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Beckford Pencilfish
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The Beckford pencilfish, scientific name Nannostomus beckfordi is among the most stunning species of pencilfish, a popular aquarium fish. It is a reasonably current addition to the interest and was solely scientifically described in 2001.

Beckford Pencilfish facts

It was found and named by Martin Morgenthaler, the owner of the Austrian export company, Aquarium Rio Momon, in 2000.

This fairly little fish was first described as a sub-species of the Dwarf Beckford pencilfish Nannostomus marginatus however then shortly after was acknowledged as its personal distinct species.

Origin of Nannostomus beckfordi

Near Santa Elena, notably within the river Rio Tigre and in Peru – the river of Rio Nanay this species was first noticed. It was first described and found by Arendt and Paepke within the year 2001.

The Beckford pencilfish can’t be discovered on the IUCN Red List. It can be recognizable by the names of Peruvian Red Beckford pencilfish, Ruby Red Beckford pencilfish, or Red Arc Beckford pencilfish.

They may be seen in shoals, retaining bravely their territory. In their natural habitat, they eat primarily annelid, arthropod, coelenterate, and different animals that lack backbones.

Nannostomus beckfordi Overview

Lovers of small aquariums typically face the issue of choosing the right fishes for their small quantity aquariums and Beckford pencilfish is actually one of the crucial sorted candidates for this.

This is because of the fact that the size of the vast majority of representatives of this fish barely reaches three cm, subsequently, even retaining them in a pack, An aquarium of 30-40 liters will suffice for a lot of species.

They lead a gregarious way of life. In normal, These are peaceable fish, which, however, zealously guard their territory. A strict hierarchy is established within the flocks. The particular person with the best standing within the group typically takes an upright place.

Beckford pencilfish prefers to remain on the top of the tank. Their primary exercise is noticed within the night as throughout the day Beckford pencilfish want to swim freely within the water.

One of the fascinating options of Beckford pencilfish is the color change throughout the day. At nightfall, the color of the fish turns lighter. Unfortunately, the precise explanation for this phenomenon has not been established.

In our article, we are going to speak about essentially the most popular kinds of nannostomus and the circumstances required for these small fish.

Beckford Pencilfish Temperament

The Beckford pencilfish can stay as a single or in a bunch with its variety, the place it should really feel fairly comfy. The best quantity to make a bunch is 6 fish or more.

It is very advisable to maintain more females than males in a single aquarium, to stop the aggression between the male rivalries. A lot of antagonisms will stress the females, so cut back the variety of male Beckford pencilfish.

Interesting truth is that this fish shouldn’t be aggressive with totally different species so it’s thought of to be a great tank mate.

Considering this truth, higher place your Beckford pencilfish in an aquarium with smaller fishes, therefore they can’t win combating over meals with bigger species and if conditions like this are ignored, the Beckford pencilfish can simply die from starvation.

Beckford Pencilfish Appearance

Beckford pencilfish has an elongated and barely compressed lateral body. The muzzle is pointed and the mouth opening is small. The fins are brief and small. The tail is two-bladed. The adipose fin shouldn’t be obtainable for all species.

The most body size of a Beckford pencilfish is about 6 cm, however normally smaller.

Body coloration is assorted. There are nondescript people with a silver torso and slightly shiny representatives with red stripes.

Longitudinal stripes alongside the body additionally contribute to many species. The fins are colorless or reddish. At night, the color can change past recognition.

The life expectancy of Beckford pencilfish in comfy circumstances is about 5 years.


The homeland of the Beckford pencilfish is South America. This fish may be discovered within the Amazon and Rio Negro.

They gravitate in the direction of closely overgrown water in our bodies with a lot of snags. From the quite a few litters of leaves of tropical timber, water is saturated with humic substances, which give it an attribute “black” shade.

Nannostomus beckfordi Aquarium Setup

To preserve a Beckford pencilfish, it’s endorsed that you have an intermediate experience in fish retaining as a result of it’s a little bit difficult to handle this species.

It is a really delicate fish, so in relation to altering environments and temperatures, it’s typically vulnerable to irritations. The greatest recommendation is to try to acclimatize it in a quarantine tank before putting it in its eternal house.

