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red paradise gourami

Red Paradise Gourami Fish or Paradise Gourami is likely one of the most glamorous and eye-catchy water buddies among the many fish keepers.

Enjoyable on the sofa and seeing this gorgeous red-blue striped fish in colour-changing LED aquarium lights might be actually blissful.

Red Paradise Gourami Fish profile

As it is identified for its sporty and aggressive nature, keepers typically face difficulties in dealing with it.

The red-backed paradise fish (Macropodus erythropterus) is a species of gourami endemic to streams in Vietnam.

This species grows to an ordinary size of 6.5 cm (2.6 in), and it’s typically seen within the aquarium commerce.


Paradise Fish (Paradise Gourami) is the second hottest Gourami that comes proper after Pearl Gourami.

In each South-East Asian nation, these can be found in massive numbers. It’s stated to be the primary tropical fish for aquarium.

It was imported to Europe nearly 150 years in the past, and the lengthy flowing fins made them an eye-candy for all.

Additionally, these are described as “the gorgeous beasts” which signifies its dazzling magnificence together with its aggressiveness.

Origin and Habitat of Paradise Gourami Fish

It’s a small but stunning fish which is named Paradise Gourami, Blue Paradise Fish, Paradise Gourami, Paradisefish, Blue Paradise Gourami, and Pink and Blue Paradise Fish.

They’re out there in massive numbers in India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Japan, North-East Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Korea, Northern, and Central Vietnam, the Ryukyu Islands and final however not least China.

From the Yangtze River basin to the Pearl River basin of Hong Kong is thought for the supply of this fish.

It is possible for you to to search out them in bogs and paddy fields of South East Asia. The shallow lakes of the shoreline areas are the popular locations of them.

There’s a chance that these explicit species want average to the chilly temperature of the coastlines.

Although these are initially from South East Asia, one can discover it outdoors in Asia. Presently, Madagascar and the US are identified for the vast inhabitants of them.

It’s out there in Paris too. Because the demand for this fish amongst fish keepers is growing globally, scientists are getting extra on this fish and attempting to breed the fish outdoors Asia.

This is the reason the variety of this fish is growing worldwide. It means you’ll not face any drawback in getting or breeding this fish no matter your location.

Look of Paradise Gourami Fish

The primary motive for the attraction of this fish is its colours which get intensified on the time of breeding.

The distinction of shiny and darkish colours together with flowing fins provides appeal to their look.

Fish keepers attempt to maintain the fish which is able to improve the fantastic thing about their aquarium and it’s undoubtedly one amongst them.

It has a rounded neck and a glossy physique. The form of the caudal fin is completely different in numerous varieties.

Primarily it’s forked, and other sorts of this fish have spherical and pointed fin. In accordance with the design and shade of the tails, the flowing and forktail one has the very best demand among the many fish keepers.

Measurement of Paradise Gourami Fish

It’s small and playful fish which initially are available 1-2” (2-5 cm) and for those who present a wholesome aquarium, it’ll develop as much as 4-6” (10-15 cm).

The shade of Paradise Gourami Fish

They typically have a vibrant crimson hue with blue stripes throughout their our bodies, however, their fins have just one shade (reddish-orange).

Orange or brownish or greenish-brown body with inexperienced stripes is usually seen within the younger ones. You will discover black or blue spots on their bodies.

The colour of the grownup fish is usually darker than the younger ones. A correct aquarium situation will intensify the colour.

Breeders, now with the assistance of applied sciences, are producing strong crimson and strong blue Paradise Gourami Fish.

Additionally, an Albino variant (pink, creamy white with blue stripes) and a concolor variant (black) are the 2 newest inclusions in them.

Red Paradise Gourami diet

Prone to prey on insect larvae and suchlike in nature, and needs to be provided small dwell or frozen Daphnia, Artemia, white worm, grindal worm, and so on., in captivity. Some prime quality dried merchandise may be accepted.

They dwell on an omnivorous eating regimen, and you could feed them excessive protein meals. A mixture of plant supplies together with insect protein can be best for them.

Stay and frozen meals together with dry meals and flakes will even be nutritious for them. When this can be very hungry, it’ll clear up the algae of your aquarium too. You’ll be able to feed them:

  • Mosquito Larvae
  • Small bugs (Stay or Frozen)
  • Tubefix Worm
  • Freeze-dried worms
  • Daphnia
  • Small aquatic bugs
  • Useless flies
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Pellets ( HIKARI Micro Pellets, API Fish Meals Pellets)
  • Bloodworm
  • White Worms
  • Freeze-dried veggies and fruits
  • Algae wafers and flakes like Fluval Bug Bites, Zoo Med Spirulina

Of their pure habitat, they devour Planktonic Invertebrates, and Zoobenthos and their tendency of searching on the prey might be seen every time you’ll feed them dwell meals.

On the time of breeding, feed the females first as they won’t consumption any meals on the time of holding the eggs.

You’ll be able to feed this fish twice a day and ensure every time your fish can end the meals inside two minutes.

Red Paradise Gourami Distribution

Happens naturally in China, south of the Yangtze (Chang Jiang) River system, together with Taiwan and Hainan Island, northern and central Vietnam, and northeastern Laos.

Sort locality is ‘Asia’, presumably near Guangdong in southern China.

Launched populations exist in plenty of nations together with South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the U. S. A, largely because of the decorative commerce.

Vary and habitat

The red-backed paradise fish is endemic to central Vietnam, the place solely identified from the Quang Tri River, part of the Giang River basin.

