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female honey gourami
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2021)

The female honey gourami species are barely paler than the males. The male Honey Gouramis can develop as much as three inches and the females as much as 2 inches in measurement. The Honey Gouramis can dwell as much as four to six years of incorrect care.

Female honey gourami profile

The honey gourami is usually thought about to be a non-aggressive group fish, preferred for small aquaria (10 gallons and up).

Nevertheless like different gouramis, feminine honey gouramis will not be aggressive in the direction of one another. 

A tank that features this fish must be planted and adorned to offer ample cowl.

Females have a rounded stomach in comparison with males. Nevertheless, the dorsal (prime) fin is essentially the most distinctive distinction that may be seen between women and men.

The dorsal fin of the feminine is brief and rounded, whereas the male has an extended dorsal fin that comes to a degree.

The feminine is a silvery color with a single mid-height darkish band from her eye to her tail. The males come in numerous color morphs reminiscent of golden and pink.

Female honey gourami Preparation for breeding

Place a pair of honey gouramis within the breeding tank. Over a number of days elevate the temperature to 82F. Make certain the water is about 6 inches deep.

Feed with dwell meals or excessive protein micro pellets. Feed a number of occasions a day.

They will get fairly grasping however the extra they eat the faster they are going to begin to breed.

Be very cautious to not permit any meals to rot within the aquarium.

Elimination must be fairly simple when you use a naked backside tank.

Female honey gourami breeding behavior

The male will begin to show essentially the most magnificent golden honey color. He’ll begin to blow bubbles in a nook or caught to some plant.

This continues until a bubble nest is fashioned. In the meantime, the feminine ought to turn into noticeably plumper around her stomach.

The male will then attempt to entice the feminine by displaying his blue/black beneath the throat. He’ll head out to her show then head again to the nest and wait.

She could observe him or he could attempt once more. If the nest is small or to not the feminine’s liking then she won’t spawn.

The male could attempt making the nest larger or construct a brand new nest.

female honey gourami

Ultimately when the feminine is blissful she’s going to head to the male beneath the nest.

They are going to flip spherical one another with the feminine butting the aspect of the male as they flip spherical.

Ultimately after a few follow turns, the male will embrace the feminine tightly and switch her in order that she is the other way up.

She’s going to launch eggs which he fertilizes as they’re launched.

They’re each shocked from spawning for a number of seconds and so they drift down and the eggs drift down too.

When the male recovers he could chase the feminine away.

The male rapidly snaps up the eggs as they’re falling. Then he’ll put them into the nest.

The breeding process repeats many occasions until the feminine is exhausted from eggs.

When the male recognizes this he rapidly chases her away from the nest.

She’s going to cover and the male will return to the nest.

He then stays on guard responsibility along with his nostril shut by and pointed in the direction of the nest.

He blows extra bubbles and repairs the nest as wanted. Take away the feminine then.

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