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When absolutely grown at around 20 inches, the red tail giant Gourami, scientific name Osphronemus laticlavius makes for one of the crucial vibrant and personable aquarium fishes that need different care.

Red Tail Giant Gourami Care

In this, I am going to talk about Redtail Giant Gourami Care.

This puppy-like species will shortly study to acknowledge when aquarists are close by, swimming in direction of the entrance of the aquarium in pleasure with the hope that meals will quickly be delivered in its manner.

For those who pay attention intently, you’ll be able to nearly hear it whining in a slightly fishy voice.

It’s a lot bigger than most gouramis (solely the opposite Osphronemus species attain an analogous dimension), rising to a most normal size of 70 cm (28 in), although most are solely round 45 cm (18 in).

In color, it’s a pale to golden yellow, with silvery, pale blue stripes working vertically alongside its physique.

Regardless of its massive dimension and colorful finnage, this species was solely scientifically described in 1992 and is reported solely from parts of Northern Borneo.

Beforehand, it had been confused with its extra well-known and widespread sibling, the Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy).

Given its eventual dimension, the Large Purple Tail Gourami will in the end require some severely spacious lodging… someplace within the neighborhood of 200 gallons or extra.

In hotter climes, this is a wonderful fish for outside ponds (and it bears pointing out that in Southeast Asia Large Gouramis are considered superb fish for human consumption, missing these annoying intramuscular bones common to carp).

The pure weight loss plan of Osphronemus is omnivorous, with a robust herbivorous element. In captivity, nearly any meal can be accepted, from pellets to flakes and even smaller fishes.

The perfect tank mate can be sturdy sufficient to keep away from being eaten, however not something overly belligerent.

For an Asian-themed biotope, attempt a number of the bigger loaches and barbs from these waters, however loads of different good choices exist from elsewhere on the earth. Geophagine cichlids, knife fishes, rays, bigger catfishes, and so forth.

It is big gourami, Osphronemus gourami, or big gourami even have teeth on their lips!


The Giant Gouramis are usually good group fish. Considerably, loners might struggle with fish of the same species when they’re younger.

As they become older they mellow out however males are typically aggressive to 1 one other and should struggle, rendering the well-known gourami “kiss” in an aggressive ritualized method.




Indonesia, Malaysia.


No exact information obtainable, however, most likely inhabits slow-moving rivers and different sluggish or stagnant bodies of water.

Different members of the genus are recognized to enter flooded areas in the course of the wet season.

Most Normal Size

20″ (50cm).

Aquarium Size

72″ X 24″ X 24″ (180cm x 60cm x 60cm) – 680 liters absolute naked minimal for a grownup fish although the larger the tank the higher.

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Present shelter within the type of water-worn rocks and enormous items of bogwood.

Floating vegetation is preferable, although these could also be eaten, together with most different aquatic vegetation.

Highly effective and environment-friendly filtration is crucial as that is an exceptionally messy fish.

Water Circumstances

Temperature: 68-86°F (20-30°C). Someplace around 75-80°F is greatest.
pH: 6.5-8.0
Hardness: 5-25°H


Omnivorous and unfussy. O. laticlavius will settle for most meals provided, together with pellets, frozen meals, and vegetable matter. Make sure the fish obtain loads of the latter, as it’s primarily herbivorous in nature.

Behavior and Compatibility

Will eat smaller fish however is usually peaceable with different massive fish. Some adults might develop into very aggressive however that is typical because of being stored in an aquarium that’s too small.

Given loads of room, this fish will normally coexist with tankmates comparable to knife fish, massive barbs, catfish, and Loricariids.

red tail giant gourami

Sexual Dimorphism

It’s thought that males are the extra vibrant intercourse.


Not but reported in aquaria, however most likely breeds similarly to its cousin O. goramy. In that species, the male builds a big nest out of vegetation (together with grasses and roots in nature).

Spawning happens within the neighborhood of the nest and the eggs are then taken there by the male. The feminine is chased away at this level.

The eggs hatch in 24-36 hours and the fry develops into free-swimming 3-5 days later.

The male continues to protect them for 2-3 weeks within the wild however might be far away from the aquarium as soon as the younger are free-swimming.

They’re massive sufficient to simply accept brine shrimp nauplii and powdered flake from the primary day.

Clearly, an infinite aquarium, or maybe a tropical pond, can be required for any critical breeding try.

A number of specimens might be housed collectively, supplied the lodging are suitably massive.

It’s reported that O. laticlavius can develop into more and more illiberal of different fishes with age, so a warning has to be exercised when trying so as to add new tankmates.

Massive items of driftwood and thick-leaved vegetation (Anubias, Java Fern, Mosses) present perfect decorations to assist mitigate aggression, however, you should definitely keep away from any of the tastier sorts of foliage, as these will nearly actually wind up as salad for the gourami.

In this article, I am going to talk about Red Tail Giant Gourami Care.

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