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red scooter blenny

The Red Scooter Dragonet, or Red Scooter Blenny is also be known as the Starry Dragonet or Stellate Dragonet. Its physique is a mottling of red and white with massive darkish spots. The male normally has brighter colours and a bigger dorsal fin.

Red Scooter Blenny Fish

In this article, I am going to give an overview of Red Scooter Blenny care, diet, lifespan, fish, and mandarin, male-female, feeding, etc.

The starry dragonet, scientific name Synchiropus stellatus is a species of dragonet native to the Indian Ocean bed it’s discovered at depths of around 40 metres (130 ft).

It sometimes is discovered within the aquarium commerce. It grows to a size of seven.5 centimetres (3.Zero in) TL.

Red Scooter Blenny Description

The Scooter Blenny (Synchiropus ocellatus) is a dragonet from the rocky reefs of southern Japan.

The Scooter Blenny ought to solely be added to a cycled aquarium, as they don’t seem to be more likely to thrive with no substantial supply of meals that normally develops inside saltwater aquariums, with time.

The Red Scooter Blenny, Synchiropus stellatus, is a small fish with a big head topped with mounted eyes and a small pointed mouth that includes a starry sample of red and white splotches scattered throughout its physique with shiny blue spots on the top.

They’re very peaceable and might be housed with different peaceable fish in a reef tank setting, however, might change into territorial in direction of different blennies, gobies or dartfish in smaller tanks.

Red Scooter Blenny Diet

Blennies are recognized for his or her unbelievable leaping talents, so having a tightly secured lid is recommended.

Diet ought to cover a wide range of mysis shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp in addition to a gradual provide of amphipods, copepods, spirulina, marine algae, seaweed and algae-based mostly meals 2-Three instances each day.

Although these fish are generally known as Scooter Blennies, they’re really a Dragonet. Widespread names for the Scooter Blenny embody; Synchirous stellatus, Red Scooter, Red Dragonet, Scooter Blenny, Starry Blenny & Starry Dragonet.

These vibrant fish require a longtime aquarium as a result of their explicit feeding habits. Not like much different fish, these fish will not be aggressive eaters, they are going to spend all day selecting at your rock-work & are unlikely to hurry away from what they’re doing while you put a few meals within the tank.

They’re simple to inform the distinction between males & females because the males have a really massive and exaggerated dorsal fin, the place because the females are way smaller and fewer spectacular.

This species might be stored singularly, in male/feminine pairs or a single male with a harem of females.

Male Scooter Blenny

The Saltwater Red Scooter Blenny also referred to as a Scooter Dragonet, Stellate Dragonet or Starry Dragonet.

This lively, but non-aggressive saltwater fish wants a tank with dwell rock, which gives a pure supply of meals. Minimal tank dimension: 30 gallons

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For feeding directions, please click on the “instructions” part.
Approximate promoting dimension: Sm 0.75-1.25″; Md 1.25-2.25″; Lg 2.25-3.25″
Very lively backside dweller
Wants dwell rock to offer micro-organisms for it to eat
It performs great in established tanks

It prefers a reef aquarium of 30 gallons or bigger with plenty of dwell rock to cover in and graze from.

The substrate ought to be dwell sand and the aquarium ought to have docile inhabitants.

Multiple of its species could also be stored, and it’s best to introduce all of them to the tank on the identical time.

The ratio ought to be 2 or Three females per male. A 55 gallon or bigger aquarium is required if a couple of males is to be stored.

red scooter blenny

Red Scooter Blenny Tank Necessities & Details

Minimal tank dimension: 30 Gallon (135 Litres)
Temperament: Peaceable
Vulnerable to illness: No
Newbie Suitable: No
Grownup Measurement: 2.75 inches (7cm)
Reef Suitable: Sure
Predator Tank Suitable: No
Care Degree: Average to knowledgeable as a result of feeding habits
pH: 8.1 to eight.4
Temperature: 24°C to 28°C
Most well-liked Tank Degree: Substrate and rockwork
A number of hiding locations required
Quantity to a tank: This species might be stored singularly, in male/feminine pairs or a single male with a harem of females.



These fish have particular necessities for feeding. They spend their day pecking on the sand beds and rocks grazing.

A great inhabitant of dwell copepods is a should, however you possibly can supply specimens that can eat frozen meals resembling mysis & brine shrimp.

Various food manufactured from predominantly copepods and meaty meals is required.

They’re very gradual eaters, they won’t rush to the meals you set within the tank. They want to have the ability to bump into it whereas grazing all through the day.

Dwell meals & frozen meals will all be appreciated.

Water Situations

Primary (8.2-8.5 pH), Salinity (1.02-1.025 particular gravity), Excessive Water Hardness (10-15 dGH), 72-80 levels Fahrenheit

Red Scooter Blenny Acclimatisation

Place your fish within the bucket after which drip acclimate for about 60 minutes at a charge of three drips per second.

Red Scooter Blenny may carry the fishes water parameters consistent with your tanks parameters.

As soon as your fish has been drip acclimated, catch the fish with a net and place it gently into your tank.

Don’t put any of the water the fish initially got here in, into your tank.

Care ought to be taken after including the fish to make sure there’s a tightly becoming lid on the aquarium always.

These fish are recognized to be jumpers and they’re extra more likely to bounce when first launched to an aquarium.

Can you retain a Red Scooter Blenny with a Mandarin Dragonet?

Sure, is the easy reply. Scooter Blennies & Mandarin Dragonets ought to get alone completely fantastic, the difficulty you could have is making certain there is sufficient meals for each fish in your tank as they have very comparable feeding habits.

Each Mandarin’s & Red Dragonets are extraordinarily peaceable, and since they spend all day selecting on the substrate and rock-work, they have an inclination to go largely unnoticed by their tank mates.

The Red Scooter Dragonet food ought to encompass brine shrimp, bloodworms and glass worms, and small invertebrates. They’re slow-moving, deliberate feeders and mustn’t compete for his or her meals.

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