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albino cory catfish
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

The Albino Cory Catfish is one of the popular and cute fish breeds people love to keep. The Albino Cory catfish has a white-colored physique that may vary in tone, and pink to gentle crimson eyes. This article will give an overview of Albino Cory Catfish and its size, lifespan, breeding, care, diet, eggs, very activity, blind.

Albino Cory Catfish profile

This Albino Cory Catfish will reside between 5 to eight years, relying on the continued high quality of the aquarium parameters.

Albino Cory Catfish is sometimes called the Armored Catfish as it’s armored as an alternative of scaled, nevertheless, isn’t the true, problematic Armored Catfish.

Albino Cory Catfish

This Albino Cory Catfish has related traits to different catfish in that there are sharp barbs on their fines and these can include an irritant to different fish, which aids in its pure defenses.

These fins of the Albino Cory Catfish can even produce clicking sounds that are used to chase away predators and through mating.

The favored Albino Cory Catfish is a superb addition to a freshwater group aquarium. They don’t develop very massive so they could be put in a smaller tank with ease.

Albino Cory Catfish is very full of life and pleasant which makes them attention-grabbing to observe.


Precise dimension: 2-3cm
Most dimension: 7.5cm
Origin: West Indies
Excellent quantity saved collectively: 4+

Water circumstances

pH: 6.0-8.0
Hardness: 36–268 ppm
Temperature: 21–27 °C

Albino Cory Catfish

Albino Cory Catfish Aquarium Setup

An aquarium not less than 20 gallons is really helpful for a number of Albino Cory Catfish. In contrast to the Plecostomus and different Catfish, the Albino Cory may be very energetic in the course of the day.

Present loads of rockwork to advertise algae development for a meal supply, and areas for them to cover.

Use superb gravel or sand, as they may sift by it, nevertheless, Albino Cory Catfish can turn out to be sick if the sandbed is soiled and uncleaned. Make sure you routinely vacuum your substrate throughout water modifications.

Albino Cory Catfish Aquarium Information

  • Minimal Tank Dimension: 20 gal (75 L)
  • pH Vary: 6 – 8
  • Water Hardness: 2 – 20 dGH
  • Temperature: 72 – 79° F (22.2 – 26.1° C)
  • Lighting: Regular
  • Substrate: Superb gravel, sand
  • Brackish: No
  • Water Circulate: Low to medium
  • Tank Area: Backside

Albino Cory Catfish

Ease of care

Straightforward. They’re nice for rookies as they’re hardy and reside properly in a wider vary of freshwater parameters. 

Weight-reduction plan

Sinking pellets are greatest for them nevertheless they will also be given reside or frozen meals often, as a deal with.

Albino Cory Catfish Feeding Information

Weight-reduction plan: Omnivore
Frequency: One supplemental feeding each 1 to 2 days relying on algae availability
Pellet Meals: Yes, presoaked
Flake Meals: Yes, presoaked
Vegetable Meals: Will eat cooked darkish leafy greens that sink to the underside


Peaceable, group aquarium. They reside properly with tank mates reminiscent of Tetras, Livebearers, and so forth. Albino Cory Catfishlike a planted aquarium with hiding locations.

Breeding/ Intercourse

Reasonable. They lay eggs so you must have them in their very own aquarium simply in case the opposite fish eat the eggs. You must have extra females than males. 

The feminine Albino Cory will clear a flat floor on a rock in preparation. The feminine will then be chased across the tank by the male and play cover and search with him. The male will usually rub up in opposition to the feminine.

The feminine will stimulate the male’s ventral fin and space along with her fins and the male will launch his milt. The feminine will catch this and hold it in her mouth.

She’s going to then return to ready areas and lay a number of eggs and deposit among the milt beforehand captured from the male.

This course can repeat for a number of hours and a mature feminine can lay roughly 300 eggs. Inside every week the fry will hatch, however, most might be eaten by the dad and mom and different fish if not eliminated.

The could be raised in a separate tank utilizing the primary tank’s water and fed finely crushed flake meals.

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Life Span

They’ll reside in something from 3-5 years in good circumstances.


These are simple Catfish to maintain and are really helpful for rookies. The one necessities are that your tank is producing algae for a meal supply and that the water is properly oxygenated.

Correct filtration is required and as with all species, will undergo poisonous water, excessive in ammonia and nitrates.

Dealing with these fish can results in small spikes, so it’s suggested that you simply use gloves or a particular internet when dealing with them.


They’ll primarily feed all day on algae and different meal waste discovered on the underside of the tank. Soaked pellet and flake meals are additionally really helpful for tanks that aren’t producing sufficient algae, and to additionally complement their weight loss program.

Sex Variations

The males have longer fins whereas the females are typically greater and fatter wanting.

Albino Corys are very peaceable fish and can do properly with most different peaceable fish and sure Cichlids

albino cory catfish


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