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Red Mickey Mouse Platy

Red mickey mouse platy has at all times been one of our favorite livebearers to suggest to each learner and veteran.

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Description

Red mickey mouse platy is a popular livebearer within the freshwater aquarium pastime which might be native to Mexico and Central America.

The two species mostly obtainable in fish shops are Xiphophorus maculatus (southern platyfish) and Xiphophorus variatus (variable or variatus platy). They can crossbreed with one another and with swordtail species, which has resulted in many various shade variations.


New colors and patterns are consistently being produced, however, a few of the most popular varieties embrace Mickey Mouse, sunburst, red wag, blue, bumblebee, and green lantern mickey mouse platy.


Red mickey mouse platy develop to round 2-Three inches (5-7 cm) in size, however, dwarf mickey mouse platy (which have been selectively bred for their shorter body size) often keep around 1 inch (2.5 cm).

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Lifespan

Healthy red mickey mouse platy can reside as much as 3-Four years when stored in optimum environments with clear water, low stress, and good vitamin.

There are numerous sorts of mickey mouse platy that are available in virtually every shade in the rainbow.

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Tank setup

Red mickey mouse platy can reside in a 10- to 20-gallon aquarium or bigger. Most livebearers desire higher pH, however, mickey mouse platy can tolerate a really vast range from 6.8-8.5 in our experience.

They additionally take pleasure in more durable water, so in case your faucet water is very smooth, think about including more minerals utilizing Seachem Equilibrium or Wonder Shell.

We additionally prefer to preserve our mickey mouse platy with residing aquarium crops to assist eat a few of the natural waste produced by the fish.

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Diet

These undemanding fish are omnivores and can eat just about something you set within the tank. Make certain to feed them all kinds of meals –

Reminiscent of high-quality flakes, pellets, freeze-dried meals, and frozen meals – in order that they get an entire diet with all of the necessary nutritional vitamins and vitamins.


Most mickey mouse platy do effectively with temperatures from 70-82°F, but when your air conditioning is ready on full blast, you could wish to think about getting an aquarium heater.

However, variatus mickey mouse platy are accustomed to dwelling in cooler waters and don’t require further heating when stored at room temperature.

Air Pump

You can use virtually any kind of aquarium filter together with your mickey mouse platy, together with those who run on an air pump.

Aquarium filters assist preserve the water clear of floating particles, process nitrogen waste within the water, and guarantee your fish get sufficient oxygen.

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Behavior

We suggest variatus mickey mouse platy as a superb fish to maintain in an outside mini pond in the course of the hotter summer season season. Read our mini pond tutorial for more particulars on the way to set one up.

A bunch of three to 6 mickey mouse platy is an efficient start line. As with most livebearers, the males consistently wish to mate, so attempt to preserve not less than two females for each one male to offer the ladies a break.

Red mickey mouse platy is very simple to sex as a result of the male (above) has a thin, stick-like anal fin known as a gonopodium, whereas the feminine (beneath) has a fan-shaped anal fin.

While mickey mouse platy do appear to benefit from the company of their very own type, they do not are likely to school collectively in a good group except they suppose you are about to feed them.

Mickey Mouse Platy Tankmates

These pleasant livebearers could be stored with any similar-sized community fish. Some peaceable tank mates to contemplate embrace small tetras and rasboras, cory catfish, snails, bristlenose plecos, and rainbowfish.

Can mickey mouse platy reside with betta fish? Most probably. In our experience, betta fish can often reside in a peaceable community tank with mickey mouse platy.

Just ensure that they’re housed in a big sufficient aquarium with a lot of crops or decorations in order that the betta has sufficient territory to call his personal.

red mickey mouse platy red mickey mouse fish red mickey mouse platy fish

Fish meals from Aquarium Co-Op

Red mickey mouse platy usually are not choosy eaters, however, they may reside an extended and more healthy life when given a various mixture of proteins, greens, algae, nutritional vitamins, and minerals.

How usually ought to platys be fed? Once a day is okay for adults, whereas two to a few small meals a day is most popular for rising juveniles.

If you discover long strings of poop consistently dangling out of your red mickey mouse platy, you could be overfeeding your fish so think about lowering their portion size.

How long can mickey mouse platy go without meals? In the wild, meals aren’t at all times obtainable, so fish don’t essentially get to eat day by day.

If you’re going on a trip every week or much less, your fish can simply survive without any meals. However, if you can be away for 2 or more weeks, think about getting an automated fish meal feeder or discovering a pet sitter to deal with your fish.

Red Mickey Mouse Platy Breeding

Red mickey mouse platy are livebearers, which signifies that they start to reside younger. Compared to fish infants that hatch from eggs, livebearer fry is often greater, quicker, and has a lot higher survival charge.

In the right situations, feminine mickey mouse platy may give start to 20 to 50 infants monthly.

Will platy fry survive in a community tank? Adults display no parental care towards their younger and can, fortunately, eat them if given the prospect.

In truth, one strategy to control their inhabitants is to permit the opposite adult fish to eat the fry in order that just one or two from every batch will survive.

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If you want to enhance their survival charge in a community tank, present a lot of decorations, rocks, wooden, or resident crops as cover for the fry to cover behind.

Also, if you’re utilizing a hang-on-back or canister filter, ensure that to cover the filter’s consumption tube with an appropriately sized pre-filter sponge in order that they don’t unintentionally get sucked up.

A whole lot of enjoyment comes from efficiently breeding fish and watching their infants develop up.

What do I do with platy fry? If you retain the fish well-fed, more and more fry will seem, which suggests the water will get soiled at a quicker charge.

To preserve the water’s high quality high, you may give the surplus fish to your pals or donate them to a pet retailer.

If you are fascinated with breeding fish for revenue, think about promoting the offspring to a neighborhood fish retailer. Read more facts-about-the-sunfish.

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