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pearl gourami
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The pearl gourami, scientific name Trichopodus leerii is a species of gourami native to Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

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Pearl gourami Description

These fish attain about 12 centimeters (4.7 in) TL. The physique is a brownish-silver color, coated in a pearl-like sample with a definite black line working from the fish’s head, and steadily thinning in direction of the caudal fin.

This fish’s look has given rise to many common names, such because of the lace gourami and the mosaic gourami.

Male specimens of this fish, typical of many gouramis, are typically bigger and extra colorful than their feminine counterparts.

They exhibit shiny orange coloring across the throat area, which on the breeding time turns into a lot brighter and is used to court docket the feminine.

Males additionally exhibit considerably of an orange tinge of their fins, except the caudal (tail) fin. The male additionally has longer fins, with an extra pointed dorsal fin and prolonged anal fin rays.

Distribution and habitat

The pearl gourami is native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia place it’s discovered on the islands of Sumatra, and Borneo.

It happens in lowland swamps with acidic water. This fish prefers the highest and center ranges of the water.

Species description and name

Trichopodus leerii was formally described as Trichopus leerii by the Dutch medical physician and ichthyologist Pieter Bleeker in 1852.

The sort was collected at Palembang in Sumatra by Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. van Leer who was a medical colleague of Bleeker’s and whom Bleeker honored in its particular identity.

Within the aquarium

A tank with a quantity of 120 liters (30 gallons) or over is most beneficial for a pair of pearl gouramis, though something above that quantity is vastly beneficial since these fish might present indicators of stress, irregular aggression, and sickness when confined. The most well-liked tank temperatures are 22–28°C (72–82F).

Tanks with surfaces uncovered to recent air are beneficial in order that the pearl gourami’s labyrinth organ can perform appropriately.

As with every tropical aquarium, ample filtration, lighting, substrate and decorations, vegetation, and different components of correct care are required.

This fish could also be considerably timid or shy, and shouldn’t be stored with fish that might be too boisterous or aggressive.

The truth is, within the first a number of days or even weeks, these fish sometimes present excessive shyness and timidness, spending quite a lot of time hiding, no matter tank-mates or water properties.

If incorrect situations, nonetheless, they are going to outgrow this and grow to be extra gregarious, changing into social fish.

Though considerably hardy, pearl gouramis might be weak to illness, so clear water is a should.

Many gouramis show bolder habits when the tank is furnished with vegetation, decorations, and ornaments that present secure refuges for the fish in instances of stress.


The pearl gourami is a bubble nest builder that makes use of vegetation to assist bind collectively the bubbles.

The water stage needs to be decreased to 20 cm (eight in) throughout spawning, and the temperature needs to be roughly 28 °C (82 °F) and with a pH of around 7.

After spawning each adult can’t be stored collectively. The eggs hatch after two days and the fry grow to be free-swimming three days later.

After they start with swimming freely the fry might be fed infusoria and brine shrimp and per week later finely floor flakes. Freeze-dried tablets can also be fed to older fry.

The temperature must be excessive (about 84 °F) and with little or no water motion. Since they’re air breathers, filtration will not be essential.

The pearl gourami has a really uncommon and exquisite mating dance. The male builds a nest of tiny, sturdy bubbles.

The feminine takes a place below the nest and the male curves his physique tightly around her, from beneath.

pearl gourami

Her physique quivers whereas she expels a number of eggs. Subsequent, he releases her and picks up the eggs in his mouth as they’re sinking, then he spits them into the bubble nest. This sequence is repeated a number of instances until the feminine has laid all of her eggs.

The fry is tiny at hatching (0.2 mm or smaller). The male cares for the fry, taking them into his mouth and spitting them again into the nest in the event that they fall out.

Some are inclined to develop sooner than others and can exhibit fratricide, consuming their smaller siblings.

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