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opaline gourami

Opaline Gourami, scientific name Trichopodus trichopterus belongs to the labyrinth family. Opaline gourami is a Peaceable, calm, and attention-grabbing fish with unique colors that can be in style not solely amongst rookies but additionally amongst aquarists with expertise.

Opaline Gourami Fish

They reside calmly in a typical aquarium with comparable species of fish, are straightforward to keep up and breed, reside lengthy sufficient, and look nice in any residence aquarium.

The Opaline Gourami is also referred to as the Marbled Gourami and is a coloration variation of the Blue Gourami. This gourami is a quite peaceable fish that could be very comical to look at as a juvenile.

The Opaline Gourami is silvery pale blue, with darker blue markings. Opaline Gouramis are thought of as Labyrinth Fish, which means they breathe straight from the air and should have entry to the floor of the tank.

Opaline Gourami, Trichopodus trichopterus


Opaline Gourami shouldn’t be present in nature. That is an artificially bred Gourami, results of crossing noticed and blue gourami.


  • The body is elongated, flattened laterally.
  • The fins are pectoral clear, massive, and ventral are modified into lengthy, skinny mustaches, which are the organ of contact. The anal fin extends from the chest to the bottom of the tail.
  • The respiratory organ is a fancy labyrinth system that permits fish to breathe air.
  • Marble coloration – darkish spots of irregular form and completely different sizes are scattered on a silver-gray background.
  • Height – 10-15 cm, relying on the amount of the aquarium.

Life expectancy

4 to 8 years


Like three-spot gouramis, opaline gouramis are a really hardy species and should not fussy relating to tank situations.

As a result of these fish can develop as much as 5 inches in measurement, and since males of the species can turn into aggressive and territorial, they shouldn’t be stored in tanks smaller than 20 gallons in capability.

opaline gourami

The Opaline Gourami is appropriate with quite a lot of tank mates which can be of comparable measurement and temperament.

Whereas males will be territorial with one another, they turn into timid round different, extra aggressive fish.

The perfect tank set-up can be a minimal of 20 gallons and have loads of residing vegetation in addition to rocks and driftwood to be used as hiding locations.

The easiest way to distinguish between the female and male Opaline Gourami is by the dorsal fin. Within the male, the dorsal fin is lengthy and pointed, whereas the females are shorter and rounded.

When able to breed, the male builds a bubble nest and begins to entice the feminine by swimming backward and forwards, flaring his fins and elevating his tail.

When these habits is seen, the water degree must be decreased to six inches.

After spawning, the feminine must be eliminated to a separate tank because the male could turn aggressive towards her. The male will are likely to the eggs till they hatch.

After hatching, there must be frequent water adjustments, particularly in the course of the third week, as that is when the labyrinth organ is creating. The fry must be fed infusoria and nauplii.

The Opaline Gourami is an omnivore and prefers algae-based meals in addition to meaty meals.

An algae-based flake meal, together with freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp will present these fish with the right vitamin.

Opaline Gourami, Trichopodus trichopterus

Diet & Nutrition

Omnivore; will usually eat every kind of dwelling, recent, and flake meals. To maintain very good stability give them high-quality flake or pellet meals as the bottom to the food plan.

Supplementation ought to embody white worms, blood worms, brine shrimp, or every other appropriate substitute.

Recent greens will be provided as nicely, blanched lettuce being a very good possibility for a lot of aquarists.

Breeding & Spawning

Bubble nest builders. The intercourse of the female and male Opaline Gourami is decided by the dimensions (the females are smaller, with an extra rounded body) and the form of the dorsal fin.

Within the male, it’s lengthy, pointed, reaches the bottom of the tail; within the feminine, it’s quick and spherical.

Breeding is pretty straightforward and offers a breeding tank that’s to their liking is probably the most important problem.

A pair can be most certainly to spawn if there’s a truthful quantity of vegetation, a good-sized floor space, and the temperature is to their liking.

The feminine should be eliminated after the eggs are produced or she dangers being killed by the male.

The male will have a tendency the nest and guard the eggs till they hatch. The male must be eliminated as soon as the fry hatch.

Usually, there are intra-specific skirmishes between males, all the time ending safely. Subsequently, it is suggested to maintain a pair of gourami or one male and two females in a single aquarium.

If there are extra males, the aquarium must be densely be planted with vegetation in order that the weaker ones have a spot to cover.

Why do opaline Gouramis change color?

The species is mostly peaceable, though males can turn territorial as they become older.

Opaline Gourami, Trichopodus trichopterus


Members of the Three-spot gourami household are recognized to change coloration when confused or stored in poor situations.

The dimension of fish – inches: 5.9 inches (15.01 cm) – 5 inches (12.6 cm) is an effective size for the Opaline Gourami to achieve within the aquarium. They may breed at three inches (7.5 cm).

Opaline Gourami Care and Maintenance

Upkeep and care of Opaline gouramis should not tough. Opaline gouramis are tenacious and undemanding of meals. Even a novice can maintain them.

Subsequently, skilled aquarists suggest getting them If you’re planning to arrange your first aquarium.

Aquarium Size

For a flock of 5-7 younger people, a capability of 50 liters is adequate. For a grownup couple, the aquarium must be at the very least 80 liters.

