Bubble Fish – What is a Bubble Eye Fish?

bubble fish
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

The bubble is a small fancy goldfish with a variety of upward-looking eyes, with two large liquid-filled bags. A bubble fish is dorsal-less – good specimens will have a clear back and eye bubbles that match color and size.

What if you pop the bubble eye goldfish?
Don’t pop your bubble! After the bubble fish reach about 6-9 months of age, they begin to develop. And they continue to grow until the fish are about 2 years old when the skin on the sack becomes thin. It’s crazy: the bubbles of a Bubble Eye can actually explode if damaged (often by a large-scale filter).

Where is the bubble eye goldfish?
These filters were located flat at the bottom of the tank, and rock, gravel, pulp, and vegetation were placed on top of it. It will filter the water in your aquarium, but it is much safer for your bubble-eyed goldfish to live without fear of breaking the liquid bags.

Why bubble eye fish bubbles?
Due to the fluid-filled sac under their eyes, the eyes of the bubble are very short. This makes bubble fish more difficult to see their diet and it means they need extra time to feed.

Why my fish bubbles?
Why white bubbles form on fish? White bubbles are most likely seen in a fish’s body, “ich,” a protozoan-caused disease called Ichthyophothirus multifilis. Protozoans dig into the scales and wings of fish, creating small white spots or bubbles on the surface of the bubble fish.

Why bubbles in my goldfish tank?
When you fill the aquarium, you create some movement, causing bubbles. Lots of protein bubbles can coagulate in fish in the fish tank, preventing it from popping. When you found the Protein foam around the tank, be sure you have to clean them all. A dirty filter and debris in the aquarium can cause this problem.

The bubble eye usually has an evenly curved back that lacks the dorsal fin. A pair of large pouches of skin attached to the bottom of the eyes to tremble when swimming.

The bubble eyes have metallic scales and are like goldfish in the heavenly eyes. Bubble Eye Goldfish eyes are normal on the skin at an early age but after three months of hatching the eye, the bladder will begin to develop.

There is no dorsal fin and double tail of bubbly eye goldfish like ranchu. They are usually 3 to 4 inches long in length. If any of their “bubbles” pop due to pressure or collisions with a sharp object, there is a risk of infection in the area where the inside of the bag is exposed.


The ancestor of the bubble eye, known as toddhead or hamma-toe, was the eyes of an upturned and very small, bladder-like bag. By selective breeding, the bubbly eyes are currently available with a longer or more rounded body and choices between matte, metallic or necrotic scales.

In the recent development of the bubble eye, there are four eye bags rather than the normal two. The preferred colors for these fish are red, calico, orange, red and white, and rare black.

Bubble Fish

Bubble Fish Care

Due to fragile eye bags, enthusiasts must ensure that their bubble fish is kept free of sharp objects in the aquarium. Water should be changed three times a month to prevent infection, and when aquarium plants are lacking in aquariums, the crab filter is regularly emptied.

Some inexperienced owners keep single fish to reduce the risk of collisions, but most experts find it unnecessary. However, due to the visual impediments of fish, it is advisable to keep them with other bubbly eyes, black mice, daemons, and heavenly goldfish to ensure fair competition for food.

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Use of treatment

Researchers in Japan have theoretically said that the bubble can be a stimulant for the growth of fluid cells in the eyeball. Because of the ability to quickly regenerate and refill the i-sac itself, scientists can milk the same fish with a syringe every few months.


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