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Black Neon Tetra, scientific name Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi is a consultant of the characin household. This lovely and lively fish can beautify any tropical aquarium. Black Neon Tetra prefers to remain within the higher and center layers of the aquarium.

Black neon Tetra profile

In this article I am going to talk about Black Neon Tetra size, lifespan, temperature, breeding, pregnant, tank mates, care, eggs, with Bettas, etc

Origin and Distribution

The black neon tetra is native to the Paraguay basin of southern Brazil. Within the wild, these fish favor small tributaries, creeks, areas of flooded forest, and sandbanks.

Their pure habitat is often very acidic, and the water is stained brown from the tannins launched by decaying organic material.

Black Neon Tetra Quick Stats

Scientific Name: Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi
Higher Classification: Hyphessobrycon
Common Name: Black neon tetra
Tank size: more than 20 gallons (90L)
Temperament: Peaceful/Timid
Diet: Omnivorous
Temperature: 20–26 °C (68–79 °F)
pH: 6.5-7.0
Length: 4 cm (1.6 inches)

Basic Information

Black Neon Tetras are one of the crucial popular inhabitants of the aquarium. A attribute function of those fish is a shiny strip alongside the physique, flashing in mirrored gentle, like promoting neon lights on the streets of an evening metropolis.

They appear particularly spectacular in aquariums with darkish soil and numerous aquarium vegetation. It’s price noting that black neon tetras will not be harmful to aquarium gardens, to allow them to typically be present in designer aquariums.

Black neons are schooling fish characterized by a peaceful character. The identity of the genus could be translated as “little bites”, and the species itself is known as after the well-known American researcher Dr. Herbert Axelrod.

For a very long time, black neons had been caught in nature, however, now they’re massively bred on particular fish farms.

Black Neon Tetra Look

Black neon tetra has a low, barely flattened laterally and elongated physique. The size doesn’t exceed 4 cm.

The abdomen is silver, the again is olive. Two strips stretch from the gill covers to the tail on the edges of the physique.

The decrease one is huge, with a blurry decrease edge, painted black, the higher one is slender, shiny, with a bluish tint.

This strip accommodates particular pigment cells with excessive reflectivity, which is why it “flashes” in reflected light.

The tail is bilobed, clear. The remaining fins are additionally clear or with a slight yellow tint. Fatty fin current. The highest of the iris is colored red.

Sexual dimorphism isn’t expressed. Females are bigger with an extra rounded stomach.

The life expectancy of Black Neon Tetra is 5-10 years.

Black Neon Tetra Colors and Markings

Sporting an iridescence of white, greenish, and black, the black neon makes a superb distinction fish.

They stand aside from the equally sized tetras, such because the red-splashed rummy nostril or neon tetra, and they’re additionally a bit taller within the body.

They will readily be recognized as they have got an enamel-white to greenish neon stripe contrasted with a wealthy velvety black color under.

Black Neon Tetra Habitat

In nature, black neon tetra is widespread within the rivers of Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. It was first described in 1961, then dropped in Europe, the place it gained nice recognition.

Typical habitat of black neons are streams, small rivers, flooded forests, and sandbanks below the cover of the rainforest.

The water in such reservoirs is mushy and acidic. A lot of rotting plant debris stains it in rich brown color.

Care and Upkeep

The Black neon tetras really feel comfortable in packs of 10 individuals. For therefore many fish, you want an aquarium of no less than 60 liters. It must be outfitted with a lid as a result of the fish can simply leap out of the aquarium.

Because of the soil, it’s best to make use of black sand or darkish fine pebbles. Fish look good in aquariums with residing vegetation and pure decorations (driftwood, stones).

To take care of excessive water high quality, efficient filtration, and aeration are essential, the move must be average.

Don’t get entangled in bright lighting as black neon tetras favor subdued light. Floating plants (pistia, riccia) may help with this. Fish are thermophilic, subsequently, it’s essential to position a temperature regulator in an aquarium.

The black neon tetras are very poorly tolerant in recent, unsettled aquariums, it’s suggested to position them into the aquarium after a number of months from the second of beginning your aquarium.

To make the atmosphere as shut as potential to the pure atmosphere within the aquarium, it is strongly recommended to make use of Tetra ToruMin – a pure peat extract that can create the impact of “black water”.

To scale back the extent of nitrates and phosphates, common water modifications are essential – as much as 25-30% of the aquarium on a weekly foundation.

The optimum parameters of water: T = 24-28 ° C, pH = 6.5-7.5, GH = 10-20.

