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Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy

The Platy originates in Central America and is a really popular freshwater tropical fish. Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy could be very simple to care for and nicely fitted to the freshwater fish newbie. They could be very lively tropical fish if given good water situations.

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy

Plates are available in many various color varieties together with salt and pepper, red wagtail, and tuxedo. There is even a spread known as the sunburst mickey mouse platy.

Given their recognition and since they breed simply, scientists analyze this species steadily and it’s fascinating to notice that the platyfish genome has been decoded which offers the potential for this fish species for use in most cancers analysis research.

The feminine is often bigger than the males of an identical age. Females can attain a size of as much as 2.5 inches whereas the males often get to be about 1.5 inches. Breeding them is pretty simple since they’re livebearers.

They will settle for most fish meals together with flakes, frozen, dwell, and freeze-dried meals. Try to range their diet for optimum health and coloration.

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy Facts

Scientific Name: Xiphophorus maculatus
Care Level: Easy, good first fish for freshwater fish newcomers
Size: 2 inches (5 cm)
pH: 7 – 8
Temperature : 65°F – 77°F (18°C – 25°C)
Water Hardness: 10° to 25° dH
Origin / Habitat: Central America

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy Description

The sunburst mickey mouse platy is also called the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish and is a hybrid color variation of Xiphophorus maculatus platy.

The mickey mouse platy is known due to the black silhouette on the base of the body reaching into the tail that’s formed like Mickey Mouse.

The mickey mouse platy is a recent water omnivore that eats flaked meals and algae.

The sunburst mickey mouse platy is a selectively bred color variant of the more widespread red and orange Platy fish of Central America.

Through a few years of selective breeding, fish breeders have been capable of isolating the small quantity of sapphire discovered within the Rainbow Platy.

The outcomes are a fantastically sapphire-colored Platy species. Sunburst mickey mouse platy additionally exhibit a novel color pattern close to their anal fin that resembles the round face and ear pattern generally related to the Mickey Mouse cartoon character.

Specimens range in color from a light reddish hue over a more silver body to specimens that exhibit a reddish color from head to tail.

Despite their selective breeding origins, sunburst mickey mouse platy is nonetheless extraordinarily hardy fish which might be nicely fitted to starting aquarium hobbyists and hobbyists with smaller aquariums.


How long do they dwell for? This is dependent upon a whole lot of totally different variables (meals, aquarium water parameters, and so forth), however, on average, they dwell for two-three years.

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy Diet / Foods

As an omnivore, the sunburst mickey mouse platy will eat all kinds of foodstuffs starting from plant matter to bugs. They will choose algae and sure plant species discovered throughout the aquarium.

In the aquarium atmosphere, they need to be fed an assorted diet that accommodates high-quality ready meals together with: flake, freeze-dried and frozen.

Tubifex, bloodworms, and brine shrimp could be fed as treats or combined with quality flake meals. Overall this species isn’t a choosy eater and can readily eat all kinds of meals.

Give them an assorted diet consisting of flakes, dwell, and freeze-dried meals for optimum health. Feeding them spirulina has been proven to extend growth charges, fertility, and coloration.

Perhaps as a result of the amount of protein in spirulina. Overall, the linked examination reveals that spirulina is an excellent factor so as to add to their diet.

Mickey Mouse Platy Temperament / Behavior

This is an effective tropical fish for the newbie. A standard query on the discussion board is “are platies aggressive”. In common, they’re a really peaceable fish.

Males may pester females and it may be a good suggestion to have two females for each one male. Doing this can forestall the male from harassing a single feminine.

Another widespread query is “what kind of fish can live with them?” The reply to that query is many! Mollies, swordtails, varied tetras, and so forth. Just take into account the male/feminine ratio.

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy

Mickey Mouse Platy Aquarium care

Sunburst mickey mouse platy are perfect for starting aquarium hobbyists as they’ve very modest aquarium necessities and are tolerant of a wide range of water parameters. They will do nicely in aquariums which might be 10 gallons or bigger, with stable water situations and modest filtration.

They choose calm waters and loads of crops and driftwood through which to swim in and around. Sunburst mickey mouse platy needs to be saved with hardy crops like anubias, java ferns, or java moss if saved inside a smaller aquarium, as they are going to eat the leaves of more delicate plant species.

If saved inside bigger aquariums that are nicely planted, the mickey mouse platy mustn’t trigger an excessive amount of injury to delicate plant species as they are going to largely eat ready meals and solely often graze on crops and algae.

They do nicely with all kinds of tank mates and could be saved with most any tropical community fish species and bigger freshwater invertebrates that might be too massive to eat.

Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy Breeding

They are livebearers which imply that the infants can swim instantly after beginning. Usually, not a lot of effort is required to get them to breed.

If you might have a male and a feminine, chances are high they are going to breed. The parents should be separated from the younger ones after birth.

For more information on breeding them, please learn the breeding livebearers article. That article talks about guppies and swordtails however the process is analogous with Platies.

As a dwell bearer species, the mickey mouse platy is able to reproduce at about three to 4 months of age.

Live-bearing fish species are recognized for being prolific breeders, producing offspring steadily. Hobbyists can decide the sex of the sunburst mickey mouse platy via each the size and coloration of the fish.

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Males are smaller and more brightly colored than females and could be distinguished by their anal fin or gonopodium.

Platy fry sometimes solely needs some dense plant growth or plastic “baby trap” fashion crops and crushed flake meals to make it to maturity. Overall a very simple species to breed.

Compatible Tank Mates

They make a superb fish for a community tank given their peaceable nature. The record of fish that may dwell with platies is massive.

Make a put-up within the aquarium stocking discussion board with possible tank mate issues and Fishlore members provide you with good recommendations and opinions in your stocking scheme. Read more about longhorn-cowfish-facts-care-size-life-span-for-sale.

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