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Molly Fish

Molly Fish belongs to a species of viviparous fish. It is discovered within the natural surroundings within the water our bodies of Mexico, Colombia, and Florida. These fish are distinguished by silver and motley shade.

Molly Fish profile

The genus mollie or mollienesia, because it was initially categorized, has a number of the most stunning and weird forms of live-bearer fish. The sailfin mollie is arguably probably the most unique fish accessible of any genus.

However, mollies are maybe essentially the most troublesome of all the widespread live-bearers to maintain as they’re essentially the most delicate of the live-bearers.

When chilled or in any other case uncovered to environmental stress of any type, they have an inclination to develop an ailment identified generally as “shimmies.” In actuality, this isn’t an infectious illness however merely a compounding of signs of stress.

Individuals which are bred artificially most frequently have a black or yellow shade of scales. If you’ve got a black molly within the aquarium, The reproduction won’t trigger issues for both a skilled specialist or a novice aquarist.

Origin and Distribution

Mollies are principally discovered from the Southern United States down into Central America.

The native habitat of those fish extends from the southern United States to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, they usually thrive primarily in freshwater environments, typically venturing into brackish estuaries.

Mollies, like guppies, are able to acclimate to full power seawater quickly, however, it’s not their natural surroundings by any means.

The genus Mollienesia, from which the name mollie was derived, has been re-classified as Poecilia and is taken into account to be in the identical genus because of the guppy.

For years it had been observed that the guppy will, beneath sure circumstances, interbreed with the mollie, and the shut relationship between the 2 has been confirmed genetically.

Molly Fish Colors and Markings

All captive mollie species have been interbred over centuries, leading to many various shade varieties and fin shapes.1 Solid black mollies and sailfin varieties with orange-bordered dorsal fins are widespread varieties.

No different freshwater fish approaches the velvety black shade of the black mollie. There are additionally albino varieties with red eyes, true lyre tails in almost every shade, and even chocolate, gold dust, and orange varieties.

Molly Fish Diet and Feeding

In nature mollies are almost completely plant and algae eaters, so that they have to be fed numerous spirulina, even boiled spinach finely chopped, to stay wholesome.

If your tank lacks algae, you have to present “spirulina” flakes, particular industrial Mollie meals, or small quantities of chopped boiled spinach. They take pleasure in consuming algae growth within the aquarium and can graze endlessly on it, in search of selection patches to nibble.

Sailfin Mollies can be found in a number of shade varieties. Although these fish breed readily, younger raised in tanks hardly ever develop the “sailfin” and actually solely attain about 3-31/2 inches in size. But raised in a backyard pond, astounding, jeweled sail fins will seem at about four months.

Molly Fish Appearance

When most people consider molly fish, they image the widespread molly. While there are a number of varieties on the market, most have an identical form and body model to the widespread molly.

These fish have a flattened body with a triangular-shaped head. Wide on the mid-section, the body tapers all the way down to a slim level on the snout. On the opposite end, the body tapers barely in the direction of the bottom of the fan-shaped tail.

Male and feminine molly fish is fairly simple to distinguish. Males are normally smaller and have a sharp anal fin. The anal fin of the feminine is broad and fanned. Many females even have a visual “gravid” spot, which is the place they maintain their younger throughout being pregnant.

Author Note: You’ll encounter a spectrum of interesting-looking mollies within the aquarium commerce. These fish are a part of the Poecilia genus. With the exception of the Endler’s livebearer and the guppy, each fish on this genus is a molly!

Molly Fish Aquarium Requirements

It is essential to keep up the water temperature not decrease and never higher than 28 degrees. Otherwise, the fry will likely be born prematurely, and will probably be fairly troublesome to avoid wasting them.

Spawning of molly can happen within the common aquarium, however, it is very important to observe the temperature regime and guarantee enough quantity of free space.

After the aquarium is ready, you need to select the female and male who’ve accomplished puberty. They will start pairing provided that they like one another, in any other case, you’ll have to decide up completely different companions for them.

Fertilization might not happen for the first time, so you’ll have to go away from them for a few days in the identical aquarium.

With a profitable mixture of circumstances, fertilization may also happen within the first time, and offspring will seem in a month.

