Pollock Fish vs Cod – Discussion and Debate

pollock fish vs cod
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

Discussion and debate over pollock fish vs cod are always interesting. The Pacific Cod and Alaskan Pollock are each form of white, low fats fish.

They have got a light style and maybe flaked when cooked. This article will give an overview of pollock fish vs cod.

Codfish Traits

Codfish are often medium to massive fishes, with 3 dorsal fins, 2 anal fins, 2 pectoral fins, 2 small pelvic fins, and 1 caudal fin. They often have beards on the lower jaw, as occurs with catfish. Their body has a fusiform form and their weight and size fluctuate in accordance with the species.

Pollock fish traits

The pollock is an elongated fish, deep green with a pale lateral line and a pale stomach. It has a small chin barbel and, just like the cod, has three dorsal and two anal fins. A carnivorous, vigorous, often schooling fish, grows to about 1.1 m (3.5 feet) in size and 16 kg (35 pounds) in weight.

Pollock fish vs cod

The pollock is softer than cod and can disintegrate whether it is overcooked.

These fish are sometimes used to make completely different fish merchandise, like fish fingers and quick meals of breaded or crumbed fish.

The Pacific Cod is a wonderful fish for all types of fish dishes like chowder as its agency and retains its form.

The pollock, however, is softer and suited to getting used as imitation crab and in a Californian roll, a sushi dish.

Each all these fish freezes effectively, however, they have to be cooked as a result of they are often hosting some parasitic worms.

Cod is a chilly water fish. It’s in peril, in some areas, of being overfished. Pollock has to turn into accessible as a substitute and cheaper different to cod,

What’s Cod?

Cod belongs to the Gadidae household of fish. They reside in saltwater, favoring deep chilly water temperatures Cod is the perfect identification of this fish household and its flesh is nearly white in color. It’s often bought as a filet and has a pleasing buttery style.

It’s a noticed fish and maybe greenish or grayish in color or typically brown and practically blackish. Often it’s uninteresting to brighter crimson.

The cod has three dorsal fins and two anal fins, in addition to a chin barbel. Cod weighs as much as 11,5 kgs or 25 kilos.

It feeds on different fish and small invertebrates. Cod can be valued for the oil produced from its liver – cod liver oil which is excessive in wholesome omega 3.

What are the dietary and health advantages of consuming Cod?

Cod is a really wholesome fish possibility containing many nutritional vitamins and minerals.

It comprises vitamin B12, iodine, phosphate, selenium, phosphorus, Vitamin B3, and B6 in addition to omega-Three fat

Nutritionally it’s made up of 42% protein. A 4oz piece of fish or 113, Four grams comprises 96 energy. Cod has a really low glycemic, GI worth.

Consuming cod lowers the chance of coronary heart illness as a result of its good supply of blood-thinning omega 3.

The omega-Three in wealthy fish, like cod, lowers the triglycerides within the bloodstream. Triglycerides within the appropriate quantities are a supply of vitality.

Cod provides a wealthy supply of omega-Three polyunsaturated fatty acids that assist in decreasing blood stress.

Consuming fish, like cod, as soon as every week helps to stop deep vein thrombosis.

This can be a harmful situation in the place blood clots type within the veins of the legs or pelvis.

It has been discovered that consuming fish rich in omega-Three can cut back the chance of deep vein thrombosis to a 30 -45% much less likelihood of this affliction.

Vitamin B12 and selenium cut back the chance of colon most cancer.

Cod is understood to cut back the chance of different cancers like myeloma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and leukemia.

It affords some safety in opposition to renal cell carcinoma which is a type of kidney most cancers.

The omegas in cod provide safety in opposition to age-associated cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s.

Cod additionally helps enhance temper and cut back despair by the omega-Three content material.

The selenium and omega-Three assist relieve irritation and forestall osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis from progressing additional.

Cod promotes cardiovascular health as a result of it comprises niacin a vitamin B that lowers levels of cholesterol.

Cod can be identified to enhance {the electrical} properties of coronary heart cells. Cod protects the center in opposition to irregular coronary heart rhythms.

An excessive focus of omega fatty acids is discovered within the cod liver oil that’s produced from the liver of this fish.

What’s Pollock?

Pollock is a chilly water fish discovered within the northern oceans of the world. There are a couple of forms of pollock.

The Atlantic Pollock or Coley, the Alaska Pollock or Walleye, and the Norweigan Pollock.

Pollock has been thought about to be a low-value choice to cod and it has a milder style however remains to be filled with nutritious minerals and nutritional vitamins.

Pollock is an efficient meal selection in case you are watching your energy. There is solely 92 energy per 100g of pollock fish.

Among the considerably processed fish meals made with pollock could include dangerous components so it’s all the time smart to learn the contents on the packaging of those industrial products.

Added to the dangerous components pollock can be vulnerable to parasitic worms in its uncooked state.

These worms are much like those present in cod and most fish sellers can have had the worms eliminated previous to promoting the fish.

The gentle taste and delicate texture of the fish make it a superb substitute for crab meat.

What are the dietary advantages of consuming Pollock?

Pollock has many dietary benefits. Like cod, it’s a wealthy supply of nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Pollock comprises vitamin B12, B6 riboflavin magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper.
Pollock is wealthy in omega-Three fatty acids.

Pollock can combat coronary heart illness, preserve eye health and regulate blood sugar.

Pollock will increase fertility and improves the event of the fetus.

Variations pollock fish vs cod

Traits of pollock fish vs cod:

Each of these fish is chilly water fish preferring the deeper waters of the oceans they’re present in. The pollock is a softer fish and extra prone to disintegrate whether it is overcooked.

