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Balloon Molly Fish

Balloon Molly fish is likely one of the most stunning aquarium fishes. It was introduced out artificially, within the process of a cautious collection of representatives of sailfin mollies. Her physique may be very uncommon and resembles a ball that’s full of air.

The body is slightly shortened, which might have an effect on the work of inner organs, so these pets need to be carefully monitored. Despite this, the fish stays very popular amongst many aquarists.

Balloon Molly Fish Characterization

Balloon Molly fish has a small shortened trunk and a rounded massive stomach. Due to the structural options of the body, the species may be very prone to varied ailments of the inner organs. They have a strongly curved ridge, and a big stomach can not save organs from contraction.

Usually, these mollies are colored in silver or gray-yellow. However, breeders managed to convey out people and different shade types, equivalent to :


Throughout the body of the fish, apart from the stomach, there are spots of a darker shade.

In nature, the species lives primarily in Latin America, primarily in salty waters. In natural surroundings, the size of a person can attain sixteen centimeters. However, at the house, its size is way smaller.

Life expectancy in captivity is roughly 3-5 years. The size of the feminine balloon molly fish exceeds the size of the male.

In addition, they are often distinguished by a rounded anal fin, and in males, it has a conical form. These aquarium inhabitants are viviparous.

Feeding Balloon Molly Fish

This sort of fish is omnivorous, however, their body requires more meals from plant species. The day-by-day diet might embody algae or different underwater crops.

They usually are not too demanding on bugs and crustaceans. During feeding, you possibly can add spinach or slices of cucumber to the meals. It is almost certain that the fish will feed on algae and crops within the aquarium.

Sometimes mollies don’t thoughts consuming a bloodworm, however, they won’t final long on protein meals alone. In order for the fish to be wholesome, it must be given bloodworms often, in addition, to make the diet as numerous as possible, specializing in plant meals.

Balloon Molly Fish Aquarium Care

From the breeding of mollies to upkeep and care won’t be tough. The size of the fish can range and relies primarily on how massive the aquarium is.

When people are stored in a small aquarium (for instance, an aquarium with a capability of ten liters is taken for a few people), then the size of the fish might be roughly three centimeters.

According to some reviews, when the house of those fish is spacious, their size can attain even ten centimeters. But it’s higher to know the measure in every little thing and select one thing in between. Taking a ten-liter aquarium for a pair of adult mollies will not value it.

Like many different aquarium fish, These mollies love when there may be a considerable amount of vegetation within the aquarium, but additionally, there ought to be sufficient area in it so that you could swim freely. Therefore, the tools of the aquarium ought to be rigorously thought out.

It is healthier to shut the back wall by planting a lot of algae on it, and within the foreground, you possibly can go away more area in order that pets can freely swim and play.

You can maintain these crops within the aquarium:

Javanese moss;

For soil, you should utilize medium-sized gravel. Dark pebbles look great. As for the temperature of the water, it’s best that it’s within the range of 22 to 25 degrees.

If the water temperature is higher, then the fish might lose their skill to breed. Hardness ought to usually be 15–25 degrees and pH ought to be 7–8.5.

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Balloon Molly Fish Tank Mates

The finest tank mates for balloon mollies are:

Guppy Fish
Swordtail Fish
Gourami Fish
Female Betta Fish
Endlers Guppies
Other Molly Fishes

Balloon Molly fish Breeding

In order to interact within the reproduction of balloon mollies, you must know sure information. Many lovers who tried to breed offspring on their very own failed.

There could also be two causes:

1- If the temperature is simply too high, then this may result in the infertility of the fish. Most possible, that is as a result of the location of the inner organs.

2- The second purpose might be referred to as the truth that balloon mollies are a hybrid species of fish. When it seems to breed the offspring of this species, it may be famous that it is rather non-viable.

Only about 20% of the fry have attribute exterior options of the fish – a shortened body and a rounded tummy.

According to some information, the attribute options of balloon mollies might be obtained by crossing females of balloon mollies and males of sailfin mollies.

Molly is a live-bearing fish. The feminine is able to produce as much as 100 fries. In order to start breeding, you must put the feminine and male right into a separate aquarium. Puberty in fry happens fairly rapidly.

Structural options of the organism in viviparous fish permit giving start to fry, even when the male shall be deposited from the aquarium after a while.

The same property in a feminine can last as long as six months and is because of the truth that after the majority of the “babies” have already been born, she continues to bear the remainder of the fry.

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The fry that was born is totally impartial and prepared for underwater life, they’re characterized by speedy growth. However, they’re very delicate to water parameters.

It is healthier to position them in a separate aquarium, and if this isn’t possible, you possibly can transplant them right into a five-liter bottle full of water.

The interval of gestation of this species of fish often lasts for a month. At this time, the feminine can clearly see a rounded form and a darkened tummy.

Experts don’t advocate breeding mollies in frequent aquariums, the place different species of fish are present, particularly these which might be capable of eating hatched offspring.

If it’s unimaginable to maintain fry, then fish ought to be positioned within the dwelling with more floating crops during which the fry can conceal. Javanese moss is right for these functions. Suitable for meals are ciliates or different finely grated meals. Read more about gar-fish-teeth-spotted-alligator-longnose-Florida.

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