White Grouper (Epinephelus aeneus) Fish Profile

White grouper
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

White grouper, scientific name Epinephelus aeneus, is a Demersal fish that is included in the Seranoid family.

The White grouper has a grayish-green body, sometimes brown in length. Three are recognized by white lines, two behind the eyes and the third in the jaws.

Distribution Countries

East Atlantic: the first record from Corsica, France, to the southern coast of Angola, along the western coast of Africa along the southern Mediterranean. Records in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde are unsupported.

First maturity / size / weight / length at age

Maturity: LM ?, range 50 – 60 cm
Maximum length: 120 cm TL Male / Unsexed; Normal Length: 60.0 cm TL Male / Unsexed; Max. Published weight: 25.0kg

Summary Overview

Dorsal spines (total): 10 – 11; Dorsal soft rays (total): 14-16; Anal Spines: 3; Anal soft ray: 7 – 9. Diagnosis: Body depth greater than head length, 3.0-3.6 times depth in SL; head length 2.5–2.9 times in SL; Intercellular region convex.

Spiral angular, 3.6- large spines in angles, lowest permanently pointed; Nasal nostrils slightly larger than the anterior nose reaching almost vertically at the posterior edge of the eye; The source of the pelvic-fin below the pectoral wings; Round soft wings; Body Scale Stainoid.


(E.g. Epibenthic)
Adults are found under rocky or muddy sand; Adolescents were taken to coastal lagoons and estuaries. In West African waters, edible fishes (58%), stomatopods (21%), crabs (10%), and cephalopods (10%) are present.

It is a proteogynous hermaphrodite. The seasonal migration of species off the coast of Senegal is influenced by the seasonal uplift in Senegal and Mauritania. Use fresh and smoke. Highly respected in the West African market.

Life cycle

Most women change the penis by about 9kg, but younger men (from 3 to 5kg) are occasionally available.

The total potential fecundity was estimated from 1.26 ova to 2.2 kg in a 5 cm SL fish from 12.6 kg of cm SL fish to 12,589,242 ova in Tunisia, sex changes from 10 to 13 years (from 6 to 6 years). 15 kg, 80 to 110 cm TL) is change

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