The cod and the pollock are utilized in making manufactured fish items like fish fingers and crumbed fish items, however, pollock, with its milder style is made into imitation crab.

How do you inform the distinction between pollock fish vs cod?

Whereas they’ll look fairly comparable, there are a couple of variations between Pollock and Cod.

Physique Shade: Pollock is speckled fish, with black and yellow spots working the size of their bodies.

Pacific Cod are brown or grayish with darkish spots or patterns on the edges. Pacific Cod even have a paler stomach.

Dorsal Fin: The dorsal fins on Alaska Pollock are extra pronounced compared to these of the Pacific Cod. Cod’s fins are additionally white across the edges.

Tail: Alaska Pollock has a narrower tail than Pacific Cod.

Measurement: Alaska Pollock can develop as many as Three toes in size. Sometimes, the common out round 12–20 inches and weigh between 1 and three kilos.

Cod, however, are bigger fish. They’ll develop as much as 6 toes in size, and weigh around 25 kilos.

Life span: Pollock has comparatively quick life spans – around 12 years. This is the reason they reproduce as early as age Three or 4.

Pacific Cod resides barely longer, around 18–20 years. They reproduce across the age of Four or 5.

Lastly, Pacific Cod have Catfish-like whiskers on their decrease jaw. Alaska Pollock don’t.

Health advantages

The health advantages of those two forms of fish are huge. Each variety of fish has a variety of nutritional vitamins and minerals to enhance a wholesome life fashion.

Cod has the added worth of the liver oil harvested type it is liver and really wealthy in omega-Three oil.

Dietary worth

The dietary and dietary worth of those fish is vital to notice. Cod and pollock contribute many vital vitamins and have an extended record of health values.

They play a component in arresting some cancers and decreasing the chance of coronary heart illness and assist decelerate the cognitive growing old course.

Consuming fish wealthy in omega and vitamin B is a part of a nutritious diet and really useful as a weekly consumption of omegas and nutritional vitamins.


Cod and pollock are whitefish and customarily maintain their form. Cod is a firmer fish than pollock.

They’ll each be used profitably in lots of dishes like fish chowder and soups in addition to being appropriate to bake, fry or broil.


It could seem that there’s extra of danger in overfishing for cod than pollock and due to this fact pollock has to turn into a well-liked and economically useful resource for white fish. Each of these fish is used commercially and in delicacies.

cod fish


Pollock vs. Cod Habitat

Alaska Pollock and Pacific Cod share the identical habitat within the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska.

Nonetheless, whereas Pollock resides virtually solely in these waters, Cod are sometimes discovered within the barely hotter waters of Northern California and the Sea of Japan.

Pollock and Cod as Meals

Pollock and Cod each boast white flaky meat, which may be ready in quite a lot of methods. They do look comparable, however, there are a couple of variations between the 2.

First, Pollock has a milder taste than Cod. Second, Pollock can lose its form quite a bit faster if overcooked. Cod meat is a little bit firmer, however nonetheless flaky and tender when ready appropriately.

Alaska pollock fillets

One factor that tries to be conscious of is that you just shouldn’t eat both of those fish uncooked. Cod and Pollock can each include parasitic worms for those who don’t cook dinner for them.

The commonest industrial Pollock and Cod meals are fish sticks. Each fish are sometimes bought on this type, and the one solution to differentiate them is by the label.

There are various different methods to organize these two scrumptious fish.

From fundamental baked fish to dishes like fish chowder, Pacific Cod is great consuming in all varieties. The flesh holds its form within the warmth and doesn’t lose any of its texture.

Alaska Pollock has a variety of makes use of, too. That is truly the fish McDonald’s makes use of for his or her Fillet-O-Fish meal.

They’re additionally nice as crab meat replacements. Some eating places serve them in California Rolls.

Pollock is a less expensive different to Cod in most locations. Whereas it’s a little milder tasting, you don’t lose out on virtually any of the advantages you’d get with Cod.

Is consuming Pollock and Cod wholesome?

The health advantages of Cod and Pollock are huge. Each species include good quantities of protein in addition to omega-Three fatty acids.

They’re additionally nice sources of selenium, which has been proven to cut back the chance of sure varieties of most cancers.

Each Pollock and Cod decrease blood stress and enhance levels of cholesterol. One further good thing about Cod is its liver oil, which is a good supply of nutritional vitamins A and D.

Protein per 100 grams: 23g in Pollock fish vs 19g in Cod

Energy per 100 grams: 111 kcal in Pollock fish vs 85 kcal in Cod

pollock fish

Pollock fish

Abstract of pollock fish vs cod

There are extra similarities than variations between cod and pollock.

Each form of fish is famed for his or her dietary values and health advantages.

The cod and the pollock are low in energy and if eaten often assist forestall coronary heart circumstances and different ailments linked to most cancers. It’s the omega-Three content material that’s extremely prized as a health complement.

Cod and Pollock are utilized in cooking and in producing commercially manufactured fish merchandise though the milder taste of pollock makes it a superb substitute for crab meat and the sushi dish known as California roll.

Cod retains its form higher and makes good fish merchandise like fish fingers and battered or crumbed fish parts.

Cod has to turn into overfished in some areas and this has led to the industrial use of pollock instead of fish.
It’s straightforward to confuse these two varieties of fish as a result of they seem comparable when cooked. Of their uncooked state, each variety of fish are vulnerable to parasitic worms.

The important distinction between these two fish is their texture.

Which is healthier, Pollock or Cod?

The quick reply – each is nice! By way of the advantages you may get from consuming them, Cod and Pollock are each wonderful decisions. Cod is barely dearer in most locations, however then once more, you get firmer meat that’s a little bit simpler to organize.

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