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Comet Goldfish

The comet goldfish is among the oldest and greatest identified variants of the frequent goldfish. It was first bred within the late 1800s within the United States and has since turn out to be among the finest identified and most widespread fish within the aquarium pastime.

Comet Goldfish profile

Because of its extraordinarily prolific nature, comet goldfish are often offered for mere pennies and might usually be present in crowded feeder tanks or in tiny prize luggage at festivals and carnivals.

These horrible circumstances result in shortened life-spans and infrequently end results within the fish affected by any variety of parasites and illnesses.

But if you will discover a wholesome comet goldfish, they will develop as much as 13 inches in size, with some being reported a lot bigger.

They may even reside as much as 15 years if supplied with proper housing and meals – a far cry from the month or two that the majority will survive when saved in a cramped fishbowl.

Comet Goldfish Origins and Distribution

Comet goldfish originated from the Crucian carp many centuries ago. Similar to the history of the koi fish (Cyprinus carpio), comet goldfish had been initially saved as a meals source.

Over many generations, people began to note completely different mutations in coloration and would preserve these fish separately.

Countless generations later, we have the comet goldfish we all know right now. Further cross-breeding has resulted in many types of fancy goldfish, such because the oranda and ranchu, with distinctive structural options.

Goldfish have to turn out to be an invasive species in areas the place undesirable pets are “set free.” Never launch your pet fish into the wild.

They might endure a horrible destiny or overwhelm the native populations. The goldfish ancestor, the Crucian carp, is native all through Europe and Asia.


The most popular aquarium fish worldwide is the Comet goldfish. These fish are greatest for inexperienced persons since they’re hardy sufficient to tolerate many beginner errors.

These long-body fish can fluctuate in coloration from white to shiny orange to darkish brown. Properly saved, they will develop as much as 12 inches or longer, so a big tank is required.

Comet Goldfish quick facts

Common Name(s): Comet goldfish, Common goldfish, Sarasa comet

Scientific Name: Carassius auratus

Adult Size: 12 to 14 inches

Life Expectancy: 15 to 20 years

Comet Goldfish Colors and Markings

The “traditional” comet goldfish coloration is shiny orange, the place its ancestor is principally brown with a lighter tan or gold stomach. With mass spawning of any coloration goldfish, you’re more likely to see all kinds of coloration variations handed onto the offspring.

Typical colors of goldfish fluctuate from white, tan, gold, orange, and brown. The body could also be one stable coloration, or your fish might have patches of assorted colors.

Comet goldfish colors can fluctuate extensively and will change because the fish ages, and with various water high quality or diet.

Sarasa comets are inclined to have barely elongated fins and more saturated colors. They look similar to koi, usually with deep red colors on a white body.

Comet Goldfish Diet and Feeding

Comet goldfish do greatest when fed a goldfish-appropriate pelleted diet. You ought to search for a protein around 30 to 32% and pellets will retain their vitamin higher than flakes and never make a large number of your tank. There are many goldfish pellets accessible in pet shops.

n the wild goldfish are omnivores, they usually feed on plant matter, algae, bugs, and small crustaceans.

But their diet is primarily composed of plant matter and algae, and it’s vital to duplicate this within the residence aquarium. If their diet doesn’t comprise sufficient fiber from crops and algae, they could develop a situation known as bloat.

When a goldfish develops bloat, they are going to swell up, and customarily simply flop round on the underside of the tank. Most circumstances of bloat could be cured with shelled peas, which can filter the “blockage” inflicting the bloat. But it’s clearly greatest to make sure that the goldfish by no means develop bloat within the first place.

This could be completed by offering comet goldfish with all kinds of greens and Spirulina based mostly flakes or pellets. Their favorite greens are shelled peas, cucumber, zucchini medallions, and brocoli.

They may even eat many kinds of aquatic plant clippings taken from different wholesome tanks, so they could be a good approach to eliminate extra crops. I personally feed my goldfish Hikari Goldfish Gold, which in my view, is among the greatest ready meals in the marketplace.

Depending on their tank temperature, you might feed your comet goldfish a couple of times a day. If your tank is lower than 70F (21C), you might feed as soon as a day, however, 70F or above, feed twice a day.

