Why are Garfish Bones Green?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2021)

Have you ever heard about the garfish? A Garfish (Belone belone) is a kind of deep-sea fish, which is also known as a garpike or sea needle. It has an opaque, flexible body to swim through. Scientists consider the Garfish bones very exclusive due to their unique formation.

If you split, you will find the lateral line of a garfish bones low on the flanks. The body color is bluish-green and the bones green with a silver gray belly. Blue-green pigment on the bones of garfish (Belone belone) and eelpout (Zoars viviparus).

Garfish Bones

The garfish is endemic to the North and Baltic Seas, the Mediterranean, and coastal waters of France, Spain, Portugal, and the North Atlantic Ocean in Morocco.

The garfish (Belone belone) and yelpout (Zoarus viviparus) share one special feature: skeletons, fibers, and bones are clearly blue-green.

Garfish are completely edible, though their green bones are turned off by customers who think the fish are rotten or sick. The green color is caused by a completely natural and harmful pigment called biliverdin.

In the United Kingdom garfish are still popular in southern European countries where they are sold in wet fish counters and also frozen and exported around the world, after fishing.

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) class is a species of Least Concern, both in Europe and on a global basis.

Garfish Bones

Like mackerel, garfish is pelagic fish, they spend most of their time … their lobed green bones can be profitable. Garfish are handsome, slender body fish and have a set of mouths like long needles … Garfish are nice to eat, though some people find green bones.

Garfish are completely edible, though their green bones are turned off by customers who think the fish are rotten or sick. Garfish is the most deliciously tasty fish in the sea.

Unfortunately, they are also full of great bones and can be very ‘epileptic’ to prepare for the table.

garfish bone

Garfish are great to eat, but watch out for fine bones watch The bones are removed with the bottom of the garfish belly and with a rotating pin.

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Garfish meat is fine-grained and white and soft textured, with a sour taste when cooked, but it is also perfect for sashimi.

They have many fine bones. Blue-green periosteum around the garfish bone up to 0.3 mm. The periosteum of Yelpout is very thin and cannot be isolated.


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