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The red honey gourami, scientific name Trichogaster chuna goes by a variety of totally different widespread names. It inhabits areas of thick vegetation in gentle and poorly mineralized waters. In this article, I am going to talk about red honey gourami size, female, tank mates, temperature, bloated, care, turning black, male/ female, etc.

Red honey gourami Profile

Species – Red Robin Gourami (Red Honey Gourami) – Trichogaster Chuna
Infant Size – 1.5cm – 2cm
Adult Length – 5cm
Temperature Range – 23 – 28°C
pH Range – 6.0 – 7.5

The Red honey gourami is often present in rivers and lakes in its native vary of India and Bangladesh.

This fish prefers the highest and center ranges of the water.

This little gourami (in its totally different color kinds) may be very carefully associated with the Dwarf Gourami, though it’s usually slightly smaller.

A member of the Anabantoids, with the flexibility to breath atmospheric oxygen in addition to dissolved oxygen.

This little Red honey gourami  is pretty sturdy and has long been really useful as a sensible choice for neighborhood tanks and learners.

It’s glorious for the smaller aquarium as it’s peaceable with all people and nearly shy. So long as the aquarium is correctly set-up and maintained, this fish will thrive.

You’ll usually hear these fish known as the sundown gourami, red flame gourami, or red honey gourami.

All of those names exist for a similar apparent cause, their brilliant orangeish red coloring (we’ll get into their look within the following part).

These fish originate from Bangladesh and India and might usually be present in slow-moving water that’s wealthy with vegetation and vegetation.

More often than not these waters can have a really low quantity of oxygen in them too.

Honey gouramis get round this downside by having a labyrinth organ.

This works very similar to a lung and means they’ve to go to the floor to get their oxygen.

This permits them to outlive in poorly oxygenated waters the place much different fish couldn’t.

Due to their brilliant coloration, these fish rapidly turned a well-liked fixture within the freshwater aquarium neighborhood.

The curiosity in sundown gouramis began in Asia earlier than rapidly spreading to Europe and ultimately the USA.

As of late a lot of the honey gouramis which might be bought are bred in captivity.

Red honey gourami  Lifespan

The common honey gourami lifespan is 5-8 years. This may be impacted by the standard of care they obtain in addition to genetic elements.

This vary exists as an example of how simply you possibly can affect their lifespan.

Whereas these fish are extraordinarily hardy and sturdy, it doesn’t imply they’re invincible.

Fortunately, for those who comply with the directions we offer on this information they’ll most likely be round for a very long time!

Red honey gourami  Appearance

Coloration is the primary and most blatant factor to say with regards to the looks of honey gouramis.

Your entire physique of grownup males is primarily a light-weight orangeish yellow. The exceptions to this are on their throats and fins.

Their throat space is a blueish silver and disappears fairly rapidly as soon as it reaches their head or stomach.

On their fins, the principal portion is a lighter yellow with the edges being a deep orange.

Females are primarily silver with a really mild grey on their fins.

Males are this shade at the beginning as nicely however ultimately develop the colors for mating functions as they mature.

Each male and females have a really comparable physique form.

These fish are slim and streamlined with a slight upward tilt to their faces.

The fins on the sundown gourami are proper from the usual gourami mold.

Their dorsal and anal fins begin about one-third of the way in which again from their mouths and prolong to the caudal peduncle.

They’ve tiny little pectoral fins which might be fairly laborious to note (particularly on the females).

Their ventral fins dangle and are lengthy and skinny.

Red honey gourami health

You don’t want to fret about any species-specific illnesses with honey gouramis, however, that doesn’t imply they can’t get sick.

For those who present them with a poor degree of care (often dangerous water high quality or weight loss program), their likelihood of getting sick goes up considerably.

At all times take a while to watch them and search for something out of the atypical. Torpid or uncommon habits is a typical symptom of a sickness.

Additionally, spots and wounds are one other signal that one thing is perhaps fallacious.

Happily, these fish are so stunning that you simply naturally be spending numerous time them!

Red honey gourami  Meals & Food plan

Red honey gourami is omnivores and eats numerous bugs of its pure atmosphere.

Due to this, it’s essential to incorporate some protein-rich meals of their weight loss program too.

Algae-based flakes are a very good constant supply of vitamins that many house owners use.

They’re handy and can cowl numerous their baseline dietary necessities.

Some freeze-dried choices like bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp are all nice. These will give your fish the protein and power they should thrive.

Meals selection can also be a very good supply of enrichment as nicely. Similar to people, fish like to combine issues up a bit too!

Keep away from overfeeding them by monitoring how a lot of meals are being eaten throughout feeding time.

If it’s taking them a couple of minutes to scarf all the things down, you’re most likely feeding them an excessive amount of.

The overall feeding schedule that almost all honey gourami house owners have a tendency to stay with is twice per day.

That is handy as a result of it permits you to feed them as soon as within the morning earlier than you go to work and as soon as within the night while you get again residence.

Conduct & Temperament

The honey gourami is a peaceable but energetic fish. They don’t need to begin to bother with different species in your tank however will dart around and examine what’s occurring.

Nevertheless, these fish may be scaredy-cats.

If one other fish is getting off their face they’ll doubtless retreat to the closest planted hiding spot. Bigger fish may also spook them somewhat simply.

For essentially the most half, these fish will follow the highest half of the aquarium.

It’s because they’re labyrinth fish that want to go to the floor periodically to get oxygen.

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense for them to be caught on the backside away from the air!

Honey gouramis are shoaling fish which implies they benefit from the firm of their very own species.