Gourami can bounce out of the aquarium throughout video games, so it is suggested to shut it with a lid or glass that’s not tight sufficient to permit the fish to breathe atmospheric air.

The space between the lens and the floor of the water must be at the very least 8-10 cm in order that the temperature of the air and water is similar in order that the fish couldn’t swallow chilly air and get sick.

Water must be throughout the following limits :

  • Temperature – 23−28 levels;
  • Acidity – 6-8.8;
  • Stiffness – 5−35.

Aquarium Situation

Aeration and filtration – It’s fascinating to set the inner aquarium filter to the minimal mode as a result of these fish favor stagnant water. For the simple upkeep of Opaline Gourami, aeration is optionally available, and it is sufficient to do a weekly water change of 20% of the amount of the aquarium.

Lighting – Throughout the day, the fish lack pure daylight; within the night, the aquarium is illuminated utilizing a fluorescent or LED lamp situated above the aquarium.

Priming – For the fish to face out clearly in opposition to the background of the aquarium, it is suggested to fill it with the soil of darkish tones.

Coarse river sand or stunning pebbles are appropriate, and granite chips may also be used.

Crops – are planted within the background, and on the edges of the pond, the middle is left free. Fish ought to have a spot to swim. You may plant hornwort, Elodea, cryptocoryne, Wallisneria, echinoderms, fern.

You’ll want to have floating vegetation – duckweed, Richie, pistia, or Salvinia, which can be handy for males to construct nests.

The aquarist wants to regulate floating vegetation within the aquarium in order that the fish can calmly swim and swallow air. They can not breathe oxygen which is dissolved in water.

The surroundings will be very numerous – its crusts, shards, ceramic pots, fashions of castles, sunken ships, and simply embankments of huge stones.

Opaline Gourami, Trichopodus trichopterus

Opaline Gourami Breeding

Fish turn sexually mature at the age of Eight to 12 months. The spawning process is straightforward, however, the couple will want a separate spawning with a quantity of at the very least 30 liters, densely planted with vegetation, with a water temperature of 27 levels.

It must be crammed to a peak of no more than 15 cm.

It is suggested to cowl the aquarium in order to not intrude with the fish spawning.

Hiccups within the basic aquarium are undesirable, different inhabitants or dad himself can eat caviar and fry if he considers that his offspring are at risk.

Subsequently, for a regular reproduction by Opaline Gourami, they’re supplied with separate content material.

To induce spawners, they’re seated and plentifully fed with residing meals – bloodworms or corvettes.


The feminine’s readiness for spawning is decided by the darkish from the eggs, rounded stomach. The couple is instantly transplanted right into a pre-prepared spawning floor.

Papa gourami begins the development of a nest of froth. Fry will develop within the bubbles of the froth, which dad will comply with sooner or later.

When the event of the nest is over, the mating season will start. The color of the male will turn vivid; he’ll take care of the feminine, forcing her to the start of spawning.

When the feminine is prepared, she’s going to swim to the nest and can be situated strictly below it.

The male gently hugs her along with his physique, serving to spawn eggs, fertilizes them instantly, then gently collects them along with his mouth and locations him within the nest.

At one time, the feminine spawns as many as 800 eggs, most of which die.

As quickly because the fry emerges from the nest, the dad gourami must be eliminated in order that he doesn’t hurt them when he tries to return them.

Fry is fed with micro worms and infusoria, as they develop, they’re transferred to nematodes and artemia nauplii. It’s firmly not really helpful to feed with dry meals; this results in the mass demise of the offspring.

Throughout this era, aeration is crucial, for the reason that labyrinth within the infants has not but developed, they usually can suffocate.

Because the fry develops, they’re sorted by measurement and planted; bigger ones can eat their smaller and weaker counterparts.

Opaline Gourami Feeding

Gourami is omnivorous and may eat any meals, the selection of which a vital criterion is the dimensions of its particles.

The mouth of the fish is small, and they don’t seem to be in a position to swallow massive particles.

Gourami meals:

Additionally, they are given cucumber slices pre-scalded with boiling water (they’re pricked on a fork and pressed to the underside of the aquarium in order that they don’t float), lettuce, or dandelion leaves, breadcrumbs, and oatmeal (you do not want to pour them over with boiling water).

They don’t disdain gourami with hydra planaria, can feast on snails, and hunt mosquitoes.

They appear out for prey, then forcefully launch a stream of water into it, and shortly eat an insect that has fallen into the water.

As soon as per week, You need to prepare a fasting day for your gourami as a result of gouramis all the time overeat.

They’ll calmly starve for as much as two weeks If the proprietor is out on a trip.
Opaline Gourami Illness and Prevention

Gourami is resistant to numerous illnesses, however, they are often their carriers and infect different inhabitants of the housing reservoir. Subsequently, newly acquired fish must be quarantined.


Lymphocytosis (colloquially semolina), an affected person with gourami, appears to be as if showered with semolina.

Aeromonosis – the fish turn into gradual, refuse to feed. The stomach swells and turns bruised, and the scales rise and puff.

Pseudomonas – expressed by darkish spots, which subsequently flip into ulcers.

For the pets to be wholesome and lively, it is sufficient to present them with good vitamins and correct care.

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