Common Types Of Mollies

There are reportedly around 39 completely different species. Below are only a few of the more popular ones. If you’re in search of one thing a bit less popular, you’ll most likely need to do some digging (since they won’t be at your native fish retailer).

Black Mollies

As you possibly can guess, these mollies are coated in black! You may see some splashes of yellow or orange on the fins, however, a lot of the body is pure black.

Sailfin Mollies

The sailfin molly has the standard body form. However, the dorsal fin is way taller and stretches to the bottom of the tailfin. You can discover sailfin varieties in lots of colors (together with black).

Dalmation Mollies

Very popular in fish shops, the Dalmation molly is roofed with a base shade of white. Specks of black adorn the body, making it seem like a Dalmation dog. Dalmation mollies might be standard, lyretail, balloon, or sailfin!

Gold Doubloon Molly

The gold doubloon molly is one other continuously bought species. The front half of its body is a vibrant yellow, and the decrease half is pure black.

Balloon Mollies

Balloon mollies are appropriately named for his or her bellies. Even when not pregnant, the stomach takes on a round and bulbous form. Like the sailfin, completely different colors of balloon mollies can be found.

Lyretail Mollies

The lyretail molly has a fantastic tailfin. It options the identical fanned form as different mollies. However, the top and backside have prolonged rays to create a forked look.

Molly Fish Lifespan

The average molly fish lifespan is around three to 5 years. While they aren’t the longest-living freshwater species on the market, there’s some wiggle room relying on what species you get.

The high quality of care you present may also influence their lifespan considerably. While hardy, mollies are susceptible to illness from poorly maintained surroundings simply the same.

Some species of mollies are more vulnerable to unhealthy water situations than others, resulting in a lot shorter lifespan. While your goal must be to all the time present one of the best care possible, it’s really useful to know particulars concerning the particular species you personal.

Average Size

Four to 4 and a half inches is the conventional size range of a full-grown molly. This site is fairly manageable and permits them to be stored in fairly small aquariums.

Sailfin varieties can get even larger. They will usually attain lengths that are nearer to 5 – 6 inches.

Molly Fish Care

This fish is sort of unpretentious in care. But for her to really feel glorious, you need to comply with just a few easy guidelines:

Molly Fish is an omnivorous fish. Therefore, her diet must be diverse. It is not possible to feed her solely dwell or vegetable meals. Overfeeding these stunning fish can also not value it.

If you supply her loads of meals, she is going to eat it with pleasure, however, this could badly have an effect on her health. Therefore, feeding is carried out solely as soon as a day.

In the aquarium, water must be modified as soon as every week. The pet may be very delicate to temperature and water hardness. For a cushty fish keep, It is required to keep up a temperature of 27 degrees. Be certain to put in a filter and aeration system within the aquarium.

The tank for preserving the fish must be spacious. For one particular person, an aquarium with a capability of a minimum of 20 liters is required.

Mollies develop to fairly giant size, so you must instantly buy a much bigger home for it.

To create optimum consolation for the pet, add salt to the water: 1 teaspoon per 20 liters of water.

The more decorations and decor within the aquarium, the snugger the fish will really feel.

Molly Fish Behavior & Temperament

Overall, mollies are easy-going fish. They’re peaceable and do nicely with others.

Mollies are shoaling fish so that they need to be within the presence of others to really feel snug. You ought to hold a gaggle of a minimum of 4 fish on the very least. An even bigger group is healthier if possible!

These fish will group as much as discovering the tank and swim around as one unit. Then, they’ll go off and do their very own factor.

Author Note: The sole time you may see aggression is should you hold males. Males can harass females, however, this behavior solely will get worse if the situations are right for breeding.

While this behavior isn’t notably violent, it may trigger stress in females. Make certain the females outnumber the males to maintain this behavior to a minimum.

Preparing Molly for Breeding

Breeding mollies at home doesn’t trigger hassle to the aquarist if he follows easy guidelines. First, you need to arrange a separate aquarium, by which there will likely be loads of vegetation and the water temperature is maintained on the level necessary for the fish.

Gender Differences

Only males have the “sailfin” and within the wild, can develop as much as 5 inches long

In most live-bearers, the pregnant mom swells unmistakably and in addition, presents the well-known “gravid spot” which is a darkish spot close to the bottom of the anal fin brought on by the stretching of the peritoneal wall. The feminine has a normal-shaped anal fin.​

Slightly ahead of this, inside her body seems a darkish space which is named the gravid spot. It is, actually, equal to the womb, however not like mammals, the egg shouldn’t be hooked up to the mom’s body and fed by her immediately.

