4 Vital Things To Consider about Freshwater Lobster Aquarium

freshwater lobster aquarium

What are the things to consider about the freshwater lobster aquarium? What is the ideal fish tank for crayfish as a pet? The answer to this question is dependent on a few factors. Do you intend to keep other fish as pets alongside your crayfish? Do you intend to have another crayfish as a pet?

Freshwater lobster aquarium

A desktop aquarium or a 10-gallon fish tank is unlikely to suffice. I’m speaking from personal experience. For only one crayfish, I’d recommend a 20-gallon fish tank, not anything smaller.

1. Crayfish are filthy creatures.

Crayfish are filthy tiny things. They generate a lot of garbage. And, if you have other fish in your tank, this excrement can make it unsightly and hazardous to them. There’s enough water in a larger tank, such as a 20-gallon fish tank, to take on a load of all of your pet crayfish’s waste.

2. Crayfish are territorial and aggressive.

Crayfish will consume and fight whatever they can get their hands on. They are quite territorial and aggressive. However, if you intend to have other fish in your aquarium, you will need a tank that is large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Your other fish will be less likely to be eaten by your pet crayfish if you have a larger tank. They’ll be able to swim with more ease. And your pet crayfish will have his own personal zone.

Keep in mind that crayfish can turn any other fish in your tank into a crayfish meal at any time. I usually recommend putting aggressive fish and fish that swim near the surface in the tank. Pet crayfish often get along nicely with red tail sharks, mollies, and hatchet fish. In the past, they’ve done so for me.

3. Water Changes

Managing water changes for your crayfish and other fish will be much easier if you have a 20 gallon or larger fish tank. Also, make sure you change around 25% of the water on a weekly basis. This will guarantee that the tank is healthy and clean. One that will keep your other fish, as well as your pet crayfish, healthy.

4. If you get two crayfish, it’s a win-win situation.

If you decide to buy two crayfish and keep them in a single aquarium. It’s only a matter of time, in my opinion, before one of them eats the other. For two crayfish, I believe you’ll need a tank larger than 20 gallons of the freshwater lobster aquarium.

If you absolutely must have two crayfish, make sure they each have their own hideaway. These can be purchased online, or found in most pet stores that offer aquariums, and are manufactured of PVC for the freshwater lobster aquarium.

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