Corydoras punctatus – Cory Catfish – Profile, Description

Corydoras punctatus cory catfish
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Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish belong to the family Callichthyidae, and Subfamily Corydoradinae is a fish with a two-inch long body. This article will give an overview of Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish.

Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish

Origin and Habitat: Suriname River basin in Suriname and Iracoubo River basin in French Guyana.

Happens upstream in small moderately-sunny shallow creeks with sandy-muddy substrates and on the perimeters of stagnant zones of flooded forest comparable to lakes.

Compatibility/Temperament: Very peaceable backside fish, properly suited to any neighborhood aquarium of non-aggressive fishes. Should be stored in a bunch, minimal three however ideally 5 or extra.

A gaggle of three will be stored with different cory species, however, given this species uniqueness, rarity and smaller measurement, a bunch of 5 could be supreme.

Cory Food plan

In its behavior, feeds on worms, crustaceans, insect larvae. Readily accepts ready meals that sink comparable to pill and pellet; frozen bloodworms and stay worms are relished as treats.

Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish Measurement

Attains 2 inches.

Minimal Tank Suggestion

24 inches in size.

Water parameters for Corydoras punctatus

Delicate (hardness as much as 12 dB) acidic to very barely primary (pH to 7.2) water, temperature 22-26C/72-79F however not hotter is suitable for Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish.

Provided that accessible fish shall be wild-caught, comfortable, and acidic water is really useful for long termhealth.


This Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish species was the very first Corydoras to be described. It’s certainly one of 4 very similarly-patterned corys that are regularly confused and can typically be seen in shops beneath incorrect names.

Corydoras julii, C. leopardus, C. punctatus and C. trilineatus all share a big black blotch within the dorsal fin, a barred caudal fin, and often a horizontal stripe alongside the physique on the juncture of the dorsal and ventral lateral plates; the physique is noticed.

Nonetheless, all these species are extremely variable of their sample, and the horizontal stripe could also be absent in C. julii and all the time absent within the topic species.

Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish is uncommon within the pastime. In its lighter variant, it bears a really shut similarity to C. julii; each has a noticed sample on the top and physique, and like some types of C. julii, this species has no lateral stripe alongside the physique.

The spots of the Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish are bigger and extra quite a few on fish that happen over darkish substrates (mud) in comparison with these over sandy substrates.

The 2 connected pictures illustrate each of these variations. Additionally like C. julii, this species is considerably smaller and extra compact-looking in measurement than C. trilineatus.

The aquarium ought to be well-planted with items of bogwood, a darkish substrate (small gravel or sand, offered its smooth-edged) with some open areas.

This Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish species happens in moderately-sunlit streams however its coloration shall be paler beneath brilliant gentle.

Females are rounder when seen from above and barely longer than males, and the pectoral fins of the male are markedly longer and thicker as a result of the presence of numerous spikelets.

The Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish are fairly delicate to water parameters and high quality, and extremely illiberal of salt, chemical substances and drugs.

Indicators of stress often start with fast respiration, then lethargy (typically simply “sitting” on plant leaves, wooden or the substrate respiration closely, generally close to the floor) and generally rolling onto one facet.

At such indicators, a partial water change of no less than 50% with a great water conditioner ought to instantly be made, and applicable steps are taken to take away the trigger.

Any sudden fluctuation in water chemistry or temperature typically induces shock, inflicting the fish to “faint” and fall over on its facet.

Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish launched to new aquaria will settle higher if the tank is established; corys don’t alter properly to a brand new aquarium with still-unstable water situations and fluctuations.

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The dorsal, pectoral, and adipose fins are every preceded by a backbone which is definitely a hardened and modified ray; the pectoral fin backbone will be “locked” into place by the Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish; care has to be taken when netting corys to not entangle these spines, which may additionally give the aquarist a nasty jab. They’re believed to be a defense adaptation, to lodge the fish within the throat of a predator.

All species within the genus will periodically and pretty often swim rapidly to the floor for a gulp of air.

The Corydoras punctatus, or cory catfish swallows the air, and blood vessels within the hind intestine extract oxygen from the air; it’s then expelled by the vent the following time the fish breaks the floor for an additional gulp of air.

This adaptation is believed to have advanced in order that the fish can survive in poorly oxygenated water comparable to drying swimming pools in the course of the dry season. It’s nevertheless important to the fish’s well-being that it often swallows air.

This species was described by M.E. Bloch in 1794 as Cataphractus punctatus; it was reassigned to the genus Corydoras by Nijssen & Isbrucker in 1980.

The species epithet is Latin for a small gap, dot, or spot. The title of the genus, which was erected by B.G.E. Lacepede in 1803, is derived from the Greek cory [= helmet] and doras [= skin, incorrectly used here for “armour”]; it refers back to the twin-row of overlapping plates (as an alternative of scales) alongside the physique, akin to a go well with of armor.

Corydoras punctatus cory catfish


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