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Houndfish is essentially a gamefish that belonged to the Bellonidae family, hence it is also called crocodile needlefish. Houndfish are called by many names in different regions, such as hound swish, alligator grass, giant longtom, crocodile longtoms, cigars, ocean piper.


Houndfish (Tylosaurus crocodylus) is a fish of the Belonidae family. It is the largest member of its family, growing to 5 feet (1.5 meters) in length and up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in weight. It is also often referred to as crocodile swish.


Although the houndfish has no spine, its dorsal fin has 21-25 soft rays, and the anal fin has 19-22. They are also known to have 80-86 vertebrates.

One of the key ways to distinguish houndfish from other members of the genus Tylosaurus is to point the teeth of houndfish to the east when the fish is juvenile.

The teeth of other species are always straight for ages. Handfish also have more stouts, cylindrical bodies, and a smaller head than most other swishes.

houndfish bite

They have dark blue backs and silver-white sides, and the plain white vent has a distinct skin on the body of a hound fish, and in childhood, the wings themselves are deeply prickly.

Teenage houndfish possess advanced, black rhinoceros at the back of their superficial fins. The longest recorded houndfish was 150 centimeters (1.7 ft) and the largest recorded weight was .3.5 kilograms (1.8 lbs).

Crocodile needlefish. We call them houndfish. They should be five feet long. The bones are as blue as the mouth, the flesh even a little bit of aquamarine.

Although the houndfish (Tylosaurus crocodylus) has no spine, it has 21-25 soft rays in the dorsal fin and 19-22 in its anal fin. They are also known to have 80-86.

Houndfish attack

They are similar, but with significant differences. Flat swish fish usually have darker bars and have a thinner body than a handfish.

While fishing for the amberjax, one of Florida’s fingertips surprises when he drops a chain and is nearly bitten.


Handfish are found in India and the Pacific Ocean in the Red Sea and the coast of South Africa, French Polynesia to the east and Japan to the north, and New South Wales to Australia.

Handfish replaced by Mexican swish fish in the eastern Pacific. Houndfish is known in the west from New Jersey to Brazil, and to the east, they have been found on Fernando Pu, Cameroon, and Liberia on the island of Ascension.

Houndfish are also found nearby in Guinea, Senegal, and Cape Verde. It has been recorded in the eastern Mediterranean, as part of the Lessepsian emigration to the Suez Canal and removed to the Red Sea.

The lake fish is found as a person or small group from a lizard animal, on lagoons and marine rocks, where they mainly feed on small fish. The houndfish lays eggs that attach themselves to the water through the tendril of the surface of each egg.


Houndfish are considered game fish and can be caught in the same way as other needlefish using artificial lights.

Although eating houndfish is thought to be good, and usually sold fresh, the market for them is small because the color of their meat green is similar to that of flat needlefish.

IGFA’s world record stands at 88.3 kg (5 lbs. 32 oz) and Daniel John Leonard, angler, was used by a living pilchard as a hat when he was caught at Golding K in the Bahamas in May 25.

houndfish bones

Houndfish are considered dangerous, and fishermen are scared because of their size and tendency to jump out of the water, causing puncture wounds with their lips, when scared or attracted to the lights used to catch them.

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In April 2000, a Florida man was seriously injured in a stab wound to the neck of a carnivorous man who was drinking water in the Florida Keys. 

On October 27, a sea-kayaker was injured when he was hit (and treated for a collapsed lung) by a knife with a houndfish jumping off the water near his boat.


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