It’s fascinating that in an aquarium with black neons there must be numerous residing vegetation. You’ll be able to take note of such species as echinodorus, cryptocoryne, Ceylon fern.

Black Neon Tetra Tank Mates

Black neon tetras are an amazing selection for a shared aquarium with peaceable tropical fish. When stored in a flock, the fish are lively and completely innocent.

At a grownup measurement of little greater than 1 inch, black neons are appropriate for small aquariums.

They’re a schooling fish and will at all times be stored in teams of a half dozen or more. In addition, they make a pleasant addition to a bigger neighborhood aquarium, as they’re peaceable and straightforward to look after.

Neon tetras do effectively in a neighborhood tank, so long as tankmates will not be giant or aggressive.

They get alongside effectively with all kinds of different peaceable fish, reminiscent of rasboras, danios, gouramis, and different small tetras in addition to the corys and different small catfish.

Keep away from bigger fish, as they may eat these tiny tetras on the first alternative. The rule of thumb is, if the mouth of the fish opens giant sufficient to swallow the neon, they may do it in the end.

Good tankmates for black neons are zebrafish, harlequin rasbora, gourami fish, dwarf gourami, Pleco fish, Neon tetras, Pygmy Corydoras, Oto catfish, Ember Tetra, Rummy nostril tetra.

As for keeping Black neon tetras with shrimp, there’s a couple of factors. Aquarists word that in some circumstances, the fish are completely detached to invertebrates, whereas in others they’ll assault younger people.

Naturally, it’s not possible to include black neons with giant and predatory fish that may benefit from the good neighbors.

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Feeding Black Neon Tetra

Within the pure atmosphere, black neons feed on small crustaceans, in addition to bugs and mosquito larvae.

When stored in an aquarium, it’s higher to provide choice to high-quality dry meals within the type of flakes, chips, or small granules.

The usage of stay and frozen meals carries the danger of an infection of the aquarium with harmful infections and parasites, and they don’t include a full vary of vitamins and nutritional vitamins, to not point out the difficulties with storage.

Black neons favor eating meals from the floor or within the water column. The next feeds have confirmed themselves effectively:

TetraMin is a mix of seven forms of cereals constructed from greater than 40 components. For many years, it stays the most well-liked dry meals for fish. TetraMin is totally balanced and accommodates nutritional vitamins and probiotics.

TetraPro Power is extremely nutritious meals within the type of chips, made utilizing mild low-temperature know-how, which lets you save much more vitamins within the feed. On the heart of the chips is a vitality focus in order that neons are at all times lively.

Tetra Micro Granules are mini pellets designed particularly for smallmouth fish. A balanced component combines components of plant and animal origin.

Don’t forget to diversify the menu of your pets with pure delicacies in jelly – Tetra FreshDelica. Your fish will respect the style of nutritious jelly with popular feed organisms – bloodworms, artemia, daphnia, and krill.

Gender Differences

Sexual variations will not be apparent in black neon tetras. Typically, the feminine has a bigger, extra rounded stomach than the male. A feminine’s decrease stomach turns into full of eggs when it’s sexually mature.

Black Neon Tetra Breeding

Reproduction of black neon tetra can’t be known as very tough, however, some follow will nonetheless be required.

Firstly, It is advisable to discover a good mother and father: one feminine and two to 3 males. Every week earlier than the alleged spawning, they’re seated and plentifully fed with high-protein meals.

When the feminine’s stomach is noticeably rounded, it’s time to maintain the fish in a separate spawning aquarium. For this, a container of 20-30 liters with a water degree of about 20 cm is appropriate.

The water within the spawning must be mushy and acidic (GH <4, pH = 5.5-6.5). A mesh is laid on the backside, and small-leaved vegetation is positioned on high. Additionally, it is essential to put in a gradual filter with aeration.

Spawning happens 1-3 days after inserting the fish within the aquarium. This often occurs at daybreak. The fertility of a feminine could be as much as 200 eggs.

After fertilization, the eggs fall to the underside and sticks to the leaves of aquatic vegetation. After the top of the method, the mother and father should be left to rest in order that they don’t eat their very own eggs.

Take away

The aquarium must be darkened on three sides because the eggs are sensitive to light.

Incubation takes 24-36 hours, an impartial larva turns into on 3-5 days. Water modifications in spawning must be accomplished extra typically.

Development in fry is fast; by the third week of life, attribute longitudinal strips seem on the physique. Fish change into sexually mature at 8-11 months.

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