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Yellowtail Snapper
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

The Yellowtail snapper, scientific name Ocyurus chrysurus is a considerable species of snapper native to the western Atlantic Ocean together with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Yellowtail Snapper profile

Though they’ve been discovered as far north as Massachusetts, their regular vary is alongside Florida south to the West Indies and Brazil.

This species is usually discovered around coral reefs, however, it could also be present in different habitats.

Yellowtail Snapper description

They happen at depths from close to the floor to 180 meters (590 ft), although largely between 10 and 70 m (33 and 230 ft).

This species can attain a size of 86.three cm ( in), although most don’t exceed 40 cm (16 in).

The best weight recorded for this species is 4.1 kg ( lb). It’s a commercially necessary species and has been farmed.

It’s sought as a recreation fish by leisure anglers and is a well-liked species for the show in public aquaria. This species is the one identified member of its genus.

Yellowtail snapper is discovered from Massachusetts to Brazil, together with the Gulf of Mexico.

This fish is simple to acknowledge as a result of it has a particular yellow band that begins on the snout, getting wider because it extends to the forked tail.

Your entire tail fin turns into the yellow beginning on the base close to the physique of the fish. This snapper is a bluish olive color on its sides with yellow spots above the yellow lateral band.

Most noticed age: 20 years, in Florida; 28 years (whole southeastern U.S. inventory)1

Age at maturity: 100% mature at age Four years

Most weight: 10.19 kilos (4.62 kilograms) Ft. Myers; 11 kilos (4.98 kilograms)

Most size: 33.98 inches (86.30 centimeters)

Yellowtail snapper, Ocyurus chrysurus

Life History and Distribution

Regardless of its wide selection, yellowtail snapper is most considerable within the Bahamas and all through the Caribbean.

Spawning aggregations type offshore all year long in South Florida and the Caribbean, with peak spawning occurring typically when the water is warmest in a given location.

Eggs and larvae are pelagic till they settle out on appropriate habitat; juveniles are most frequently present in seagrass beds.

Adults are present in coastal waters close to reefs, often effectively above the underside, forming small colleges.

Insure reefs, most notably within the Florida Keys, this fantastically colored fish is often noticed amongst divers and snorkelers.

Yellowtails feed on shrimp, crabs, worms, and smaller fish. They spawn in teams off the sides of reefs from spring to fall, however closely in midsummer.

Yellowtail snapper is sometimes caught in 30–120 ft of water on and around reefs and different construction.

The most typical technique of catching them is with hook and line and using frozen chum, sometimes leftover floor fish components, to draw the fish.

The chum is positioned right into a mesh bag or steel basket within the water, and because the chum slowly melts, small items of fish drift out and down in the direction of the underside, the place the yellowtails sometimes feed.

The chum retains them close to the boat for prolonged intervals of time, as effectively.

Yellowtail snapper, Ocyurus chrysurus

Gentle sort out is the commonly accepted technique of catching yellowtail snapper. Sometimes, the fish are comparatively cautious of higher-test or thicker line, and bigger hooks.

Most fish caught by anglers vary from eight to 14 in, though catches to 16 in will not be unusual. Yellowtail snapper will be caught on a wide range of baits, together with each dwell and frozen shrimp, squid, and a wide range of dwell and frozen minnows or smaller baitfish.

Yellowtail is typically cautious fish, and the looks of bigger predators, similar to dolphins or sharks, can scare off colleges till the predator leaves the world.

Most anglers pursue yellowtail snapper through the hotter months, however, they are often caught all year long.

Yellowtail snapper is extremely prized for its gentle, flaky meat and is taken into account by some to be among the finest of the snapper family.

Yellowtail Snapper Taste

Most anglers pursue yellowtail snapper through the hotter months, however, they are often caught all year long.

Yellowtail snapper is extremely prized for its gentle, flaky meat and is taken into account by some to be among the finest of the snapper household.

How big do Yellowtail snapper must be?

Minimal measurement limits (12 inches for yellowtail snapper); Space and seasonal closures and the institution of synthetic reefs; and, Annual catch limits (for each the business and leisure fisheries) in addition to particular person fishing quotas.

What’s the distinction between red snapper and yellowtail snapper?

In contrast to its cousin, the red snapper, the yellowtail snapper is just not in peril of being overfished, which additionally makes it a viable selection for restaurant and residential cooks alike.

The yellowtail snapper is much like crimson snapper, and it has a gentle taste and agency flesh.

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