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(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

The red emperor is a red, deep-bodied fish with a powerful, forked caudal fin and steady dorsal fin. They’re offshore demersal reef fish and are in reality, not a real emperor.

Red Emperor Fish Profile

They’re truly a member of the Snappers and Seaperches family Lutjanidae, and are extra intently associated with Mangrove jack and Red bass than any of the emperor species.

Juveniles and younger adults are distinguished from extra mature fish by three darkish red vertical bands and a paler total coloration.

As they age they turn out to be pink/red throughout and the banding turns much less distinct.

Different names

Emperor Red Snapper, Authorities Bream, King Snapper, Red Kelp, Queenfish

Widespread measurement


Associated species

Mangrove jack, Red bass, Spanish flag, Fingermark Bream, Golden snapper.


No less than 34 years


The red emperor usually inhabits water depths between 10m to 140m. Juvenile fish inhabit inshore reef methods, construction, and gravel patches whereas mature adults inhabit deeper offshore waters with a choice for coral reefs and adjoining sand areas, deep remoted reefs, and coral buildings, small rises, and rubbly gravelly backside. They have an inclination to type colleges of comparable measurement fish.


Little is understood in regard to the reproductive habits of the Red emperor. What is understood is that they mature at roughly 50cm and three to 4 years of age. They develop to over a meter in size and 33kg in weight.


Red emperor is carnivorous and feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, and fish inside the reef system together with squid, octopus, crabs, shellfish, shrimp, and small fish.

Pound for pound

Red emperor shows to be a troublesome opponent in the case of reef fish and it’s not unusual to be taken to the cleaners when fishing mild deal with.

They’re troublesome fighters, will run arduous and bust off on the reefy backside given the possibility.

The sheer measurement of mature fish matched with their highly effective head shaking and talent to combat from the underside to the floor make them a formidable opponent.

Catch care

Most reds are focused as a meal fish and fast bleeding and putting in a salty ice slurry will improve the flesh.

It’s usually considered top-of-the-line consuming fish within the ocean so if you’re going to take one for a feed take care of it correctly.

Reds not often undergo any type of barotrauma so launch very effectively.

How do you get the Red Emperor?

Red Emperor will be discovered across the shallow reefs in Broome in as little as eight to 10 meters.

Nonetheless, the actually huge Red Emperor is often discovered within the deeper water 40 meters and extra.

Within the shallower areas, there will be discovered around rocky outcrops and reefs. On our fishing charters in Broome, we appear to catch plenty of red emperors to 50cm in this space.

As soon as we get out to 40m and past we search for small lumps, rocks, and even colleges of baitfish. That is the place we usually discover the larger reds.

By far, the vast majority of Red Emperor is taken on a well-presented bait. A go-to bait can be a small complete squid on a pair of snelled hooks than a strip of contemporary fish for good measure.

Rosy Threadfin Bream is also popular with many people, these fish are sometimes caught out on the Red grounds.

red emperor

Whereas the smaller Red Emperor caught on our fishing constitution in Broome are launched, the larger ones are often stored for dinner.

Cooked complete, the red emperor is a tremendous centerpiece at any ceremonial dinner.

The fillets are thick and white and scrumptious to eat pan-fried and completed with lemon and butter.

One part of the fish that folks usually disregard is the wings. Red Emperor wings are completely scrumptious when ready in the appropriate manner.

Wings are firstly far away from the body by twisting and snapping the connecting bone then slicing by the pores and skin and flesh.

The wing can then be skinned by working your thumb up and beneath and pushing till the shin comes off.

An excellent wash and trim to take away all of the blood and abdomen linings then pat dry with a paper towel and add a generous quantity of salt. I often put about 5 to 10cm of oil to a wok and warmth on excessive.

When the oil simply begins to smoke, slide your wings in and fry till crisp within the exterior and tender and moist within the center. A scrumptious entrée served with some soy aioli and a chilly beer.

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