Each egg accommodates an embryo and is nicely furnished with nutritive parts, supplied by the mom’s system, on which the creating embryo feeds throughout its growth.

However, current research presents that there’s a symbiotic relationship between the mom and the creating fry with an alternate of fluids, the total extent of which remains to be beneath investigation.

To distinguish between female and male mollies is sort of easy in some respects. Females are bigger than males, and their anal fin is made within the form of a triangle. The fish turns sexually mature and prepared for mating after 5 months of beginning.

A particular function of males is the anal fin – it has the form of a tube. He will likely be prepared for mating after eight months of beginning.

Molly fish may also change their sex. This operation is integrated into all viviparous fish to protect the inhabitants in case of emergency and the specter of extinction.

Molly Fish Pregnancy

When a feminine’s stomach is rounded, we are able to safely say that she is ready for offspring. The being pregnant process lasts as much as 10 weeks.

At the identical time, the feminine can provide beginning from 30 to 200 fry, however, the latter choice applies solely to giant people.

The male has to be faraway from the aquarium as they may eat offsprings. This won’t have an effect on the beginning of infants. The feminine can preserve fertilized cells for a fairly long time.

Childbirth happens as soon as every two or three months and continues all through the year. Male Molly fish involvement in this process shouldn’t be required.

Knowing how usually mollies give beginning, you possibly can control the variety of fry. If the aquarium situations are absolutely in step with the best situations, the offspring will likely be robust and wholesome.

To receive offspring from one species, one ought to strictly monitor that each parent belongs to the identical species.

mollies and guppies molly fish

Molly Fish Baby Care

Mollies reproduce within the aquarium without any issue. The fry is born nearly transparent and fully merges with water. They don’t require particular care, however, it’s nonetheless value monitoring their activities. Fry feeds on their very own and doesn’t need parental care.

After supply, the feminine must be positioned in a separate aquarium. Usually, they don’t eat their offsprings, however, there are circumstances when the fry was fully eaten by mothers. For FRY, you must put together a separate aquarium of 40 liters, in order that they’ll swim freely.

The temperature must be continuously maintained at 26 degrees. Fry reacts very sharply to water change and should die.

Water must be filtered day by day and saturated with oxygen. It has to be modified to a minimum of as soon as every week.

For feeding, you should utilize the identical feed as for adult mollies. Food must be given usually and little by little as a result of fry grows in a short time.


Fry is vulnerable to illness, like all different dwelling issues. It is essential to detect the illness in time and attempt to remove it.

Small fish usually face the next illnesses:

The worries of the fish and the darkening of its gills might point out that there’s an excessive amount of oxygen within the water, and the pet begins a gasoline embolism. To deal with the illness, you need to vary the water to an acceptable composition for mollies.
If the aquarium situations are usually not good, then some sort of tumor might start to develop in pets. It is not possible to assist in this case, and the fish will die.
When the fish has lost curiosity in meals, begins to swim on the floor, loses exercise, this may increasingly point out that the water is simply too chilly, and mollies have caught a chilly. In this case, you need to watch the temperature within the aquarium as intently as possible and never let it fall.

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Molly Fish Tank Mates

You have loads of choices should you’re trying to create a multi-species community tank. Mollies get together with absolutely anything!

As long as the opposite tank mates are peaceable, mollies won’t have any issues dwelling with them.

Avoid any fish that’s identified to exhibit aggressive behavior. Also, attempt to hold similarly-sized fish. Larger fish might bully and even attempt to eat your molly.

Here are some strong tank mates decisions for the molly fish:

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Each of those people has completely different shades, however, aquarium situations of preserving are very related. Molly fishes have earned the love of aquarists for their unpretentiousness and ease of reproduction.

Mollies are quiet and calm fish that get alongside nicely in an aquarium with the same people. In no case ought to they be stored with predators, they are going to change into a snack.

These fish are usually not very demanding and dwell as much as 5 years. With snug situations and correct diet, they’ll dwell as much as eight years. Read more about mirror-carp-difference-between-common-and-mirror-carp.

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