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red tail giant gourami
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The giant red tail gourami, scientific name Osphronemus laticlavius is a big species of gourami belonging to the family Osphronemidae. This article will give an overview of fish, size, growth rate, male or female, for sale, and tank size.

Giant red tail gourami profile

It’s native to the Southeast Asian island of Borneo, the place solely recognized from the Kinabatangan and Segama river basins in Sabah, East Malaysia.

First described in 1992 primarily based on an aquarium specimen,[2] its precise vary was not completely sure, main some supply to incorrectly additionally report it from Indonesia.

The giant red tail gourami just isn’t frequent; in an examination of the Segama River that coated eight years only some have been caught,[6] and it might have already got disappeared from the decrease Kinabatangan River.

It’s changed in Brunei, Sarawak, and North, East, and West Kalimantan by the carefully associated O. septemfasciatus (this species can also happen in Sabah, however, that’s unconfirmed).

The frequent big gourami (O. goramy) happens at the least in Sarawak and West Kalimantan, however, this species is presumably not native to Borneo, as a substitute being launched.

This fish is one of all 4 big gourami species at present acknowledged in its genus. It’s a barely smaller and extra colorful model of its shut cousin the giant red tail gourami or Widespread Gourami Osphronemus gourami.

The O. gourami was scientifically named way back in 1801, so it’s a lot better-recognized aquarium specimen. Additionally, it is the biggest gourami, reaching as much as 2 1/Three ft (70 cm).

This species is essentially the most colorful of this small group of big gouramis. It’s a pure color that may be fairly stunning. It has fantastic blue-green highlights to its physique and fins which might be trimmed in crimson.

As a juvenile, the color is much less dramatic and the intense ornamental fins creating with age. However it’s a quick-rising species with a voracious urge for food, so its color rapidly evolves.

Many fish species which might be crimson, or partially crimson, are thought about to be good luck by many Chinese languages so the demand for this crimson finned big could be very excessive!

This species can also be generally referred to as the giant red tail gourami, Crimson Flag great Gourami, giant red tail gourami, and Crimson Tail Gourami.

This can be a large fish that wants a really giant aquarium. Although not a troublesome fish to maintain, because of its dimension it’s typically saved by skilled aquarists that may present a big atmosphere.

Keepers of this fish ought to plan on finally having a 180 gallon or bigger tank accessible to accommodate them in.

They are often saved in a group setting however their temperament with tank mates is changeable. As juveniles they are often fairly feisty however as adults they have an inclination to mellow out, normally solely turning into aggressive in their tank is too small.

They may normally be peaceable with different giant sturdy fish. When raised and saved into maturity they do “personal” their tank and normally the fish they’re raised will likely be effective, however, new additions are liable to be killed.

These gouramis will develop into really giant, sturdy, and energetic fish. To verify they’ve loads of room to maneuver about, the decor needs to be minimal.

Just some items of a few items of driftwood or some easy rocks will present a way of safety. Some sturdy vegetation across the perimeter of the tank and floating on the floor are additionally loved, however, they do eat vegetation, in order that they must be quick-rising species.

With its giant urge for food, it’ll put a heavy load on the water and so a heavy obligation filtration is really helpful, together with a weekly water change of as much as 50%.


Adults of Osphronemus laticlavius can develop as much as 50 centimeters (20 in).

These fishes have 10 dorsal spines, 13–14 dorsal gentle rays, 11–12 anal spines, and 16 – 18 anal gentle rays. The body is huge, laterally compressed, with a nearly oval form.

The pinnacle is snub-nosed, with an outstanding jaw. The pectoral fins are giant and rounded, whereas the dorsal and anal fins are barely elongated.

Even the tail is rounded and the ventral fins are threadlike. On the root of the pectoral fins seems a black ocellus. One other bigger black ocellus seems on the caudal peduncle.

Adults have vibrant crimson fin edges with filamentous extensions. Physique color varies from gray-blue to gray-green to brown, darker on the again.

