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orange spotted blenny
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The Orange Spotted Blenny, scientific name Blenniella chrysospilos, in any other case referred to as the Red-spotted Rockskipper or the Red-spotted Blenny, are red and white in color with orange and red patterned spots adorning their our bodies.

Orange spotted blenny profile

Also called Coral Blenny, Gold-spotted Rockskipper, Orange-spotted Blenny, Redspot Flymo Blenny, Red-spotted Rockskipper, Reef Blenny, Rock Blenny, Rockskippper

The Orange Spotted Lawnmower Blenny, Istiblennius chrysospilos, includes a fascinating mix of white and orange spots throughout its slender body making it some of the lovely species of blenny.

They’re hardy and might be housed with different peaceable fish in a reef tank setting, however, could turn into territorial in direction of different blennies, gobies, or dartfish in smaller tanks.

The Red-Spotted Blenny or Orange Spotted Blenny is a wonderful algae-eating reef fish. They’re largely peaceable however don’t tolerate different herbivorous blennies except for a mate.

They might typically chew or assault different herbivores like tangs of their territory, particularly in a too-small aquarium. Some red spot blennies may nip at SPS corals or clams.

Present loads of frozen or ready herbivore mix meals and dwell or dried algae for the red spot blenny to feed on.

Orange spotted blenny Tank

It’s best to accommodate the Orange Spotted Blenny in a 30-gallon tank or bigger with dwell rock for hiding, grazing, and perching.

These fish are peaceable and might be stored singly or in mated pairs. They are often stored in reef aquariums however with a warning. They do are inclined to nip at clam mantles and coral polyps.


Red-spotted blennies might be discovered below zoom-mode glows in rocks or coral, virtually in every single place in Manoa Lai; they have an inclination to favor rockier areas. Nevertheless, they can be seen in holes within the flat stones.

Orange spotted blenny Diet

Orange Spotted Blennies are herbivores and due to this fact feed on the spread of meals. It normally stays on the backside of the tank, the place its essential meals is algae.

It’s best to, due to this fact, feed your fish macro-algae, which are thought of primarily as dietary supplements. How do I feed the fish?

You most likely know that fish are weak to emphasize, which signifies that you shouldn’t disturb your Orange Spotted Blenny fish peace throughout the feeding. Subsequently, use a rubber band or a pipe to decrease the algae into the aquarium.

A dwell algae meal is a major part of these fish diets, and regularly going without it could simply result in demise.

It’s best to, due to this fact, feed your little pal a mixture of inexperienced meals starting from algae-based dry meals to quite a lot of frozen herbivore meals.

‘Identical to people, fish want nutritional vitamins too to spice up their immunity and have wholesome pores and skin.

It’s best to, due to this fact, soak your Orange Spotted Blenny’s fish in nutritional vitamins. A superb resolution will is garlic, which is crucial in immunity improvement.

Truly, you must also use garlic when making an addition to the aquarium. For protein, you may give your fish recent frozen Mysis shrimp, which is an excessive protein source.

Blennies are identified for his or her unimaginable leaping skills, so having a tightly secured lid is recommended.

Diet ought to embody quite a lot of mysis shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp in addition to spirulina, marine algae, seaweed, and algae-based meals 2-Three instances day by day.

The food regimen of the Orange Spotted Blenny ought to embody marine algae, vegetable preparations, and frozen and dried meals.

Orange spotted blenny Behavior

The Orange Spotted Blenny is usually peaceful and reserved, spending most of its time on the backside of the aquarium.

Nevertheless, they decide on different blennies, smaller gobies, and dartfish. For these with reef aquariums, you’re suggested to make use of a lot bigger fleshy corals since these fish are identified to behave out when underfed.

You’re, due to this fact, doubtless going to identify it choosing on the fleshy polyp stony corals or mantles of clams, which additionally occurs in smaller aquarium set-ups. In bigger aquariums, nonetheless, they hardly ever decide on the two.

These fish don’t love swimming from one level o one other. As an alternative, they hop from one rock to the opposite, choosing small items as they transfer. You, due to this fact, have to have numerous rock protecting in your aquarium.

Orange Spotted Blenny likes to carpet surf, which means that you’ll want to spend money on an incredible becoming high in your aquarium and preserve it locked all the time.

This small fish resides in cracks in rock and coral and retreats each time it’s startled or touched.

The blenny’s favor might be earned by feeding it. Within the first sport, it may be accompanied by fish equivalent to fireplace gobies within the Manoa Lai Sea essential; within the ruins, it’s incessantly discovered alongside an orange-and-black sea slug and a pair of blue-green Chromis. Within the second sport, it’s typically seen with juvenile yellow boxfish.

Measurement / Weight / Age

Max size : cm SL male/unsexed


The male Orange Spotted Blenny is normally bigger than the feminine one. The male additionally undergoes completely different color adjustments, predominantly blue, when breeding.

The male fish also seems brighter and slimmer than the feminine. The females haven’t any prolonged fin rays, that are current within the males.

The orange color intensity also differs between the 2. The feminine Orange Spotted Blenny is, due to this fact, much less orange.