Your goldfish will all the time act hungry, so you’ll be able to complement their diet with low-calorie, low protein treats akin to shelled green peas.

Comet Goldfish Tankmates

Since goldfish are peaceable community fish, the largest differential for potential tankmates is the fish size and temperature tolerances. Goldfish are freshwater fish and might tolerate tropical temperatures, however, it makes them very hungry and they’ll make a large number of your tank.

It is greatest to decide on tankmates that may tolerate barely lower than tropical temperatures, round ambient room temperature, and are giant sufficient to not be by chance eaten throughout feeding time.

Good tankmates for goldfish embody different goldfish, a school of zebrafish, decorative minnows, or snails.

Due to their vast temperature tolerances, goldfish are additionally suited to outside pond-dwelling. Since they don’t develop as giant as koi, they make a smart addition to smaller ponds. They could be saved with koi in bigger ponds in the event you select.


For anybody who hasn’t seen an effectively cared-for goldfish, it could come as a shock that they will develop to monumental sizes.

Because of their aquarium busting size, they need to solely be saved within the largest tanks, though they are often saved in smaller tanks whereas they’re nonetheless very younger.

The minimal size tank for a small group of comet goldfish ought to be a 55-gallon tank, although a 75-gallon tank is preferable. This will give them an opportunity to develop to full and wholesome size – one thing that can’t occur in smaller tanks.

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When it comes to picking a filter for goldfish, the mantra “bigger is better” applies right here. The greatest filter for a goldfish tank is a canister filter, however, you’ll be able to obtain the same outcomes (and spend far much less cash) through the use of a high high-quality hang-on-back filter along with a sponge filter.

It’s vital to keep in mind that goldfish are cold-water fish, and can do greatest if saved in a cool room. They ought to by no means be saved in a heated tank or in a very sizzling room. If their tank’s temperature will get too high, it could end in everlasting nerve harm to the goldfish.

Since comet goldfish require cold water, they need to by no means be saved with tropical fish, because the tank will both be too heat for the goldfish, or too chilly for the tropical fish.

Some good tank mates are gold barbs, dojo loaches, and a few people who have had success with zebra danios. But the danios will nip on the goldfish in the event that they aren’t saved in a school of not less than six, and a few are nippers regardless, so add danios with a warning.

Comet Goldfish Care

Comet goldfish make glorious newbie pets as a result of they will tolerate lower than preferred water high quality. However, this is not an excuse to skip your normal upkeep!

The greatest consideration with conserving comet goldfish is to offer them sufficient room to develop and thrive.

A small 10 or 20-gallon tank could also be okay for the first few months, however beginning with a 50-gallon tank or bigger will guarantee a profitable future. A fishbowl just isn’t an applicable residence for any fish.

Comet goldfish wish to forage round within the substrate, so gravel or sand is an effective substrate to make use of.

You might even see them choose up a pebble and carry it around for a bit, however it should not get caught. In the impossible occasion that one thing does get caught, don’t panic. Your fish can nonetheless breathe across the obstruction whilst you call for help.

This foraging behavior additionally signifies that comet goldfish are frequent tank redecorators and can usually uproot crops and ornamental gadgets. They are additionally identified for consuming reside crops, and never as a result of they’re hungry.

Gender Differences

Comet goldfish being saved in an appropriate, roomy setting with good water high quality and good vitamin can develop exterior sex traits.

Sex differentiation is more frequent in comet goldfish saved exterior and uncovered to regular seasonal modifications.

Male comet goldfish will develop small papules on their operculum and the forefront of their pectoral fins. Owners usually mistake these for tumors, which isn’t the case. They could also be more or much less pronounced relying on the season.

Like many different fish species, females are usually rounded and bigger than males, no matter every other exterior variation.

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Breeding the Comet Goldfish

Comet goldfish are very messy spawners, broadcasting eggs, and sperm all through their tank or pond. Breeding often happens within the spring for outside methods.

If your fish are saved inside, you’ll need to match the modifications in day and night light cycles and slowly improve the water temperature.

It is quite common for comet goldfish to eat the spawned eggs, so if you wish to preserve their progeny, transfer the fertilized eggs to a separate system as quickly as possible. Read more about where-do-blobfish-live.

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