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scooter blenny

The Scooter Blenny is often known as Scooter Dragonet or Ocellated Dragonet. It has a mottled brown and white body with red highlights.

The male often has brighter colors and a bigger first dorsal fin. In this article, I am going to talk about the scooter blenny diet, size, red, male vs female, compatibility, feeding, not eating, with mandarin, died, etc.

Scooter Blenny profile

The ocellated dragonet or scooter dragonet, scientific name Neosynchiropus ocellatus is a species of tropical marine fish within the family Callionymidae. It’s native to the southwest Pacific Ocean from southern Japan to the Marquesan Islands.

Scooter Blenny Name

The scooter dragonet is also known as the ocellated dragonet and, within the aquarium commerce, because of the scooter blenny.

This typically causes confusion as a result of many then imagine that the species is a member of the blenny household when it’s really not.

The identical species can be often listed below the scientific identify Neosynchiropus ocellatus, and lots mistakenly imagine they’re separate species.

Scooter Blenny Description

The scooter dragonet grows to roughly Eight centimeters (3.1 in) long.

Considered from above, it’s distinctly diamond-shaped with the horizontal pectoral fins positioned at its widest level.

It’s brown and tan with a striped or noticed pattern- males are often extra colorful and have a big sail-like dorsal fin that’s shiny orange on the base.

The Scooter Blenny, Synchiropus ocellatus, is a small fish with a big head with prime mounted eyes and a small pointed mouth.

It has a starry sample of black and white splotches scattered throughout its physique with shiny blue spots on its head.

They’re very peaceable and might be housed with different peaceable fish in a reef tank setting, however might develop into territorial in the direction of different blennies, gobies, or dartfish in smaller tanks.

Blennies are identified for his or her unimaginable leaping talents, so having a tightly secured lid is recommended.

Diet ought to embrace quite a lot of mysis shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp in addition to a gradual provide of amphipods, copepods, spirulina, marine algae, seaweed, and algae-based mostly meals 2-3 occasions every day.

Scooter Blenny Habitat

The scooter dragonet is a reef-associated backside dwelling fish that inhabits shallow, tropical waters, often sandy lagoons or rocky reefs.

They have a tendency to kind unfastened congregations of a number of people, however don’t exhibit education habits or different types of social cooperation.

Diet of the Scooter Blenny consists nearly totally of Copepods:

small zooplankton residing within the water column. Nevertheless, in captivity, the Scooter Dragonet can typically be acclimated to consuming reside, frozen, and even synthetic meals, comparable to flakes.

A 30 gallon or bigger reef aquarium that has resided sand substrate, docile inhabitants, and plenty of reside rock makes the perfect aquarium for the Scooter Blenny.

Multiple of its species could also be stored; if that’s the case, it’s best to introduce all of them to the tank on the similar time.

The ratio ought to be 2 or Three females per male.

Scooter Blenny Feeding & Diet

Feeding scooter blennies is the one troublesome a part of possession.

Scooter blennies are sluggish hunters whose diet consists of copepods and amphipods, practically microscopic crustaceans that reside in reside rock and macroalgae.

‘Pods’ will repopulate themselves if given sufficient area and time, nonetheless, this requires massive tanks, the usage of refugiums, or including extra pods continuously.

This implies if no goal feeding is completed every mandarin/scooter blenny will want a 50 gallon with a sump to arrange or a 100-gallon tank.

Scooter Blenny in smaller tanks will rapidly wipe out your entire pod inhabitants.

Blennies are additionally capable of eating small invertebrates comparable to newborn shrimp, snails, and crabs.

The Scooter Blenny could also be a troublesome fish to maintain as a result of its feeding habits. The Scooter Blenny will sift by way of the sand for meals.

Finely minimize meaty meals and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp could also be acceptable substitutes.

Scooter Blennies are the very best introduction to the world of mandarins.

The way in which they hop concerning the tank, pecking at rocks, sand, and glass alike is at all times enjoyable to observe.

Higher but is after they take to the skies, letting out a giant roar and flashing their flags at close by fish or people.

Blennies will spend all of their time hopping about on the substrate, reside rocks, and glass on the lookout for copepods. Not like different fish they don’t make territories and can roam your entire tank. General, they’re backside feeders.

Earlier than shopping for a scooter blenny it’s best to have the LFS feed them within the tank.

In the event that they settle for frozen or ready meals then they might be stored in smaller tanks.

