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cubera snapper
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The cubera snapper, scientific name Lutjanus cyanopterus is a species of snapper native to the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to the Amazon River in Brazil, although it’s uncommon north of Florida.

Cubera snapper Profile

Cubera snapper can be discovered within the Caribbean Sea and, not often, within the Gulf of Mexico. It inhabits areas related to reefs, preferring areas with rocky substrates, and feeds on ray-finned fishes, shrimp, and crabs.

 Subera snapper may be discovered at depths from 18 to 55 m (59 to 180 ft). This species can attain a size of 160 cm (63 in), although most don’t exceed 90 cm (35 in).

The best-recorded weight for a specimen of cubera snapper species is 57 kg (126 lb). It’s commercially necessary and can be sought-after as a sport fish, although it has been reported to trigger ciguatera poisoning.

Cubera snapper Reproduction

At these choose spots, teeming plenty of as much as 10,000 snappers might collect. Females launch their eggs into the ocean, the place they produce larvae inside a day—and supply a subsequent feast for any close by whale sharks.

Younger cubera snapper searches safety amongst inshore seagrass beds or mangroves and have even been recognized to enter freshwater.

These fish that survive to maturity want to maneuver offshore to the acceptable rocky ledge and reef habitats within the Caribbean and Western Atlantic.

Predators and Prey

These greatest of all snapper species feast on fish, shrimp, and crabs and are simply capable of sort out even more durable fare due to massive robust enamel. Some distinguished choppers are seen even when the fish’s mouth is closed.

Cubera snappers are actually capable of maintaining their very own however these predators do turn into prey for bigger animals, together with sharks, moray eels, and barracuda.

cubera snapper


People are one other, maybe extra formidable menace. The cubera snapper fishes are focused on by fishermen and supply a very simple mark throughout spawning aggregations as a result of they’re present in numbers at predictable locations and instances.

The safety of those websites is taken into account important, so {that a} time-honored reproductive course can proceed to replenish populations with every succeeding technology.

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Are you able to eat Cubera snapper?

The factor about ciguatera is that it’s tasteless and warm steady so cooking the cubera snapper would not make it fit for human consumption.

And for those who eat fish poisoned with ciguatera, it is like extreme meal poisoning—solely worse.

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