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Doctor Fish

The Doctor Fish, or Red garra, scientific name Garra rufa, often known as the Pedicure Fish, is widespread in addition to simply the aquarium interest. This article will give an overview of doctor fish price, benefits, near me, tank size, care, etc.

Doctor Fish profile

It’s well-known for its capacity to graze on useless pores and skin cells on people, so it’s utilized in many clinics that deal with psoriasis and different human pores and skin issues.

In these clinics, sufferers dip their limbs into the water and the Doctor Fish swarm to graze on the affected person’s useless pores and skin.

Within the aquarium, this fish is an attention-grabbing scavenger and grazer that’s suitable with quite a lot of tankmates.

The red garra (Garra rufa), often known as the doctor fish or nibble fish, is a species of cyprinid that’s native to a variety of freshwater habitats in subtropical elements of Western Asia.

This small fish usually is as much as about 14 cm (5.5 in) in the whole size, however regionally people can attain as a lot as 24 cm (9.5 in).

Within the wild, Garra rufa feeds on detritus, algae, and tiny animals (arthropods and zooplankton).

For the reason that early 21st century, this fish has been built-in right into a spa remedy the place they feed on the stratum corneum pores and skin layer of sufferers with psoriasis.

Whereas the physician fish remedy has been discovered to alleviate the signs of psoriasis, the remedy is just not healing, and no remedy for psoriasis presently exists. Using the fish as a spa remedy for the broader public remains to be broadly debated on grounds of efficacy and validity.

A member of the loach household, the Physician Fish inhabits a lot of the cooler freshwater areas of the Mediterranean and Center East areas.

It prefers very oxygen-rich, fast-flowing water and can typically swim immediately in opposition to the presence of a filter output or powerhead.

A very quick water stream is a key to success in retaining this fish. One other key to success is a safe lid or cover on the aquarium, as this fish is a talented jumper and climber.

Distribution, habitat

As historically outlined, Garra rufa is native to Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and Iran.

A number of the major programs the place it’s discovered are the Kızıl, Seyhan, Ceyhan, Orontes, Queiq, Jordan, Tigris–Euphrates, Kor, and Mond river basins, however, the species additionally inhabits different coastal river basins within the Levant and Iran, in addition to the endorheic Lake Maharlu system.

It lives in rivers, streams, canals, reservoirs, ponds, and lakes, though it tends to keep away from stagnant waters.

It typically is widespread or plentiful, even in areas that can be closely influenced by people like polluted canals.

The Physician Fish will graze on biofilm that grows on driftwood, rocks, and crops, so it is a wonderful inhabitant for well-lit planted aquariums.

It should additionally eat many recent vegetables and fruits and also needs to be supplemented with meaty meals, each dry and frozen.

Biofilm appears to be important to its weight loss program, so the Physician Fish shouldn’t be added to new or biologically immature aquariums.

What We Like About This Fish:

Interesting personality
Usually peaceful
Grazes biofilm from surfaces
Glorious for the cold water aquarium

Tank size

Temperature: 57° – 68° F (14° – 20° C)
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
KH: 6 – 10 dKH
Minimal tank dimension: 30 gallons for a small group

How to care

Weight loss program: Omnivorous. Accepts top quality dry and frozen meals and wishes a steadiness of each plant-based and meaty meal.
Social habits: Usually peaceable. Lives in unfastened teams however might combat with its personal form and comparable fish in smaller tanks.
Origin: Mediterranean and Center Jap areas
Common grownup dimension: 3.9 – 4.7 inches (10 – 12 cm)
Common buy dimension: 1 – 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.Eight cm)

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