This is the reason we all the time advocate choosing up a couple of them for those who’re excited about getting this fish.

The corporate makes them really feel happier and safer, which is able to result in decrease stress ranges and an extended lifespan.

Generally, the type of habits your sundown gourami reveals can be considerably impacted by their habitat.

When you have them alone in a tank with massive aggressive fish (not a good suggestion) then they are going to be very shy and nervous.

Nevertheless, in a tank the place they really feel comfy you’ll witness numerous exercise!


The common honey gourami dimension is around 2 inches in size.

Men and women are sometimes comparable in dimension initially, however, females usually find yourself being slightly bit bigger when totally grown.


Red honey gourami Care

Honey gourami care is absolutely fairly straightforward.

These fish are extraordinarily hardy and might deal with a wide range of tank and water circumstances.

With that being stated, you need to all the time purpose to supply your fish with the absolute best care and habitat.

Although they are perhaps hardy it doesn’t imply they’re bulletproof!

Writer Be aware: We like to think about hardiness as extra of a flexibility indicator than anything.

Fish that may deal with totally different parameters are nice as a result of which means you possibly can combine and match them with a wider number of tank mates!

Red honey gourami  Tank Measurement

The really useful tank dimension for the honey gouramis is 10 gallons for one fish. If you wish to add extra of the identical species then you definitely want to extend the tank dimension a bit.

The system to comply with is 10 gallons for one fish, 20 for 2, after which 5 further gallons for every fish after that.

It will reduce the potential for scuffles over territory (one thing we’ll discover extra within the tank mates and habits part) and maintain everybody joyful.

Water Parameters

With regards to the precise water parameters that honey gouramis can deal with, you have got fairly a little bit of wiggle room.

This makes care even simpler and makes them suitable for loads of different species.

Water temperature: 72°F to 82°F
pH ranges: 6 to 7.5
Water hardness: 4-10 KH

Set up a constant schedule of testing so you may make certain these ranges don’t shift the exterior of the appropriate variables.

Additionally, a weekly partial water change is required to keep up excessive water high quality.

The honey gourami is mostly thought of to be a non-aggressive neighborhood fish, perfect for small aquaria (10 gallons and up).

Nevertheless like different gouramis, male honey gouramis may be aggressive in the direction of one another.

For that reason, they’re finest saved aside until the tank is massive sufficient for the males to determine territories.

A tank that features this fish needs to be planted and embellished to supply satisfactory items.

Offering cowl is important as this species, just like the equally sized dwarf gourami, maybe somewhat timid, and aggressive tankmates are finest averted.

Good tankmates embrace non-fin nipping tetras, non-fin nippingbarbs, platys, and different gouramis.

Water temperature needs to be maintained at around 22 to 28 °C. Water chemistry shouldn’t be vital, however, extremes need to be averted.

They’re a really peaceable fish and are additionally not choosy eaters. Throughout spawning, the male will construct a bubble nest and will turn into territorial towards different fish.

Males need to be faraway from the tank after spawning and the females need to be eliminated a pair days after hatching, as they are going to eat the fry.

These fish choose a closely planted aquarium. These are a perfect addition to most neighborhood tanks with livebearers, Tetras, Danios, Rasboras, Rainbowfish, Loaches, Barbs, plecos, and most scavengers.

Particular Necessities – These are nervous and peaceable fish and require a peaceable atmosphere. They thrive in smaller aquariums

What To Put In Red honey gourami Tank

There isn’t a lot it’s essential to take into consideration when establishing their tank. These fish are hardy and comparatively low-maintenance.

Nevertheless, no honey gourami tank is full and not using an honest variety of vegetation.

Of their pure habitat, these fish are surrounded by vegetation so that you’ll need to replicate that of their tank as nicely.

Sunset gouramis are more likely to really feel unsafe and confused in aquariums without vegetation. This will have an effect on their total well being and lifespan.

Crops like hornwort and water wisteria are each strong choices that we advocate. They are often planted in varied methods to suit your tank setup.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – Honey Gourami want tank mates which have the identical nature as them.

They do not deal with vigorous or boisterous tank mates.

Tankmates should be chosen with care since this species is slow-moving and can simply be intimidated or outcompeted for meals by bigger or extra vigorous tankmates.

Peaceable, pelagic cyprinids make good decisions as do much less energetic loaches resembling Pangio spp. or sure nemacheilids.

Territorial or in any other case aggressive species are finest omitted.

Red honey gourami Breeding

Breeding honey gouramis is unquestionably doable in a house aquarium setting. You merely have to supply the appropriate circumstances and have an understanding of their course!

It’s good to make use of a breeding tank since you’ll take away the mother and father at varied phases of the cycle.

A 15-gallon tank is often sufficient, however, a bigger tank is usable too.

Setting the water temperature barely increased than regular is an efficient approach to provoke the method. 78°F to 82°F is an efficient vary to the purpose.

An extra shallow water degree may be useful as nicely. There are many breeders who’ve made this work without adjusting water ranges, however, if you wish to maximize your possibilities it’s a wise factor to do.

Since honey gouramis are bubble nesters you’ll have vegetation within the tank as nicely. The male will create a nest after which begin making an attempt to impress the feminine.

You’ll know that is occurring as a result of he’ll be very shut and bumping into her very often.

If he makes an attempt is profitable she’s going to launch her eggs for him to fertilize. As soon as this course is completed you’ll take away the feminine from the tank.

The male will guard the nest very aggressively and may assault the feminine if she will get to shut.

As soon as the fry has hatched and might swim on their very own you’ll need to give them meals like brine shrimp or artemia to encourage progress and improvement at this significant stage.

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