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red fire dwarf gourami
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No matter intercourse, nonetheless, these stunning Red Fire Dwarf Gourami fish create a splash of color in any residence aquarium. This number of Red Fire Dwarf Gourami boasts stunning vibrant blue colors that fade into vivid pink. Like most Gouramis, males are extra brilliantly colored than females.

Red Fire Dwarf Gourami fish profile

In this article, I am going to give an overview of red fire dwarf gourami female, care, male, tank mates, fish, food, size, etc.

Peaceable, by nature, Red Fire Dwarf Gourami is a wonderful addition to any neighborhood aquarium with fish of like temperament and measurement.

Red Fire Dwarf Gourami varieties solely attain 2″ in measurement. Although territorial at occasions, many Dwarf Gouramis do finest when stored in teams, offered there are extra females than males.

Originating from India, Bengal, and Bangladesh, wild Red Fire Dwarf Gourami fishes are present in closely vegetated waters.

Right here, they feed on small bugs and larvae on the water’s floor and algae that gather on vegetation.

Within the residence aquarium, they do finest in extremely filtered water with impartial pH and water hardness.

The Red Fire Dwarf Gourami is a particularly enticing color-morph of the Dwarf Gourami Trichogaster lalius.

It is likely one of the extra “strong” colored varieties. The strong shiny pink on many of the bodies is contrasted by an excellent blue dorsal fin.

It notably lacks the vertical striping on the physique and fins as discovered on its parentage.

It was developed by breeders selectively pairing specimens for these fascinating traits and strengthening them over a number of generations.

This magnificent fish makes an excellent present specimen for the aquarium.

With its daring pink and blue coloration, it’s referred to by a wide range of very descriptive frequent names. Initially, it was referred to as the Red Dwarf Gourami or Blushing Gourami.

It’s now extra generally referred to as Red Fire Dwarf Gourami, Red Dire Dwarf Gourami, Blood Red Dwarf Gourami, and Neon Red Dwarf Gourami.

Aside from its coloration nonetheless, this fish is identical in all respects because of the common Dwarf Gourami.

It stays pretty small with the males reaching solely about three inches (7.5 cm) in size. The females are a bit smaller at around 2 1/3 inches (6 cm).

Like its parentage, this fish is a Labyrinth fish. These are distinguished by their skill to breathe atmospheric oxygen.

Like all fish they’ve gills, however, additionally, they have extra respiratory equipment referred to as the “labyrinth organ”.

This offers them the power to breathe oxygen by gulping air on the floor of the water. One other labyrinth fish attribute this fish shows is that of being a bubble nest builder.

In an aquarium with an energetic male, you may see a cluster of bubbles on the highest of the water.

As soon as the feminine lays the eggs, the male will decide them up in his mouth and put them in his bubble nest and can proceed to protect the eggs till they hatch.

This fish makes a wonderful alternative for the start of the aquarist.

It is vitally hardy so long as it’s stored in a correctly arrange aquarium that’s usually maintained.

It’s undemanding and pretty simple to breed as properly.

The tank will need numerous plant cowl to offer loads of locations to cover. With its small size, a single fish may very well be stored in a smaller aquarium of not less than 5 gallons.

Nonetheless, a 10-gallon tank will swimsuit it significantly better because it permits for a greater planted association and the water will likely be extra secure.

In a larger tank, there will likely be room for some companions properly.

Being a peaceable fish makes them a superb addition to a neighborhood tank however they could be a little timid, particularly if housed with fish that pester them.

Fish that are very energetic, giant, or aggressive fish will trigger them to withdraw.

Alternatively, fish that are gaudily colored, like guppies and bettas, in addition to different dwarf gouramis, will convey out territorial aggression in them.

One of the best tankmates is different species of small, peaceable fish.

The Red Fire Dwarf Gourami is one in all quite a few stunning varieties which have been developed.

Among the different fashionable varieties include the Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami, often known as the Rainbow Gourami, and the Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, often known as the Coral Blue Dwarf Gourami or Blue Dwarf Gourami.

Feed flake, algae pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried meals, supplemented with an occasional dwell worm.

They like open swimming areas with spots to cover amongst vegetation, decorations, or rocks. It’s particularly useful to have floating vegetation that cowl a part of the water’s floor.

When bred, pairs of Dwarf Gouramis create spectacular bubble nests amongst plant leaves on the water’s floor and interact in a fragile, swish spawning course that lasts as much as 4 hours.

After spawning, nonetheless, the feminine must be far away from the aquarium and the male will take care of the eggs.

Whereas defending his brood, a male Dwarf Gourami will change into very aggressive in the direction of different fish.

As with all fish, Dwarf Gouramis require glorious water circumstances. They don’t deal with fluctuations in water parameters properly.

Nonetheless, for any aquarist, Dwarf Gouramis are a vital aquarium addition.

red fire dwarf gourami

The Red Fire Dwarf Gourami is a color variation of the Dwarf Gourami species that additionally features a fashionable Powder Blue color morph.

The vast majority of their body is a vibrant pink, however, their dorsal space is a shiny blue.

Male Red Fire Dwarf Gourami fishes could also be extra superbly colored.

A labyrinth fish, they areRed Fire Dwarf Gourami takes air immediately from the floor of the water.

They need to be stored in a tank with loads of plant protection and hiding locations to really feel safe.

They’re appropriate with different small, peaceable fish and shouldn’t be stored with any fin nippers.

In contrast to their bigger non-dwarf counterparts, they’re very peaceable themselves. They may also be stored with different gouramis.

Omnivores, Red Fire Dwarf Gourami fishes are going to do finest when fed meaty preparations and vegetable matter.

Stay or frozen bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, and tubifex are supreme with herbivorous pellets or flakes added into their eating regimen as properly.

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