Nevertheless, these fish are nonetheless a part of the dragonet household and won’t at all times settle for different meals.

To feed scooter blennies frozen meals you’ll first get them comfy with no matter device you may be utilizing.

The most typical device is a turkey baster. As soon as they cease operating on sight slowly transfer the baster nearer till it’s a few inches from the blenny.

Subsequent launch a single piece of meals and anticipate them to peck and eat the meals. Proceed to feed till they’re not.

For choosy blennies you’ll be able to strive to introduce brine shrimp first, probably the most most popular frozen meals by blennies, then transfer to blood worms and at last mysis shrimp, probably the most nutritious of the three.

This has at all times given me the very best, most constant outcomes, and allowed me to maintain two blennies effectively fed in a 10-gallon tank simply.

Bear in mind there may be nearly no strategy to overfeed the scooter blenny. If they’re nonetheless accepting meals you must proceed to feed them.

The Scooter Blenny can go on random starvation strikes, making it necessary to maintain them as huge as potential.

They’ll sometimes cease consuming on their very own after only some shrimp so there shouldn’t be any fear about overfeeding the tank or fouling the water when goal feeding the scooter.

scooter blenny

Scooter Blenny Aggression

Blennies are peaceable, painfully oblivious fish. A lot so I can really pet considered one of them earlier than they thoughts my presence.

Nevertheless, after the first spot one other blenny, male or feminine, they’ll assert dominance.

This may principally encompass them coiling their bodies near the opposite blenny, scooting nearer and flashing their dorsal fin as they achieve this.

If neither runs away one will chunk the tail of the other and proceed to harass them.

If they’re reverse gender it will finish and the 2 will coexist in peace.

Moreover, completely different species will typically ignore each other.

When holding a number of scooter blennies you will have 2-Three females per male to keep away from aggression.

Scooter Blenny Breeding & Sexing

Female and male blennies will look identical till they unfastened their roar. Males could have a big entrance dorsal fin as pictured above. Females could have a lot smaller “flag”.

To breed scooter blennies you will have extra exact Situations.

The temperature of 75-80 F
Salinity 1.024-1.026
pH 7.7-8.3
zero Ammonia/Nitrite
Close to zero Nitrate
>1 Phosphate
Frequent Feedings
Frequent Water Modifications
Sand Substrate

First, the scooter blennies have to be effectively fed and stress-free.

They won’t start the mating dance with any aggressive fish close by. when the female and male have grown comfy with each other they’ll start courting.

That is simply seen as they’ll swim collectively, typically touching or locking fins.

To start breeding the scooter blennies will meet on the ground of the tank and start swimming upwards, holding they’re our bodies shut to 1 one other, gyrating and locking fins as they achieve this.

Earlier than they attain the floor the mandarins will break up up and return to the ground.

This may happen a number of occasions earlier than any eggs are launched.

To complete the mating ritual the blennies will launch their eggs and fertilizing supplies on the finish of considered one of their ‘rises’.

Mating will typically happen 30 minutes earlier than or after lights out.

As soon as the spawning has completed it’s important to assemble up as many eggs as potential earlier than different fish come to eat them.

The eggs have an excessive survival fee when positioned in a tool often known as a kreisel.

In essence, it’s an incubation tank that retains the eggs suspended within the water without harming the eggs. It additionally retains the water extraordinarily clear.

The eggs have to be stored between 74-79.5 F and can hatch between 12-16 hours after spawning. After 36 hours the blennies will soak up their yolks.

After this level, they have to be fed utilizing small meals.

The meals I’ve had the very best success with are Omega Three brine shrimp, Hikari enriched brine & mysis shrimp.

Different research has proven Cyclopeze and piscene energetics additionally work extraordinarily effectively.

Throughout this time you have to perform extreme water adjustments to stop the surplus meals from fouling the water.

Not like copepods blenny larvae can’t reside in soiled water. 20-50% water adjustments every day are extremely efficient, however, can rapidly drain your meals provide.

You’ll want to not run out as larvae are not going to settle for different meals.

After the larvae have grown, start feeding them a mix of pods. Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis work effectively when paired with Prymnesiophyte Isochrysis.

Proceed to feed them till they attain maturity.

They might be launched to the tank as small as 1″, nonetheless with even remotely aggressive fish, comparable to clowns, it’s best to attend till 1.5″-2″ earlier than the introduction.

Bear in mind to drip acclimate and slowly alter the temperature. That is finest completed with no gentle to cut back stress.

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