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Giant shovelnose ray
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2021)

Giant shovelnose ray is a kind of fish breed that extends up to 2.7 m in length and is available in the Indo-Pacific region and some other associated areas. This article will be discussing Giant shovelnose ray fish.

Giant shovelnose ray facts

The species has a triangular snout, two large dorsal fins, and a panicle fin that has no bottom. There are spines and denticles along the dorsal midline and the isles


Adolescents found water in coastal mangroves and coral walls. Adults are seen at a depth of about 100 meters in deep seawater.

Giant shovelnose ray


The map below shows the Australian distribution of species based on public visits and specimens in Australian museums.

The Giant Shovelnose Ray is a medium-sized gray/yellow-brown shovelnose Ray ray with short spots. It has small spines and elongated denticles in the middle of its body, the ventral side of the icles is pale and its snot is sometimes pale.

Born in a measuring 38 to 40 cm, adults can reach lengths of up to 270 cm. Adults mature to about 150-180 cm and live with unknown litter sizes.

The Giant Shovelnose Ray extends from India to eastern Australia in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Here, they enjoy a healthy appetite for shrimp, crabs, small fish, and cephalopods. They are currently listed as Vulnerable (VU).

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