If the tank your Beckford pencilfish lives in, may be very crowded and dense, the very best recommendation is to alter its water from 25 to 50 % minimal each second week.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to keep up a clear atmosphere for everyone in all your species that you’re taking good care of.

Acidic and delicate water will vastly assist them to adapt faster. It is greatest to make use of a peat filter. The greatest size is about a 29-gallon tank.

The Beckford pencilfish is kind of an energetic swimmer and it’ll swim totally on the top of the aquarium. If it sees a chance, it should attempt to leap so it’s a shoulder to cover the fish tank.

Adding darkish sand to the underside of the tank as a substrate will present the Beckford pencilfish to realize its biggest coloration. Good planted and floating herbs will add to the ambiance quite a bit.

The Beckford pencilfish loves hiding within the décor that’s positioned into the fish tank, for instance, it loves resting close to some driftwood decorations.

Recommended temperature is from 22 to 27 Degrees Celsius accompanied with pH range from 5.7 to and hardness range from three to 10 dGH. In a tank with low lightning, your Beckford pencilfish shall be calmer.

beckford pencilfish red beckford's pencilfish

Nannostomus beckfordi Feeding Habit

Although it has a sure behavior within the wild to feed on zooplanktons and little invertebrates, when it’s positioned in captivity, it should usually eat any form of meals.

It is an omnivorous fish that signifies that it doesn’t have a choosy character in relation to nourishment.

It will get pleasure from consuming little pellets, cooked fish meals, flake meals, frozen meals, dry meals, and something eatable by fish typically.

With an occasional deal with frozen or stay small animals like brine shrimps and bloodworms, it should obtain its greatest look and coloration.

Take note that the beckford pencilfish has a really small mouth, so its meals need to be provided smashed or blended to keep away from accidents or choking.

The frequency of feeding ought to be the number of occasions a day.

Beckford Pencilfish Breeding Guide

Quite a lot of aquarists had success within the procreation of the beckford pencilfish. The first factor you must bear in mind is to have the very best possible water circumstances.

In a really dense planted fish tank, the danger that the eggs shall be eaten is large so you’ll be able to attempt spawning them in a distinct aquarium full of acidic and delicate water.

While breeding, the males shall be very aggressive and territorial so it’s best to spawn them in pairs. Try placing one pair if you have a smaller nano tank.

If you have got a further bigger tank of 10 gallons, you are able to do a number of pairings there.

The tank needs to be fairly planted with vegetation and doesn’t have to be very shiny as a result of the fish may be very delicate to light.

From herbs, you’ll be able to present java moss, nylon spawning mops the place the eggs may be laid or clumps of wool.

The greatest temperature for reproducing is around 23 Degrees Celsius with a pH of 6.7 and hardness of roughly 2.

The energetic breeders ought to be fed for about 7 to 10 days with stay meals.

Then, the spawning will start. The feminine lays from 25 to 30 eggs. Afterward, the parents ought to be eliminated and the tank needs to be stored darkish.

The eggs hatch in about 35 hours, and three or 4 days later attempt to swim on their very own.
The fry may be fed with brine shrimp and micro worms.

Beckford pencilfish Tank Mates

Nannostomus beckfordi are small and peace-loving fishes and so they want to reside with different peace-loving tank mates within the aquarium.

You can simply preserve your Beckford pencilfish with small and calm fishes like Neon Tetras, Black Neon Tetra, Glowlight Tetra, Minnow Fish, Guppy Fish, Cory Catfish, Oto Catfish, Zebrafish, Harlequin Rasboras

Large and medium cichlids and goldfish will not be appropriate tank mates for Beckford pencil fish.

In aquariums of larger size, it’s allowed to mix a number of various kinds of nannostomus collectively, The primary factor required is that there ought to be many shelters within the tank.

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The Beckford pencil fish is vulnerable to protozoa, pores and skin flukes, worms, bacterial infections, and ailments. Anything you add into the aquarium could trigger sickness.

It is greatest to scale back the stress, therefore stress is the primary indicator for illness.

So, obtain the very best environmental circumstances to make them really feel like they’re of their natural habitat and you’ll have no downside to boost wholesome and joyful fish.

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