

Body fusiform, elongated, reasonably compressed, easy, and streamlined. Physique color silvery on stomach and sides grading to olive-green or blue on again.

Dorsal, anal and caudal fins pale or yellowish with darkish margins of the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish. Single dorsal fin with 2 spines and 13-17 delicate rays. Quick anal fin with 2 spines and 8-10 delicate rays, near the caudal fin.

The caudal fin of the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish is massive and deeply forked with massive scale flaps at the base in adults. Pectoral fins low on the physique with axillary (interior basal) scales.

Pelvic fins belly with axillary scales and 11 or 12 rays. Scales cycloid, small and easy, 75-91 on the lateral line. No scutes (modified pointed scales) alongside the stomach. Clear ‘adipose’ tissue covers the attention. Mouth small and terminal without enamel.

Decrease jaw with small tubercle at the tip, becoming into a notch within the higher jaw. No bony gular plate between arms of decrease jaw is found in the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish.

4 branchiostegal rays supporting the underside of gill covers. Gill rakers wonderful and quite a few. Attains typical size of 1 m however could attain the most size of 1.Eight m (male).

Description of the Milk Fish

This species appears to be like like a typical silver-colored fish. It has an elongated, torpedo-shaped physique. The dorsal or higher aspect of its physique is darker than the ventral, or underside. Its tail fin is comparatively lengthy in comparison with the remainder of its physique.

On common, the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish measure about three toes lengthy. Nevertheless, the most important people attain almost six toes in size.

Attention-grabbing Details In regards to the Milk Fish

At a look, the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish seems considerably unremarkable. Be taught extra about what makes this species so fascinating.

A Fish of Many Names – Folks catch and eat this species in many various areas. Consequently, individuals in these completely different areas name this fish by many various names, together with ava, bangus, ibiya, bolu, and extra.

Fish Farming – To assist sustain with the demand for the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish, individuals have developed business fish farms within the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and extra. Relying on the power, they hold and breed the fish in concrete tanks, sea cages, or massive ponds.
Golden Bangus, Filipino Milkfish
A number of Strategies – After catching the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish, individuals have a number of strategies of processing it for consumption. Some smoke, ferment or dry the meat. Others eat it contemporary or freeze it, and a few even can and bottle the meat.

Bandeng Presto – The Javan individuals put together the Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish right into a dish often called bandeng presto. The dish entails stress cooking the fish for lengthy durations till the bones of the fish turn out to be delicate and edible.

Habitat of the Milk Fish

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish lives in numerous habitats relying on its age. The younger are born within the ocean, however, they make their manner into estuaries, mangroves, bays, and lakes to proceed with their progress. As adults, they stay in tropical coastal seas. They like shallow waters close to reefs to forage for meals.

Distribution of the Milk Fish

Yow will discover this species in coastal areas all through the Indian and Pacific Oceans. They vary from the coast of South Africa, up alongside the southern coast of Asia, and all through the Indo-Pacific islands to Australia.

They vary additionally extends to Hawaii, California, and the west coast of Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Food of the Milk Fish

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish is an omnivore, which signifies that they eat vegetation and different animals. Their actual weight loss plan varies based mostly on the age of the fish.

Newly hatched larvae eat zooplankton, whereas juveniles hunt for microorganisms, algae, worms, tiny shrimp, and carrion.

Adults eat the entire above, however additionally they prey on the larval types of different sea creatures, together with juvenile herrings, sardines, and extra.


Milkfish (Chanos chanos) is the one species within the family Chanidae. Its distribution is restricted to both low latitude tropics or the subtropical northern hemisphere alongside continental cabinets and round islands, the place temperatures are higher than 20 °C (Purple Sea and South Africa to Hawaii and the Marquesas, north to Japan and south to Victoria, Australia; and within the Japanese Pacific from San Pedro, California to the Galapagos).
Golden Bangus, Filipino Milkfish
Adults happen in small to massive faculties close to the coasts or around islands. They’re effectively developed, migratory, massive (as much as 1.5 m and 20 kg), and mature sexually in 5 years. Milkfish solely spawn in totally saline waters.

The exercise is most frequently correlated with the brand new or full moon phases, takes place largely within the evening, and, in most areas, has one or two seasonal peaks.

Within the pure setting, spawning takes place close to coral reefs throughout the heat months of the 12 months, and populations close to the equator spawn year-round.

Juveniles and adults eat all kinds of comparatively delicate and small meal objects, from microbial mats to detritus, epiphytes, and zooplankton.

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish is a heterosexual fish; hermaphrodism has not been reported. In pure spawning shares, the intercourse ratio is nearly equal, with a barely greater quantity of females.

The dedication of intercourse could be very tough, as a result of there are not any simply identifiable morphological variations between men and women; nevertheless, the pheromone PGF2a (prostaglandin) has been discovered to be an efficient method to establish mature male milkfish.

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish eggs (1.1-1.2 mm in diameter) and larvae (3.5 mm at hatching) are pelagic and keep within the plankton for as much as 2-Three weeks. Egg division begins an hour after and hatching happens 35-36 hours after spawning.

