2 Things to Keep in Mind – Adding New Fish to Established Tank

adding new fish to established tank

Adding new fish to the established tank needs additional attention. When it comes to adding additional fish to an aquarium. In this article, we will share useful tips on adding new fish to an established tank.

Adding new fish to an established tank

There are two things to keep in mind while adding new fish to an established tank:

1. Quarantine of fish

Fish quarantine is a huge, unique component that must be rigorously followed before you can be sure that your new fish is healthy and not a doomsday prophet for the other inmates. The majority of new fishkeepers overlook this crucial issue.

Quarantine in the fish world refers to the physical and chemical treatment of new fish (either imported or caught in the wild) to rid them of sickness and restlessness before introduction into a new environment, for the benefit of aspiring aquarists.

Any professional aquarist should have a small quarantine tank (30x20x25cm). Alternatively, check to see whether your pet store has a working quarantine section to protect against bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

This is a surefire way to prevent fish fatalities. The terrible thing about most shops in the nation is that they lack the space and knowledge to construct and conduct the prophylactic operation on fresh fish, which will undoubtedly take several days! This is an unneeded tie-down of capital for the typical aqua-investor, and you know what that means.

Quarantine costs a lot of money because you have to buy chemicals like copper sulphate, wescodyne, malachite green, teremycin, and so on. This is reflected in the final sale price of the fish, which in our shop is slightly higher. However, this will pay off in the long run because you will be less inclined to complain about fish fatalities.

Some fish farmers reading this piece, particularly those with hatcheries or who stock with post fry and fingerlings, would be more concerned about using this approach to solve their farm difficulties.

adding new fish to established tank

2. Introducing New Fish

It is vital to feed a new fish when it is first introduced to an aquarium tank. This will not happen immediately since, no matter how carefully you place the fish in your aquarium tank, they will appear unhappy for a while.

As a result, you must first turn the birds out and let them for the night become acquainted with their new surroundings before feeding them. The following day, feed the fish aquarium fish food with fish flakes to help them feel at ease.

If you already have a crowded tank, it’s a good idea to quarantine new fish before introducing them to it, and the cheapest method to do so is to buy a plastic tank that doesn’t require gravel or plants.

This tank may serve as both quarantine and a hospital tank.

Allow the fish to remain in this tank for three days, during which time any disease that the fish may have will become apparent and can be treated with chemicals available from your dealer. After that, the fish can be placed in the aquarium in the same manner as before.

When you introduce new fish to an established colony, the original fish will almost certainly harass the newcomers. When the fish are introduced, try to divert their interest by offering them a good diet. We hope this article on adding new fish to established tank was worth reading.

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