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Green Neon Tetra

The green neon tetra, scientific name Paracheirodon simulans is a freshwater fish of the family Characidae of the order Characiformes. It’s native to the upper Orinoco and Negro Rivers in South America.

Green Neon Tetra Paracheirodon simulans profile

In this article, I am going to talk about Green Neon Tetra profile, care, breeding, vs neon tetra, ph, tank mates, with a betta, etc.

This fish is similar in look to the intently associated and better-known neon tetra, however, it’s barely smaller, and its red patch is less pronounced, whereas the blue-green areas of the upper body are more sensible.

Additionally, its body is slimmer than that of the neon tetra. It grows to the most overall size of about 3.5 cm (1.4 in).

Like the other Paracheirodon species, the green neon tetra is saved as an aquarium fish, however, it’s much less generally seen than both the neon tetra or the cardinal tetra.

This fish loses its sensible blue and red colors when lights are switched off, however, regains them when lights are switched on again.

The green neon tetra comes from extremely delicate, acidic water at temperatures around 24 to 29 °C (75 to 84 °F).


The lifespan of Green Neon Tetras is around 2 to 3 years. That is shorter than their more popular counterparts.

Like all fish, the lifespan of a Green Neon Tetra could be easily swayed by its high quality of life. A good food plan, suitable tank setup, and well-maintained water will all assist them to reside longer. When you neglect them, the opposite is true.

Green Neon Tetra Health

When you personal a Green Neon Tetra it’s sensible to be looking out for potential diseases. These fish could be vulnerable to ich and parasites that may result in serious health issues.

There isn’t something particular you are able to do in the case of preserving them at bay aside from stick with the basics.

The standard of care and the state of the tank performs an enormous role within the chance of those fish turning into sick.

Water quality, low-stress ranges, and an important diet are the largest factors to keep in mind. If these parts of care are stellar, your Green Neon Tetra is way much less prone to get sick.

Green Neon Tetra Meals & Diet

In relation to feeding these fish, you need to have a robust understanding of their natural diet first. Green Neon Tetras are omnivores and are used to scrounging for small bugs, crustaceans, zooplankton, and natural matter.

This implies you have got some flexibility when establishing a diet. Lots of house owners want to feed them primarily with a flake or freeze-dried meals, which is ok.

When you go this route make sure the meals are crushed or made sufficiently small in your fish to eat it.

If it isn’t small enough it should merely fall to the substrate and negatively have an effect on the water quality.

For the sake of variation and enrichment, we suggest one thing like bloodworms, daphnia, or mosquito larvae.

This can carry some pleasure to the tank and in addition, provide a source of protein-rich fuel.

Since Green Neon Tetras are the alternative of choosy eaters, it’s necessary to keep away from overfeeding.

Intently monitor how a lot of meal is being eaten once you first begin feeding them (or make changes to their present food plan). This can inform you if you could dial it back or not.

Green Neon Tetra Behavior & Temperament

Green Neon Tetras are fairly low-maintenance in the case of their temperament.

These fish are fairly peaceful and prefer to thoughts about their business and never trigger trouble within the tank.

They’ll get spooked when paired with an extra lively or aggressive species (extra on that under), however, that’s nothing out of the strange for a small fish like this.

Some of the necessary parts of their conduct to concentrate on is the truth that these are education fish. Meaning they stick collectively in teams for security within the wild.

When you don’t preserve them collectively in your tank it will trigger them to reside in a continuing state of stress (since they suppose they’re prone to get eaten).

This ties in with the best tank dimension, however in the event you’re not ready to get no less than 6-Eight of them it’s higher to go together with one other species of fish.

Green Neon Tetra Tank Mates

There are a variety of potential tank mates for Green Neon Tetras. Due to this, it’s simpler to simply list the factors to search for instead of sharing each species that could work.

Superb tank mates are nonaggressive fish of an identical dimension. Any aggressive species will trigger an excessive amount of hassle, and your Green Neon Tetras won’t fight back. Any fish that’s too massive will unintentionally spook them (or mistakenly eat them).

This leaves you with a long listing of potential options. When you don’t have something in thoughts, these fish do great in a species only tank.

Breeding and pH

For breeding, these tetras want to water just like the waters during which they reside within the wild; extraordinarily delicate water with a pH of about 6 and a temperature of around 77 °F (25 °C).

Ideally, the water ought to be extremely stained by the tannins from peat, in subdued gentle, shaded by crops.

It spawns in a college, though within the precise act of spawning, one feminine could also be intently related to a number of males.

About 130 eggs could be laid by every female. The dad and mom ought to be removed after spawning.

The eggs ought to hatch in 24 hours. The eggs are gentle sensitive so keep away from gentle. The infants are very small, so feeding infusoria (protozoa) is critical early on.

As they develop, this may more and more be supplemented with superb industrial fry meals. Adults can breed again after just a few weeks.

Green Neon Tetra

Green Neon Tetra Size

The typical Green Neon Tetra size is around one inch in size when totally grown. This makes them a bit smaller than their shut relatives.

Dimension is one thing that may be influenced by genetics or high quality of care (particularly throughout developmental years).

While it may be hard for us to note a distinction in one thing so small, it’s one thing to concentrate on when assessing the health of a fish you would possibly need to purchase.

Green Neon Tetra Care

Green Neon Tetra’s care will not be very difficult. There are some necessary ideas you need to observe if you want them to thrive, but, this species won’t throw any curveballs at you.

All you could do is stick with the rules we listing under and be constant.

An unmotivated or neglectful aquarist who is aware of everything a few fish is all the time worse than a diligent proprietor with common information!

Tank Size

The advisable tank dimension for Green Neon Tetras is around 15 to 20 gallons (we want 20). Whereas some aquarists preserve these fish in tanks as small as 10 gallons, we predict that’s insufficient.

The explanation for that is that you simply won’t be getting simply one of these tiny critters, you’ll be getting a complete faculty of no less than 6-8.

That is needed for them which suggests you could ensure that there’s sufficient house for everyone!

Water Parameters

The primary factor you need to keep in mind in the case of water parameters and Green Neon Tetras is consistency.

These fish are fairly durable and have cheap level windows, however, can endure health points if level shifts happen.

Water temperature: 75°F to 85°F
pH ranges: 5 to six.5
Water hardness: Very delicate

As a way to preserve the water’s high quality, it’s essential to carry out partial water modifications of roughly 25% on a weekly basis.

You also need to be testing the water parameters regularly with a trusted take a look at the kit

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