Females have duller colors. Like different species of the genus Osphronemus, juveniles and adults are fairly totally different, as in juveniles the colors are much less dramatic and the intense crimson fins develop solely with age.

giant red tail gourami, Osphronemus laticlavius

Habitat: Distribution / Background

giant red tail gourami, Osphronemus laticlavius was described by Roberts in 1992. They’re from southeastern Asia, present in Malaysia and Indonesia. This species just isn’t listed on the IUCN Crimson Checklist.

This gourami is one in all Four at present acknowledged species within the Osphronemus genus.

This genus is often known as the enormous gouramis and all are very related in form and really giant. The opposite Osphronemus species embody:

giant red tail gourami, Osphronemus gouramy (Lacepède, 1801)
Elephant Ear Gourami Osphronemus exodon (Roberts, 1994)
Kaloi Sarawak, giant red tail gourami, Osphronemus septemfasciatus (Roberts, 1992)

This species and the Kaloi Sarawak giant red tail gourami O.septemfasciatus each attain a size of 20 inches (50 cm) whereas the Great Gourami O. gourami and the Elephant Ear Gourami O. exodoney are bigger.

The giant red tail gourami is the champion in dimension, as instructed by knowledgeable and writer Jong Vierke (1978) it will probably get as giant as 2 1/Three ft (70 cm), whereas the Elephant Ear Gourami will attain nearly 2 ft (60 cm).

There’s an excessive demand for this fish in elements of Asia and this helps to maintain the worth excessive.

They’re thought-about an essential sport fish and a savored meal supply of their native nations.

Their shut relative, the giant red tail gourami, is commercially produced in lots of elements of tropical Asia so it’s hoped that the giant red tail gourami can even develop into commercially accessible as effectively.

Different frequent names it’s recognized by including giant red tail gourami, giant red tail gourami, and Red Tail Gourami.

Just like the giant red tail gourami, they in all probability inhabit rivers in addition to lakes and should enter flooded forests in the course of the moist season.

A lot of these fish are additionally discovered within the stagnant water of swamps and marshlands in addition to in canals the place the water strikes sluggishly.

Their habitats are closely vegetated and they’re opportunistic feeders that may devour each plant and animal matter. Their pure food regimen consists of aquatic weeds, fish, frogs, earthworms, and generally even lifeless animals.

Scientific Identify: Osphronemus laticlavius
Social Grouping: Solitary – This fish is generally a loner.
IUCN Crimson Checklist: NE – Not Evaluated or not listed


The giant red tail gourami is laterally compressed with a deep oval-formed physique and a blunt head. As adults, they develop a ‘nuchal hump’, a swollen knob, or lump on the brow.

Like all different gouramis they’ve got a particular ‘labyrinth organ’ which allows them to outlive in oxygen-depleted waters.

This organ is part of the fish which permits it to soak up atmospheric oxygen immediately into the bloodstream by gulping air on the floor of the water.

Juveniles have a steely blue-grey to black color. As they mature they develop fantastic blue-green highlights and fins which might be trimmed in crimson.

They attain 20 inches (50 cm) in size and are very long-lived fish, with a median lifespan of over 20 years with excellent care.

Dimension of fish – inches: 20.Zero inches (50.80 cm)
Lifespan: 20 years – The typical lifespan of this long-lived fish is about 20 years, and as much as 25 years or extra with correct care.

Fish Holding Problem

They’re hardy fish however they develop giant, older adults they’ll want a really giant aquarium.

With the dimensions and upkeep required for this fish, they’re instructed for skilled fish keepers.

They’re undemanding and can settle for all kinds of meals, however, they are additionally energetic with a voracious urge for food.

They may eat nearly any freshwater aquarium meals if skilled to take action at an early age. They’ll reside as much as 20+ years, so it takes a long-run dedication to accommodate this fish.

These fish are very definitely worth the time and power wanted to maintain them wholesome as they have a pleasant character in the direction of their keepers, a trait not seen in lots of fish.

Aquarium Hardiness: Very Hardy – This species could be very sturdy nonetheless the tank necessities imply a variety of work and dedication on the aquarist’s half.

Aquarist Expertise Degree: Intermediate – This fish requires a really giant tank so it is recommended for extra skilled aquarists.

