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Corydoras Paleatus

Corydoras Paleatus – For a newbie aquarist, it is extremely vital to decide on the right fish that may very well be adjoining, in addition, to carry some profit. One of those species is the Corydoras Paleatus.

Corydoras Paleatus facts

Common Name: Blue leopard corydoras, peppered catfish, peppered cory
Scientific Name: Corydoras Paleatus
Family: Callichthyidae
Care Level: Easy
Size: 2″
Lifespan: 5-8 Years
Diet: Omnivore
Tank Size: 20 gallons
Temperature: 70° – 80°F
pH: 6.0 – 8.0
Temperament: Very Peaceful
Breeding: Easy

Corydoras Paleatus Appearance

Among Corydoras, Paleatus is likely one of the most popular species, which is usually chosen for an aquarium. These catfishes are a backside inhabitant and develop within the size of no more than 7.5 cm, whereas females are barely bigger than males.

The name of the fish comes from three Latin phrases:

“Cory” – a helmet;
“Doras” – pores and skin;
Palea is ashes.

The integument of Corydoras paleatus has bony plates that kind a sort of carapace. The body shade will be both pale green with an olive tint or blue with a blue tint.

You may meet representatives with golden or white scales. Such subspecies have been derived artificially. There are black spots on the body, on the back they’re bigger. The fins are transparent and still have small darkish specks.

Like all catfish, the Paleatus additionally has a pair of mustaches on its higher jaw. Their most important operate is to seek meals on the backside of the reservoir.

Life expectancy relies on the temperature of the water. The hotter it’s, the earlier metabolism happens, and the earlier the fish ages. On average Corydoras Palateus fish stay no more than 3-5 years.

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Corydoras Paleatus Aquarium Care

Corydoras Paleatus favor cool water, the temperature of which mustn’t exceed + 22 ° C. It will not be important if the water is a number of degrees hotter.

Aeration ought to be average. A periodic water change will probably be required, at the least as soon as every week.

If not sufficient pure water is added, the nitrates and decomposition merchandise collected within the water can adversely have an effect on the overall situation of the fish.

Optimal circumstances are medium aeration and a neutral environment (pH 7.0 ). You will need to accumulate numerous snags or particular artificial homes that can function as a shelter for the shell.

Corydoras Paleatus Compatibility

Of course, Paleatus won’t be the one inhabitants of the aquarium. Although the catfish is speckled as an entire, peaceable fish, however, it will be unable to get together with all or any species.

The most profitable tank mates for this catfish will probably be :

Otocinclus catfish
viviparous fish;
Tetra Fish;
Swordtail Fish;

Corydoras Paleatus can get alongside properly with eels, crab, or shrimp. These Catfish are utterly incompatible with Oscar Fish, Cichlids, and Goldfish.

For catfish to stay within the aquarium for as long as possible, it isn’t really helpful to decide on fishes preferring heat water, in addition to predators and different massive species, as cohabitants.

Corydoras Paleatus Aquarium Decoration

It ought to be borne in thoughts that the surroundings mustn’t have sharp protrusions in order that the fish doesn’t damage themselves about them.

As a substrate, river sand or gravel, the diameter of which won’t exceed 5 mm, is right. This requirement arises from the extraordinarily delicate catfish mustache.

Many skilled aquarists advise freshmen to buy backside filters that can purify water and in addition saturate it with oxygen.

If this filter will not be put in, you’ll need to observe the behavior of the fish. In case when the Paleatus begins to swim to the floor to realize air, will probably be necessary to switch the water as quickly as possible.

Since catfish is a benthic species, meals that float on the floor of the water will not be appropriate for it. For this, particular granules or tablets ought to be bought at pet shops that sink and sink to the underside.

Corydoras Paleatus can eat each dry and stay meal. It ought to be remembered that an integral part of their diet is plant meals.

Corydoras Paleatus Breeding

As with most different fish, males have a brighter shade than females. In this case, the females are barely bigger than their companions. Therefore, it isn’t tough for even a novice aquarist to differentiate between men and women.

To breed Corydoras Paleatus at residence, you’ll need to maintain one feminine and several other males (two or three are sufficient) in a separate aquarium.

The water within the tank should be recent and include a considerable amount of dissolved oxygen so that you need to put it in an aerator.

For profitable mating, it’s necessary to cut back the water temperature by 2−3 degrees. It is these circumstances that mimic natural circumstances: catfish breed within the wet season.

It is really helpful to feed fish throughout this era with stay meals, which are wealthy in protein. The best choice for Corydoras Paleatus is artemia, bloodworm, or tubule.

When the feminine is prepared for mating, her stomach turns red. Fish develop into more lively, which is manifested within the marriage dance. In this case, the partner begins to “tickle” the fish. Then the male releases seminal fluid, and the feminine swallows it.

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After the feminine lays eggs on any floor (leaves of aquatic crops, stones, a filter, or glass), she inseminates her. This process can last as long as one hour.

Corydoras Paleatus can lay 200 to 400 yellow eggs. After spawning, it’s endorsed to take away the male fish in order that they don’t eat their offspring.

Within every week, fry hatch from the eggs, which need to be fed with ciliates. Artemia or nauplius is appropriate for younger animals as meals.

Within six months, the fish develop by 6 cm (about once monthly). If you create within the aquarium all of the circumstances for the lifetime of Corydoras Paleatus, the fish will stay as many as 8 years.

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Like other aquarium fish, catfish are liable to fungal and bacterial ailments. If the illness is detected on time, then the therapy will probably be profitable, and the Corydoras Paleatus will stay for a long time.

It ought to be remembered that including salt in the aquarium will not be appropriate as a therapy for Corydoras Paleatus, as these fish can’t tolerate it.

If any deviations within the behavior of the catfish or modifications in look (uninteresting shade, deformation of the fins, the looks of plaque) have been seen, it’s endorsed to place Paleatus in a separate aquarium to guard different fish against infection.

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