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red cory catfish
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

The Red Longfin Aeneus Cory Catfish is a chic variant of the traditional Bronze Cory that’s native to a number of nations in South America. This article will give an overview of Red Cory catfish.

Red cory catfish facts

It’s changing into very well-known for the red-orange coloration that it develops throughout its body because it matures.

Red cory catfish is a very animated, distinctively marked education fish that’s excellent for the nano, group, and planted aquarium.

The Purple Longfin Aeneus Cory Catfish is a really peaceable education fish that’s suitable with most nano aquarium animals, together with dwarf cichlids and angelfish.

Red cory catfish preys on dwarf shrimp, however, it is secure with bigger shrimp and most different peaceable decorative invertebrates.

Red cory catfish is a traditional scavenger and can inhabit and feed on the aquarium ground, which needs to be comprised of sand or clean gravel.

The very coarse substrate can harm its delicate barbels and underbelly, so it needs to be stored in an aquarium with sand or a very clean gravel substrate.

This red cory catfish fish is in any other case undemanding as it’ll settle for most dry, frozen, and stay meals.

The red cory catfish adaptable to most tropical freshwater circumstances so long as normal common upkeep is carried out and sudden modifications are prevented.

Red cory catfish Features

Very peaceable and hardy addition to virtually any aquarium  
Appropriate with peaceable invertebrates too massive to be thought of prey
Thrives in faculties in well-planted aquaria
Distinctive coloration and group education habits.

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Tank Status

Temperature:  70° – 81° F (21° – 27° C)
pH:  5.5 – 7.2.  Softer water is most well-liked, however, this fish is considerably versatile so long as sudden modifications are prevented.
KH:  0 – 15 dKH
Minimal tank measurement:  15 gallons for a faculty of 6

Red cory catfish Care

Food regimen:  Excessive-quality dry meals in addition to staying and frozen meaty meals. Selection is important.
Social habits:  Peaceable; requires a faculty of 6 or extra to thrive. 
Origin:  Tank-Bred, however indigenous all through South America
Common grownup measurement:  2.6 – three inches (6.5 – 7.5 cm)
Common buy measurement:  1 inch (2.5 cm)

red cory catfish


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