Within the wild, eggs are most likely launched in deeper oceanic waters and within the outer reef area.

Older larvae migrate onshore and settle in coastal wetlands (mangroves, estuaries) throughout the juvenile stage, or sometimes enter freshwater lakes. The larvae eat zooplankton and might thrive and develop in water as heat as 32 °C.

They then migrate onshore and the place they are often caught by fine-mesh nets operated alongside sandy seashores and mangrove areas; these ‘fry’ are 10-17 mm lengthy and are used as feedstock in grow-out ponds, pens, and cages.

Within the wild, juveniles are present in mangrove areas and coastal lagoons, and even journey upriver into lakes; they return to the sea once they get too massive for the nursery habitat, or when they’re about to mature sexually.

Golden Bangus, Filipino Milkfish

Milkfish can attain the most dimension of 180 cm SL (male/unsexed) and 124 cm SL (feminine). The utmost recorded weight and age are kg and 15 years respectively.

Resilience is low, with minimal inhabitants doubling the time of 4.5 – 14 years. Its fisheries significance is extremely business, particularly in aquaculture, and it is usually utilized in sport fish as bait. It’s particularly valued as a meal fish in Southeast Asia.

Milk Fish and Human Interplay

People depend on this fish species fairly closely as a supply of meals. Industrial fisheries usher in a number of hundred thousand tons per yr.

Although heavy fishing poses some menace, the extra urgent concern is the gathering of larval younger to provide fish farms. Nevertheless, for now, the species has robust inhabitants numbers and the IUCN lists them as Least Concern.


Although individuals increase this fish in fish farming operations, people haven’t actually domesticated this species.

Does the Milk Fish Make a Good Pet

No, this fish doesn’t make a superb pet. They develop too massive for the typical residence aquarium.

Milk Fish Care

Care varies based mostly on the fishery setting. Fish farmers hold these creatures in a wide range of completely different housing, together with sea pens, concrete tanks, and huge ponds.

Some fisheries breed and lift the fish. Nevertheless, different fisheries seize the larval younger from the wild and lift them within the tanks till they’ve reached harvesting age.

Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish

The behavior of the Milk Fish

Researchers merely haven’t studied this species sufficient to know its habits absolutely. What we do know, is that they stay in social teams often called colleges.

Adults spend a lot of their time close to the coasts in tropical seas. They forage for meals in reefs and lagoons. Although the younger ultimately make their manner into estuaries and mangroves, the adults breed in shallow waters close to the coast.

Reproduction of the Milk Fish

These fish reproduce through spawning, the place fertilization happens exterior of the physique. Females launch their eggs into the water column, and the males launch their sperm to fertilize them. A single feminine can produce as much as six million eggs in a spawning season.

It takes a few days for the eggs to hatch, and a few weeks for the younger to make their manner into the estuaries and mangroves. The younger fish don’t attain sexual maturity till they attain about three years of age.

A case study

A 1.2-KILOGRAM bangus (milkfish) saved on the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Sources (BFAR) in Dagupan Metropolis will not value its weight in gold, however, it’s quick changing into an attraction due to its golden scales.

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish made its presence felt simply as Dagupan began actions for its 11th Bangus Pageant this month.

Rhe Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish, aged one 12 months and 4 months might be a freak of nature, mentioned Westly Rosario, BFAR heart chief. It has golden scales, head, fins, and tail, a deviation from the silver-colored milkfish.

Rosario mentioned albinism (a situation the place an individual or animal lacks or has little pigment within the eyes, pores and skin and hair) was the one potential clarification as a result of there was no scientific intervention to supply such selection.

“It’s in contrast to crimson tilapia which is produced by crossing two species. The golden bangus might be a freak of nature as a result of there is just one species of bangus, which is Chanos chanos,” he mentioned.

No matter the reason for its uncommon look, BFAR personnel have been hoping that the golden bangus would turn into an emblem to enhance the trade, he mentioned.

Rosario mentioned he had seen a golden bangus seven years in the past in Taiwan, however, this was the primary time that such type was reported within the Philippines.

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish was donated to the BFAR by fishpond operator Ariel Fernandez of Barangay (village) Tocok in Binmaley, Pangasinan, who returned the fish to the pond each time it was by accident harvested.

“Some individuals consider that the golden bangus, or something that isn’t unusual, brings good luck, so the bangus was spared each harvest. When he (Fernandez) talked about it to me, I requested him to donate it to the BFAR for breeding functions,” Rosario mentioned.

Bangus turns sexually mature after about 5 years so it might take a very long time earlier than the golden bangus will breed. Rosario mentioned BFAR technicians had but to find out the intercourse of the milkfish.

“It’s potential that some [fingerlings] from the golden bangus, when crossed with the silver bangus, will possible be golden, too, however that continues to be to be seen,” Rosario mentioned.

The Golden Bangus or Filipino Milkfish has been remoted in a tank on the BFAR heart so technicians might monitor its health and progress.

“The query now could be, since milkfish is named as such due to its milky coloration, how will we name now the golden bangus?” Rosario requested.

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