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blue paradise gourami

The Blue Paradise gourami, the scientific name Macropodus opercularis was described by Linnaeus in 1758. This species is discovered throughout a significantly wide selection of Southeast Asia.

Blue Paradise Fish Profile

Other frequent names it’s identified by including Blue Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami, Pink and Blue Paradise gourami, Paradisefish, and Blue Paradise fish.

Blue Paradise gourami (Macropodus opercularis) is a freshwater species belonging to the Osphronemidae household. They’re a kind of gourami so they’re often known as paradise gourami.

Blue Paradise gourami habitat

Blue Paradise gourami fishes are native to Asia, ranging throughout Pakistan, India, Taiwan, and upwards in the direction of Korea. Right here you’ll find them in most bodies of fresh water.

Individuals have usually postponed this species due to their aggressive nature. They are often fairly troublesome to deal with so it’s finest to have somewhat expertise earlier than including some to your tank.

These days there are different colorful gourami that might be way more peaceful, so the recognition of this species has dropped.

It’s value attempting to courageous their aggression although, you’ll get a sexy fish lined in shiny colors and hanging designs. Blue Paradise gourami introduces extra exercise into the tank with some fascinating behaviors too.

Blue Paradise gourami, often known as the Paradise Fish, is a brightly colored member of the Labyrinth Fish group.

The body of the Blue Paradise gourami has alternating turquoise blue and orange stripes that reach into the fins and tail.

There’s a spot on the gills and a sample of darkish scaling on the pinnacle reaching over the again and fading because it goes down the again.

The fins and tail have a feather-like look, like that of a Betta. Blue Paradise is an effective jumper, so a decent becoming lid is a should.

Typical Habits of Blue Paradise gourami

Habits can differ between people, however, they’re comparatively social and lively animals. In contrast to most different gourami, the paradise selection is especially aggressive.

Most of this aggression is targeted at people of the same species, however, typically different fish get caught within the crossfire.

Preventing can result in bodily harm and health issues, some instances might be deadly.

Be careful for mating behaviors as these are normally a set off for preventing.

Males are essentially the most aggressive and can compete for females, so males must be stored individually.

The territory will be a problem as effectively, however it will simply be a case of chasing intruders away.

Fights are intermittent and shouldn’t be a continuing fear in your thoughts. More often than not they’ll simply be swimming across the center and higher ranges of the tank.

Generally, you’ll see them swim as much as the floor, that is to breathe. Most fish use gills to extract oxygen from the water, however, some (like paradise fish) have a labyrinth organ that lets them breathe air.

Blue Paradise gourami fish look

Blue Paradise gourami fish is a colorful selection. They’ve vivid blue and purple stripes that run throughout their body.

The fins don’t are inclined to have this design, as an alternative they’re usually one coloration. The caudal fin is mostly orange.

You might discover small black/blue spots scattered throughout the physique.

Throughout mating, colors will intensify. The standard of their atmosphere can affect their coloration too.

This may occur when preventing too, however for a shorter period of time. The blues will get darker, they’ll lengthen their fins, and open up their operculum (the flap that covers the gills) to look threatening.

It’s not too arduous to intercourse paradise gourami. Males are bigger and far more colorful; they’ll develop longer dorsal/anal fins too. Females are duller and smaller, however, will develop in dimension when storing eggs.

People will attain around 2 inches, however, typically they will develop bigger in wholesome environments. Their physique is smooth with a rounded head.

Hooked up to the physique are lengthy flowing fins that may take just a few completely different types.

The caudal fin is essentially the most variable. Often it’s forked, however, it may be rounded or come to a degree.

Since these fins are so massive they will simply be bitten by fin-nipping fish, so maintain them individually.

Blue Paradise gourami Habitat and Tank Conditions

Recreating the tropical waters of a paradise gourami’s pure habitat is essential to protecting stress ranges low within the tank.

Throughout Asia, they’re normally present in slow-moving, shallow waters, that may differ in the situation.

This implies a variety of pH and temperature. One thing that’s somewhat extra constant is the abundance of vegetation. These fish choose densely planted environments that supply each meal and shelter.

The underside of the river or lake can be lined in a sandy substrate with rocks and particles sitting on high (although gourami doesn’t spend a lot of time interacting with these).

