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Green jobfish
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The Green jobfish, scientific name Aprion virescens, is a species of snapper native to the Indian and Pacific Oceans from the African coast to the Hawaiian Islands. This species inhabits numerous reef environments at depths from close to the floor to 180 ft (55 m).

Green jobfish facts

This Green jobfish species grows to a size of 112 cm (44 in), although most don’t exceed 90 cm (35 in). The best-reported weight for this species is 15.four kg (34 lb).

Green jobfish is a crucial species for native business fisheries and is in style as a recreation fish, although it has been reported to trigger ciguatera poisoning.

It will also be discovered within the aquarium commerce. Green jobfish is the one recognized member of its genus.

The Green jobfish will not be the flashiest recreation fish you’ve heard of, but it surely seems on many an angler’s goal records.

This member of the Snapper species is coveted each for its sport and for its worth in business fisheries. Green jobfish even make their method into aquariums occasionally.

Also referred to as Blue-green Snapper, Blue-green Snapper Fish, Blue-grey Snapper, Gray Snapper, Jobfish, Slender Snapper.

Discovered singly in open waters of channels, deep lagoons, and seaward reefs.
They feed on cephalopods, crustaceans, and fish.
Size – 110cm
Depth – 0-180m
Widespread Indo-Pacific

Most Snappers reside in reasonable depths, nevertheless, there are just a few that reside a lot deeper. Juveniles discovered on inshore reefs.

They’re nocturnal predators that primarily feed on fish, however, they will eat crustaceans, gastropods, and cephalopods.


Marine; reef-associated; depth vary 0 – 180 m. Tropical

Distribution Nations

Indo-Pacific: East Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, north to southern Japan, south to Australia.

Size at first maturity

Maturity: Lm 44.9, vary 42 – 50 cm
Max size : 112 cm TL male/unsexed; widespread size : 90.Zero cm TL male/unsexed; max. printed weight: 15.four kg

“Jobbies” can develop so long as 44”, however usually measure around 35”. The IGFA all deal with the file was a 44 lb Eight ounces green Jobfish landed in Japan.

Green jobfish

The place to Discover Green jobfish

Green jobfish inhabit the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the southwest coast of Africa to the Hawaiian Islands.

You’ll discover this species in various reef environments, anyplace from the floor to 180 toes beneath. Green jobfish is in season year-round in most areas


Dorsal spines (complete): 10; Dorsal tender rays (complete): 11; Anal spines: 3; Anal tender rays: 8. This species is distinguished by the next characters:

physique elongate and sturdy; very distinct horizontal groove on snout ventral to nostrils; enamel in each jaw in bands, with robust canines anteriorly; enamel on the roof of the mouth in chevron- or crescent-shaped patch on vomer and in the elongate band on every palatine; maxilla without scales or longitudinal ridges; interorbital area flattened; gill rakers on first-gill arch 7-8 + 13-16 = 20-24;

preopercular edge clean, typically denticulated in juveniles; a final tender ray of each dorsal and anal fins effectively produced, longer than subsequent to final ray; caudal fin forked; brief pectoral fins, lower than half size of the head, about equal to the size of snout; D X,11 tender rays; membranes of dorsal and anal fins without scales; tubed lateral-line scales 48-50. Color of physique darkish jobfish, bluish, or grey-blue.

Biology Glossary

Adults inhabit open waters of deep lagoons, channels, or seaward reefs. Present in benthopelagic waters. Normally seen singly, but additionally in teams.

They feed primarily on fishes, but additionally on shrimps, crabs, cephalopods, and planktonic organisms. Primarily marketed contemporary but additionally dried and salted. Glorious consuming. Massive people could also be ciguatoxic.

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