One other distinction is within the dorsal and anal fins, which are normally bigger and extra distinct in males than females. For laying eggs, the feminine Orange Spotted Blenny has a thick papilla of their genitals.

These eggs are usually laid on the backside of the tank, which is likely one of the explanations why it is best to preserve the tank full at any explicit time.

Males even have egg spots, which is an egg-shaped marking on the anal fin and thicker lips as in comparison with the feminine Blenny fish.

Brief description

Dorsal spines (complete): 12; Dorsal smooth rays (complete): 20-21; Anal spines: 2; Anal smooth rays: 21 – 22. The distinctive coloration of the top.


Adults inhabit clear coastal reef flats, typically in uncovered habitats, frequent in outer intertidal reef flats, and surge-swept seaward reef; normally the place algal development is prolific. They enter small holes, with simply its head protruding.

They feed on algae and related detritus and small invertebrates. Oviparous. Eggs are demersal and adhesive and are connected to the substrate by way of a filamentous, adhesive pad or pedestal. Larvae are planktonic, typically present in shallow, coastal waters. Minimal depth of zero m.

Orange spotted blenny Breeding

Now, one factor that one ought to know with regard to proudly owning Orange Spotted Blenny is that these fish are each easy and difficult to breed.

One of the many hardest parts in its rearing is throughout laying eggs, which normally occurs naturally in their native habitats. Nevertheless, in a tank, it’s important to go the additional mile.

You have to be certain that each male and the feminine Orange Spotted Blenny are placed in one tank. Go away them alone even when they seem to fight, which is normally expected at first.

As soon as the 2 fish have gone into hiding, mating will happen with the male one going via a color change, which is predominantly blue. After some days, the eggs shall be fertilized after which hatched.

The interval after hatching is essentially the most delicate. It’s good to spend money on a great feeding application and water administration, otherwise, you threaten dropping all of your fish. Use rotifer to feed the fish and just be sure you dispose of 10-percent of the water day by day.


The water temperature for Orange Spotted Blenny must be a stable 75-80F, not deviating by greater than a 2-degree range, particular gravity 1.024 to 1.025, pH 8.1 to 8.4.

Additionally, there must be a Calcium of between 420 and 440ppm. Alkalinity must be between 8 and 9.5 dKH, Nitrates lower than10 ppm, Mg 1260 to 1350, and Phosphates lower than10 ppm.

There must be no ammonia. Should you discover the nitrates fee has risen above 10ppm, it’s important to change the water instantly. Maintaining correct calcium and alkalinity ranges will preserve the pH security.

Tank dimensions must be 36 1/4 by 12 5/8 by 16 3/4. and weighs about 43 lbs.

orange spotted blenny

Orange spotted blenny Tank Setup

The Orange Spotted Blenny has a distinctive character that distinguishes it from different fishes. They typically dwell their lives amid rocks and crevices deep down inside water.

So, if you find yourself organizing their tank, it’s advisable to get rock particles scattered everywhere in the backside of the tank for hiding and perching. Naturally, they get pleasure from being removed from the floor, to allow them to eat the algae.

So, you’ll want to fill your tank with sufficient water to allow them to be comfy staying on the backside of the tank. Don’t put a couple of blenny in a tank as a result of they’ll feed on themselves.

The blennies can dwell peacefully in tanks however they want plenty of areas to maneuver around freely without hitting in opposition to the tank. Subsequently, endeavor to create more room (minimal of 30 gallons) for every blenny.

Water administration is one other nice facet to contemplate when taking good care of blennies. The water of high quality must be stored clean all the time by altering about 10 to 15 % of it each month.


The Orange Spotted Blenny has its ideally suited kind of setting. Most of their lives are spent between rocks and deep down the water floor, largely on the backside of the tank, the place they eat up all of the algae. Guarantee, due to this fact, that you just embody rock particles, which must be scattered evenly inside your aquarium.

They want these particles to cover and perch. Make sure, due to this fact, that your tank stays full at any explicit time to permit these improbable creatures to all the time keep on the backside. Blennies additionally feed on themselves, and due to this fact, together with a couple of inside a tank is very harmful.

The aquarium additionally must be large enough to supply room for the Orange Spotted Blenny fish to maneuver around.

Every blenny ought to, due to this fact, be positioned in a thirty-gallon tank. Additionally, be certain that you retain the water clear since these fish are fairly delicate.

Kindly change a part of the water frequently. Orange Spotted Blenny may also dwell with different fish. You want, nonetheless, to watch out in your choice since they’re usually simple prey for the large fish. Should you select to incorporate different species, make the tank bigger sufficient.

You additionally must be eager about the temperature and the pH of the water inside the tank. Now, just be sure you keep a temperature of between 75-80F and a pH range of 8.1 to eight.4. it must be alkaline, due to this fact.

Your aquarium must also have Calcium, which ought to measure around 430 ppm to maintain a secure pH, nitrate, and phosphate ranges lower than 10ppm and Magnesium ranges at about 1300 ppm. Be sure that the aquarium is devoid of ammonia, which necessitates the extent of nitrates to stay beneath 10ppm.

The most effective tank for the Orange Spotted Blenny fish, is the 30-gallon tank, due to this fact. The lid must also be shut always to stop these fish from escaping.

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