What We Like About Blue Paradise gourami

  • Bold, elegant coloration and finnage
  • Generally peaceful disposition with non-similar fish
  • An excellent, graceful addition to planted subtropical aquariums
  • Accepts a variety of dry, frozen, and live foods
  • Very adaptable and easy to breed in the home aquarium

Blue Paradise gourami Tank Parameters

  • Temperature:  50° – 72° F (10° – 22° C)
  • pH:  6.0 – 8.0
  • KH:  3 – 18 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  30 gallons for a pair or trio

Blue Paradise gourami Care Guide

  • Diet:  Mostly carnivorous. Not picky, but requires a varied diet of dry, frozen, and live foods for optimal health and coloration.
  • Social behavior:  Generally peaceful. Can be kept in groups, but males can be very territorial with one another or other similar fish.
  • Origin:  Tank-bred, but indigenous throughout much of Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and China
  • Average adult size:  3 inches (7.6 cm)
  • Average purchase size:  1 – 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.8 cm)

Tank Situations

When designing an aquarium, you have to take into consideration the wants of your fish.

As fish that swim within the higher ranges of the tank, the kind of substrate you employ isn’t that necessary. A sandy substrate would most carefully resemble their pure habitat.

The crops are much more necessary. Your tank wants planted areas to behave as hiding spots.

Hornwort is an effective choice since it may well address being eaten from time to time. It may be used as a floating plant too which provides somewhat selection.

You need to use rocks to make some caves alongside the underside of the tank, however, they’ll be empty more often than not.

Maintain the tank clear and maintain nitrate ranges as near zero as attainable by performing 25% water adjustments each couple of weeks.

Use a heater to keep up a temperature between 70-82°F. pH will be barely acidic or alkaline (6-8), however, extremes can’t be reached. Hardness must be 5-30 dH.

You don’t want any particular tools, only a filter, and a heater. Some folks add air pumps to their tanks, however, this isn’t necessary as a result of this gourami aren’t used to sturdy currents and get some oxygen from the air on the floor.

blue paradise gourami

Blue Paradise gourami Tank size

Paradise fish want at the least a 20 gallons tank. If you’re protecting a small group you have to a 30-gallon tank.

How Many Can be kept Per Gallon?

Every paradise fish would want 5 gallons after the 20 gallons for the primary fish. For instance, in a 30-gallon tank, you might have three paradise gouramis.

Blue Paradise gourami Tank Mates

These fish don’t get alongside effectively with others, significantly in the event that they’re an identical dimension or smaller.

They must be the dominant species within the tank, in the event, you add different aggressive fish then they’ll compete for management.

This may both result in fights and bodily harm, or your paradise fish will conceal and stay under stress.

In consequence, your choices for tank mates are restricted. Some folks select to maintain a species tank to keep away from risking incompatible tank mates, however, there are just a few choices obtainable for group aquariums.

The fish you add must be larger and peaceable. You may combine in another gourami species, like pearls or dwarfs. Massive goldfish (like comets) shouldn’t be attacked, in addition to geophagous cichlids.

Powerful cyprinids like Bala sharks or massive characins will be capable to take care of themselves too.

Fish that stay decrease down within the tank usually tend to be ignored by paradise fish, however, they nonetheless must be massive. Loaches and catfish each match in this class.

You may attempt bristlenose or cuckoo catfish and yo-yo or clown loaches.

A common rule is to keep away from gradual swimmers and fish with lengthy fins that may get bitten. This guideline out the fanciest goldfish.

Including shrimp or snails will be dangerous, some people will eat them and others won’t. It’s finest to not add any in the event you’re frightened about shedding them.

Blue Paradise gourami Conservation

You may maintain these fish in teams, however, you want to have the ability to intercourse them. Males will battle so solely maintain one per tank, the remaining must be females.

They mustn’t be stored in teams although, they’ll be blissful dwelling singly. It’s thought {that a} male is extra lively by itself fairly than in a gaggle.


As omnivores, blue paradise gourami fish will eat plenty of various kinds of meals.

Though they’ll eat each plant and animal matter, they need to be given an excessive protein weight-reduction plan. If you wish to feed the vegetation, ensure that it’s along with meats.

Stay and frozen meals are a great way to introduce protein into their weight-reduction plan. Issues like brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and bloodworms will probably be fortunately accepted.

There are many selections for vegetation. Algae wafers and inexperienced greens are wonderful. You may even make your personal self-made meals.

Your crops might get attacked occasionally however they need to survive, particularly in the event you’ve picked a hardy species.

Retailer-bought flake and pellet meals are simple to search out, low cost to purchase, and designed to comprise a balanced weight-reduction plan.

Twice a day, feed your fish no matter what they will eat inside a few minutes. Breaking apart the feeds makes it simpler for their digestive system.

Take away any extra meals to forestall it rotting within the tank and hurting the water’s high quality.

Blue Paradise Gourami size

Blue Paradise Gourami fish will attain about 3.9 inches (10.01 cm) to four inches (10 cm), with the feminine a bit smaller at simply over 3 inches (eight cm).