Meals and Feeding

The giant red tail gourami is omnivores. Within the wild, they’ll eat aquatic algae in addition to fish, crustaceans, frogs, worms, and even lifeless meat.

In captivity, it’ll typically eat all types of meals. To maintain stability provide top-quality flake or pelleted meals on a regular basis.

In addition to common fish meals, they’ll even eat cooked meat, bread, boiled potatoes, and different greens.

Provide beef coronary heart or other meat from mammals not often, as they aren’t in a position to correctly digest these meals. Feed brine shrimp (both reside or frozen) or blood worms as a deal with.

It’s should not a really choosy eater and though it may be a voracious predator, this fish will eat nearly any freshwater aquarium meal whether it is skilled to take action at an early age.

If they’re primarily fed reside fish, your meal payments will likely be very excessive so it’s instructed that you just begin to prepare them on the dried meals as quickly as they’re obtained. Usually, feed a few times a day.

Eating regimen Kind: Omnivore – Specimens might be taught to simply accept processed meals and it is strongly recommended that the fish keeper start this as quickly because the fish is acquired.

Flake Meals: Sure
Pill / Pellet: Sure
Dwell meals (fishes, shrimps, worms): A few of Eating regimen
Vegetable Meals: A little diet
Meaty Meals: A little diet
Feeding Frequency: A number of feedings per day – Usually feed a few times a day.

Aquarium Care

These gouramis are large fish that put a big bio load on the aquarium, so they want ample filtration.

They’re extraordinarily hardy fish and although the labyrinth organ permits the fish to outlive in oxygen-depleted water, it’s a frequent false impression that this makes water adjustments pointless.

That is hardly the case as these fish will undergo identical tissue harm from constructed-up toxins as other fish. Common water adjustments are a should with 25 – 50% weekly being really helpful.

Water Modifications: Weekly – Weekly water adjustments of 25 – 50% are really helpful.

Aquarium Setup

The giant red tail gourami will swim in all elements of the aquarium. These fish develop giant in order adults they’ll want a really giant aquarium, 180 gallons or bigger is really helpful.

They’re hardy and fairly illness resistant, so they can deal with quite a lot of water circumstances.

However they want clear water, so it would be best to have a filtration system with an average water stream and do giant weekly water adjustments, with 25% or extra being affordable.

These gouramis will present their colors finest on a darkish substrate. As they’re giant and energetic, they’ll want minimal tank decorations.

The tank needs to be embellished in a means which permits its unobstructed motion. These fish prefer to have areas to cover which will be supplied with just a few easy rock constructions and bogwood.

Offering vegetation alongside the parameter of sides and again of the aquarium are additionally good.

giant red tail gourami, Osphronemus laticlavius

They may take pleasure in thick areas of floating vegetation too however they’ll feed on the vegetation, so use quick-rising species.

Minimal Tank Dimension: 180 gal (681 L)
Appropriate for Nano Tank: No
Substrate Kind: Any
Lighting Wants: Reasonable – regular lighting
Temperature: 68.Zero to 86.0° F (20.Zero to 30.0° C) – Hold the encircling room temperature in step with the water temperature to keep away from inflicting trauma to the labyrinth organ.
Vary ph: 6.2-8.0
Hardness Vary: 5 – 25 dGH
Brackish: No
Water Motion: Reasonable
Water Area: All – They may swim in all areas of the aquarium.

Social Behaviors

The giant red tail gourami is typically a peaceable fish, however, there will be exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes a big male can develop into very territorial and can assault different fish of their tank.

It’s best when you plan which species you need in your tank from the very beginning and procure all of them at or close to an identical time.

More often than not, fish that might be typically thought-about suitable will get alongside higher if they’re raised collectively.

Their dimension and pure food regimen will permit them to eat smaller fish, so be careful about any smaller tankmates.

Generally although, predatory fish which might be by no means fed any reside fish, will develop up not understanding that different fish needs to be thought-about dinner.

There are studies of enormous-sized giant red tail gourami dwelling peacefully with giant barbs, small tetras, or danios.

