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pangasius catfish
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

Pangasius is a genus of medium-large to very giant shark catfish native to contemporary water in South and Southeast Asia.

The time period “pangasius” is usually used to particularly check with the commercially necessary basa fish, P. bocourti. This article will give an overview of the size, aquarium, breeding, tank mates, diet, for sale, care, growth rate, full-grown.

Pangasius or Striped catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus)

Pangasius is a really giant and large-ranging household of shark catfish native to rivers in Asia. The striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (also referred to as “tra” in Vietnam and largely nonetheless named Pangasius hypophthalmus) has been cultured for many years in Thailand, as it’s a very hardy, fast-growing fish that is ready to devour all kinds of poor high quality and low protein feeds.

The fish achieves 2 kg inside a yr (from 0.5g) and could be very tolerant of poor water high quality and low dissolved oxygen ranges (is a facultative air breather, so no aeration vital).

They develop to over 10 kg and have been identified to develop to 40 kg most measurement. The fish is pleased to consume a variety of meals and is commonly raised on manures or waste feedstuffs.

pangasius catfish

The flesh of the fish tends to be pigmented yellow or orange as a result of fish storing pigments from its food regimen (like salmon) and is excessive in lipid.

Flesh high quality could be managed to a big extent by utilizing chosen feeds and low protein feed has been proven to cut back fats content material and improve the shelf life of the meat.

Pangasius pangasius, the Pangas catfish, is a species of shark catfish native to the contemporary and brackish waters of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and Pakistan.

It has additionally been launched in Cambodia and Vietnam. This species grows to a regular size of three meters (9.eight ft).

This species is necessary as a meal fish. It’s certainly one of solely two species of Pangasius native to South Asia, the opposite being P. silasi from the Krishna River.

In Thailand striped catfish have been sometimes been grown beneath hen homes, typically in polyculture with Clarias catfish. As such it has traditionally been thought of as an affordable and poor high-quality fish.

This picture started to alter when Vietnam started culturing the species on an enormous scale for export.

By culturing the fish at excessive density in ponds with water alternate and utilizing particularly formulated feeds, farmers had been capable of produce fish with white flesh and superb taste.

Inside the final 10-20 years, the striped catfish has to turn out to be fashionable with customers within the US as an affordable different to domestically farmed channel catfish.

The U.S. authorities, in try to take away the menace to native catfish farmers, imposed anti-dumping duties in 2003. Regardless of the excessive import responsibility charged, Pangasius is actually within the prime 10 listings of hottest seafood species consumed within the US.

This pattern is now additionally changing worldwide because the EU, Russia, and plenty of different international locations import the product from Vietnam. Tradition has now unfolded to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and plenty of different international locations outdoors the geographic vary of this species.

It is extremely appropriate for poor, growing international locations because the fish could be raised at excessive density, without aeration, utilizing all kinds of poor high quality feeds, and could be transported reside in solely small quantities of water.

For that reason, it may be saved contemporary, without ice, in scorching tropical international locations for lengthy durations of time.

pangasius catfish

How large do Pangasius catfish grow?

They are going to usually attain about 39 inches (100 cm) within the aquarium, and have a lifespan of as much as 20 years.

There are additionally different species of Pangasius which can be generally bought as Pangasius Catfish, particularly Pangasius pangasius and Pangasius gigas, that may attain 9 ft (300 cm) long!

There are different species of Pangasius catfish which can be much less fashionable as traditional species together with Pangasius bocourti (“basa” catfish in Vietnam), Pangasianodon gigas (large Mekong catfish) that may develop to over 200 kg, Pangasius sanitwongsei (Chao Phraya catfish) that grows to over 100 kg and Pangasius larnaudii (spot pangasius).

There has additionally been work on producing hybrid species in Thailand in an effort to get a hardy, fast-growing fish that doesn’t retail pigments within the meat since white flesh is in most demand.

Nam Sai has additionally labored with varied species, however at current remains to be concentrating on producing pure striped catfish that are hardy and exhibit good progress efficiency.

A grownup may safely eat between 3.four and 166 kg of rejected pangasius fillet every day for his or her complete life without having any adversarial results from contamination with pesticides.

It may well due to this fact be concluded that the pangasius truly on sale on the European market is completely protected for human consumption.

What do Pangasius catfish eat?

The goal for a diversified food regimen of flake meals, frozen meals, algae wafers, and catfish pellets. Significantly, it is a tank buster. They’re very lively swimmers, might eat smaller fish, and can outgrow most tanks.

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