How to Make and Maintain a Healthy Aquarium

healthy aquarium

How to make and maintain a healthy aquarium? Except for fish breeders, most tropical fish-keeping fanatics wish to maintain their fish for as long as possible. In order for them to outlive and reside a standard lifespan, you’ll have to discover ways to maintain your fish glad and wholesome of their enclosed atmosphere and healthy aquarium.

How to Make and Maintain a Healthy Aquarium?

Here is some stuff you need to know when working at a tropical fish aquarium that may maintain a healthy aquarium.


To reduce the lack of fish in an enclosed atmosphere you need to maintain the atmosphere as clear as possible for a healthy aquarium.

Clean your tank commonly. Even with one of the best filters, tropical fish tanks usually are not self-cleaning. This is very vital with saltwater fish.

Filters can shortly turn overloaded, particularly when too many fish are added to the tank too shortly. When including fish in your healthy aquarium, all the time add just a few fish at one time in order that the tank atmosphere stays in steadiness and has an opportunity to calm down. Adding too many fish at one time creates an ammonia spike that may kill your fish inhabitants.

Keeping your tank water clear drastically reduces this situation in order to have a healthy aquarium.

Healthy Aquarium

Purchase Healthy Fish

Examine your fish fastidiously before shopping for one to your tank. Never combine a sick fish together with your wholesome fish. Fish with white spots that aren’t alleged to be there, in all probability have the “ick.”

Fish that are swimming on the underside of the tank on the pet store are often affected by some form of ailment. It might be the “shimmies”, an inside parasite that might be transferred to different fish in your tank, or another parasitic ailment. On any occasion, don’t purchase fish that look or act sick.


Try to not overfeed your fish. Many fish swim to the top of the tank for different causes than to get fed and plenty of fish just like the Hatchet fish and the African Butterflyfish reside their complete lives on the floor.

Fish solely need a couple of items of flake meals or pellets a day to remain wholesome.

Feeding them any more than that may be a waste and can pollute the water when extra meals collect on the underside of the tank. Overeating may trigger sickness and even death in some species. Koi usually die from overeating throughout chilly temperature situations.


Acclimate new fish to the tank atmosphere slowly over a period of hours at any time when possible. – It isn’t a good suggestion to dump your fish into the brand new tank water, particularly with the water within the bag that you just transferred the fish house with.

If the shock doesn’t kill them, the ammonia spike from the contaminated water within the bag might. Instead, empty your fish into an appropriate container and add aquarium water to the fish one cup at a time till the fish can get used to it.

After about half an hour or so, and some extra cups of tank water, your fish will likely be able to take pleasure in his new atmosphere without a problem. Make positive to net the fish from the acclimation container into your tank and NOT add the water to your tank.


Choose fish to your tank that may coexist collectively. – All fish usually are not docile and most are bullies or predators in nature.

If you get an aggressive fish that likes to battle and blend it with one other pleasant species, your pleasant fish is not going to be pleasant for long and can probably both die from infections brought on by the battles or be on the aggressive fish’s menu.

The tropical fish choice is one of the most vital stuff you need to coach yourself about if you happen to plan on being a profitable tropical fish keeper, so be taught which fish may be stored collectively before you purchase for a healthy aquarium.

Healthy Aquarium

Give Your Fish Light

Like people, fish need light about eight hours a day so as to stay wholesome. The best technique to accomplish that is to purchase a hood for your tank and plug it into an affordable timer. Some fish (primarily saltwater fish, corals, and inverts) will die if they don’t obtain a sufficient quantity of daylight spectrum.

Too a lot of light promotes green algae growth so don’t go away your tank hood 24 hours a day except you’ve got lots of plecos in your tank to eat the algae.

To maintain your fish healthy, present them with enough space to swim around, clear water, meals, light, and a pleasant environment. Sounds so much like us, don’t you suppose?

If you discover ways to deal with their atmosphere from the start, sustaining a healthy aquarium is a breeze.

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