Blue Paradise Gourami lifespan

Lifespan: 6 years – The typical lifespan is 6 years, however with correct care they may stay as much as about 8 years.

Blue Paradise Gourami tank mates

The Blue Paradise is a territorial fish that can defend its space from its tank mates. Because of this, it ought to solely be saved with different giant, semi-aggressive fish. It is going to additionally eat smaller tank mates. Grownup males must be saved one per aquarium, as they combat as fiercely as Bettas.

Blue Paradise gourami care

Realizing clear your tank is essential when caring for fish. Poor water high quality or extreme algae are a few of the main causes of fish illness.

Blue Paradise gourami can get illnesses identical to some other fish. One which aquarists typically see quickly after getting them is lymphocytes illness.

Pin-pricks growths begin to kind on the fins. Generally, that is mistaken for Ich (which causes white spots throughout the physique).

It’s normally triggered by stress and ultimately the fish will probably be unable to swim.

Bacterial illnesses can develop into an issue too, like fin rot or dropsy (which causes bloating). Antibacterial remedies can be found to deal with them.

Most of those illnesses will be averted by protecting the water circumstances optimum, finishing up common water adjustments, and making certain the fish aren’t burdened.

Blue Paradise gourami is fairly a hardy species, to allow them to fend off illness higher than others.

Constipation generally is a drawback in the event you feed them an excessive amount of or use low high-quality meals, so stick to the weight-reduction plan recommendation above to make sure they don’t develop into constipated.

Indicators of constipation embody stringy feces, lethargy, lack of urge for food, and issue swimming.

Blue Paradise gourami breeding

This species will be bred in captivity very easily.

Like bettas and different gourami species, paradise fish are bubble nest builders.

A male Blue Paradise gourami blows bubbles that float as much as the floor; a large enough assortment types a nest. Every bubble is coated in saliva to make them extra sturdy.

A superb nest attracts females as a result of their secure place to put eggs. You may inform when the female Blue Paradise gourami is able to mate as a result of they’ll look plump as they fill with eggs.

You will notice the male attempt to courtroom the females, which may result in some fascinating shows.

The male Blue Paradise gourami will wrap himself across the feminine various instances, equally to when Betta fish breed.

In the course of the female Blue Paradise, gourami will lay eggs, which usually float as much as the nest. The pair will repeat this till all of the eggs are laid, this will take wherever from ten minutes to a couple of hours.

As soon as the eggs are all secure within the bubble nest, the fry might take wherever from 30-90 hours to hatch.

After the eggs have been laid, it’s best to take away the male from the tank.

They may develop into very protective over the nest which might imply they’ll assault the females.

They’re susceptible to consuming the fry as soon as they’ve hatched too.

Alternatively, you should use a separate tank of around 10 gallons to lift the fry.

In case your fish are burdened, then they won’t mate.

To eliminate the stress you have to do the issues that we’ve already talked about in different sections; protecting the tank clear, feeding the fish a nutritious diet, and ensuring they don’t have any illnesses.

Is Blue Paradise gourami Appropriate for your Aquarium?

Often small fish will be added to most group aquariums as a result of they’re not aggressive to tank mates, however paradise fish don’t match this development.

If you wish to maintain paradise fish then your tank must be species-particular or a group of enormous, peaceable fish. Any smaller fish will probably be attacked.

Apart from this, establishing a tank with these fish is pretty easy. They’re not fussy eaters they usually solely want some crops to maintain them blissful.

They may flourish when stored in a wholesome atmosphere, displaying off their colors and social behaviors.

The Blue Paradise requires a bigger aquarium, at the least 30 gallons, with plenty of hiding locations for the feminine.

It won’t eat crops, however, due to its lively courtship and mock battles between tank mates, solely very hardy vegetation is suggested.

The Blue Paradise is a territorial fish that may defend its space from its tank mates.

For that reason, it ought to solely be stored with different massive, semi-aggressive fish. It’ll additionally eat smaller tank mates. Grownup males must be stored one per aquarium, as they battle as fiercely as Bettas.

The male Blue Paradise has much longer fins than the feminine and is extra brightly colored. To induce spawning, cut back the water degree and improve the temperature.

The male Blue Paradise gourami will construct a bubble nest beneath a big leaf the place the eggs will probably be saved.

Breeding is comparatively simple, and spawning may end up in as much as 500 fries. When the fry is hatched they need to be fed infusoria, and when older, brine shrimp.

Blue Paradise gourami is an omnivore and requires each algae-based meal in addition to meaty meals.

An algae-based flake meal, together with freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp will present these fish with the correct vitamin.

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