They are often saved in a group aquarium and are normally peaceable with different giant fish. Adults will normally solely develop into aggressive in their tank is simply too small.

Good tankmates embody knife fish, giant catfish, and the loricariid (plecostomus) catfish from South America. When raised and saved into maturity they do “personal” their tank.

So it is essential to comprehend that the fish they’re raised will likely be effective, however, new additions are liable to be killed.

Temperament: Semi-aggressive – Though typically a peaceable species, they tend to be territorial and are should not reliably light with extra delicate tank mates.

Appropriate with:

Identical species – conspecifics: Sure – Will be saved singly or in pairs. Teams are doable with a big sufficient aquarium.

Males are territorial and can tussle amongst themselves, and develop into aggressive when breeding. Peaceable fish (): Monitor – Though the fish is mostly peaceable, very

tankmates could also be eaten.
Semi-Aggressive (): Monitor
Aggressive (): Risk
Giant Semi-Aggressive (): Monitor
Giant Aggressive, Predatory (): Risk
Sluggish Swimmers & Eaters (): Monitor
Shrimps, Crabs, Snails: Risk – is aggressive
Vegetation: Risk

Intercourse: Sexual variations

There actually isn’t a lot of distinction between women and men nonetheless the males could also be way more colorful than the females.


The giant red tail gourami hasn’t but been bred in captivity. Like most fish on this household, they’re bubble nest builders and presumably will breed in a fashion like their shut relative, the Great Gourami.

For that gourami, breeding itself is comparatively straightforward however a troublesome job to carry out within the aquarium.

The giant red tail gourami male will construct a ball-shaped nest out of bits of vegetation slightly below the floor of the water.

Offering a breeding tank that’s large sufficient for these enormous fish is maybe the largest problem.

It helps that they attain maturity and are in a position to breed at about 6 months of age, at a size of about Four 3/Four inches (12 cm). However, they’ll nonetheless require a really giant breeding tank.

Within the wild, the male Great Gourami will construct a ball-shaped nest out of bits of vegetation slightly below the floor of the water.

They range in dimension however are sometimes about 16″ (40 cm) broad and 12″ (30 cm) deep.

A round entrance, about 4″ (10 cm) throughout, all the time level towards the place the water is deepest.

The nests are largely constructed in April and Might, although spawning takes place all year long.

The male will take Eight to 10 days to assemble his nest, anchoring it to reed stems at between 6 – 10″ (15-25 cm) under the floor.

The spawn of the Great Gourami will end in about 1,500 to three,000 eggs being launch. Their eggs in addition to the fry, are lighter than water and float to the highest. The male will collect the eggs in his mouth and place them in his nest.

The eggs hatch in about 40 hours and the male will guard the offspring for about 14 days after the spawn. See extra descriptions of breeding methods for labyrinth fish in Breeding Freshwater Fish: Anabantoids.

Ease of Breeding: Unknown – Though the fish might be not troublesome to breed, the breeding tank has to be large.

Fish Ailments

giant red tail gourami is very hardy so illness just isn’t normally an issue in an effectively maintained aquarium.

Some illnesses they’re liable to are bacterial infections, constipation, and Gap within the Head if good water high quality, vitamin, and upkeep are not offered.

With any additions to a tank akin to new fish, vegetation, substrates, and decorations there’s a threat of introducing illness.

It is advisable to correctly clear or quarantine something that you really want to add to a longtime tank previous to the introduction, in order to not upset the stability.

These fish are very resilient however understanding the indicators of sickness, and catching and treating them early makes an enormous distinction.

An outbreak of illness can typically be restricted to only one or just a few fishes when you cope with it at an early stage.

The easiest way to proactively forestall illness is to offer your fish the right atmosphere and an effectively balanced food regimen.

The nearer to their pure habitat the much less stress the fish could have, making them more healthy and completely satisfied.

A burdened fish will is extra more likely to purchase illness. For details about freshwater fish illnesses and sicknesses, see Aquarium Fish Ailments and Remedies.


The giant red tail gourami is nonetheless comparatively uncommon within the aquarium commerce. Specimens might often be accessible in pet shops or online, however, it will likely be comparatively costly.

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