Angler Fish Habitat – What Depth do Angler Fish Live In?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2021)

Angler fish habitat are commonly found in most of the coastal waters of Europe in the Atlantic Ocean, extending mostly to Iceland in the Northern Territory.

More than 200 species of the Angler fish is around under the deep level of the sea in Atlantic and Antarctic oceans, though some live in shallow, tropical environments.This article will be discussing about angler fish habitat in depth. Stay tuned.

Anglerfish range

Anglerfish range

The deep-sea angler, also known as Melanostatus johnsoni, has a bizarre appearance that lives in extreme depths of the ocean. The deep-sea anglerfish, also known as the Humpback Anglerfish, is a medium-sized (7 inches / 18 cm) anglerfish that lives deep in the ocean.

Angler Fish is a curious-looking bonefish consisting of lofiform sequences and more than 15 families. The exact number of families is still controversial, with some groups identifying 18 families under the same order and others 16 families.

The name Angler Fish is given in the head with the mention of fleshy growth, which is used to lure its prey. This prediction is very similar to Angling and hence the name.

One of the most interesting Angler Fish Facts is the feeding method that differs between males and females. Like the head structure, the fishing pole, which acts as a greed, is only found in women.

The males do not display any such traits, and they only survive for breeding mates. In addition to their weird predatory methods, angled fishes live in the most polluted areas.

Sea fish habitats

Sea fish habitats

Angler fishes are probably characterized by the ugly-looking creatures nowadays gray or dark brown, which features them to match their habitat and surrounding conditions.

Most angler fish species have broad mouths that cover the entire anterior part. The jaws are fitted with sharp teeth that point inwards. The ability to stretch the mouth and abdomen enables these fish to devour the prey twice the size of their body.

There are different species of fish at different depths. Some live in the open sea; Other species are benthic, living on the ocean floor. The body of the free-swimming fish is longitudinally compressed, but the inhabitants below are properly compressed for their habitat.

Those living on the ocean floor also carry petroleum wings that resemble hand joints that are used to move on the ocean or under the sea.

Angler fish habitat

So far, more than 200 species of angler fish have been detected, most of which live in the Antarctic and Atlantic oceans at depths of 2-500 meters.

The fish habitat is believed to be about 3,000 feet (914 m) below the surface of the water in the deep sea corner.

Scientifically known as Melanostatus johnsoni, this species is adapted to the bottom of the dark sea, where sunlight cannot be reached.

Also, the water is almost at freezing temperatures. As a result, at such depths, food is scarce and these fish do not eat every day.

The species belonging to the Antanaridae family is home to shallow water; Although the classes classified under the Ogocospalidae (e.g., Bathophys) family are found in shallow and deep waters.

It is claimed that the species included in the Chaunachidae family (such as sea toads) and the Lophidae family (e.g. goosefish) live in deep water. Since most angler fish live in the deep oceans, it is very difficult for marine biologists to study their habitat, feeding, breeding, and other factors.


While being elusive in their habitat and looking for food, anglers fish keep birds like marine swimmers in their heads and body parts. This incredible fish is a great example of how it adapts to the deepest oceans with attractive features regardless of habitat light and food deprivation.

Anglerfish are deep-sea predators for their hunting methods. The fleshy growth acts as a greed to draw prey, which the anglerfish gives to the ulf with its large, toothed mouth. There are about 210 different species of anglerfish, and each has a slightly different size.

Hope this article on angler fish habitat was useful to you.

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