Right here it inhabits hill streams in areas with submerged roots and overhanging vegetation.

This species can survive in a variety of habitat varieties and ecological situations.

It may be discovered in lots of sorts of lowland habitat, from streams, river backwaters, and pure ponds to irrigation canals, rice paddies, and synthetic reservoirs. In some areas, it additionally inhabits upland hill streams.


70 – 80 mm.

Habits of Paradise Gourami Fish

It’s typically a peaceable aquarium fish, however, it’s aggressive with small and similar sized tank mates.

They’re extraordinarily dominant to others which suggests they will do bodily injury to others.

The possibilities of a battle for territory are extraordinarily excessive amongst them. It could additionally injury the tank decors as they attempt to swallow all the things.

Additionally, they have an inclination to hunt. Subsequently, any small fish are thought of as their meals.

Throughout fights, they soar on their rivals and open up their operculum. Then they lengthen their fins and alter the colour to threaten the rival. You want just a little data to pick their tank mates.

The lifespan of Paradise Gourami Fish

They typically dwell longer than a lot of the aquarium fish and its common lifespan is 6-10 years. It’s prompt to start outbreeding when they’re 4 years outdated.

On the time of breeding, they have to be wholesome and to lift the fry to a wholesome grownup fish, you might want to observe eating regimen and tank and water preparations talked about under.

Behaviour and Compatibility

Equally-shaped fishes need to be averted, however, might be maintained alongside peaceable education species with comparable environmental necessities.

Males are territorially aggressive, this behaviour turning into extra pronounced throughout reproductive intervals, and shouldn’t be housed collectively except the aquarium may be very massive.

It’s also advisable to offer two or extra females per male as a way to disperse male consideration.

Sexual Dimorphism

Males are bigger than females and possess prolonged tender rays within the dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.


Bubble nester. Mushy water with a barely raised temperature is alleged to induce reproductive behaviour.

The aquarium ought to have the tightest-fitting cowl doable (some breeders use clingfilm/plastic wrap) as a result of the fry want entry to a layer of heat, humid air, without which growth of the labyrinth organ might be impaired.

The pair needn’t be separated previously to spawning. The male tends to assemble his nest inside a raft of floor vegetation, and the feminine(s) are normally tolerated throughout this era.

As soon as the nest is full, the male shows to potential mates utilizing his elongated dorsal, anal, and caudal fins.

The nuptial feminine turns into paler in colour. Spawning usually happens beneath the nest in an ’embrace’ typical of osphronemids, with the male wrapped across the feminine.

On the level of climax milt and some eggs are launched. The latter includes a globule of oil and are lighter than water, due to this fact they float upwards to the nest, typically assisted by the male.

The method is then repeated till the feminine is spent, with a number of hundred eggs usually deposited.

Put up-spawning the adults can usually be left in situ, though cowl needs to be offered for the feminine.

Typically the nest turns into damaged up and the eggs are as an alternative gathered collectively right into a ‘clump’.

As soon as the eggs hatch, usually in 3-Four days, they continue to be within the nest till the yolk sac is fully absorbed.

When the fry starts to swim freely the male will lose curiosity and the adults are greatest eliminated at this stage.

They require an infusoria-grade meal for the primary few days, after which they will settle for motile meals equivalent to microform and Artemia nauplii.

Water modifications need to be small and common fairly than massive and intermittent.

Water Circumstances

  • Temperature: 10 – 22 °C
  • pH: 6.0 – 8.0
  • Hardness: 90 – 357 ppm

red paradise gourami


Might be maintained in a fully-decorated aquarium though many breeders want to not use a substrate for ease of upkeep.

Driftwood roots and branches can be utilized and positioned such a method that just a few shady spots are shaped, whereas some floating or floor vegetation needs to be included if the purpose is to breed the fish (see ‘Replica’).

The addition of dried leaf litter additional emphasises the pure really feel and in addition to providing extra cowl brings with it the growth of microbe colonies which may present a worthwhile early meals supply for fry.

This species might be maintained in an unheated aquarium most often, and there may be proof to counsel that it actively advantages from a cool interval throughout winter months.

Tank Necessities of Paradise Gourami Fish

As a way to elevate a wholesome fish, together with a nutritious eating regimen, you might want to deal with the tank as nicely.

Hold this in thoughts that you’re taking the fish out of its pure habitat, so you might want to replicate its pure habitat in your aquarium.

Tank Measurement

A 20-gallon tank is a minimal requirement for them. If you’re planning to maintain a small fish in a 5-Gallon Tank, it is not going to be an issue on the preliminary stage, however, in its maturity, a sufficient place can be required.

They’re very sporty, they usually swim nearly all day, so a small tank is not going to be sufficient for them.

If you’re planning to maintain them with others, go for a 30-gallon tank. For a single male one, you’ll be able to go for a 20-gallon tank.

Tank Lid

A good lid for the tank is necessary as they’re avid jumpers.


Sand will enable you to duplicate the pure habitat of them. It should assist the fish to dig hiding locations too. Small rocks and caves will even be good for them as nicely.

Aquatic Vegetation

Aquatic crops will even assist the fish to cover from their enemies. Nevertheless, they’re identified for consuming these crops too. You’ll be able to choose hardy crops equivalent to Hornwort for this objective.


It is extremely adjustable by nature. They’ll endure nearly all robust situations, however, this may occasionally cut back their lifespan.

So, you could maintain the aquarium clear. Set up the filters to take away the uneaten meals and fish wastes. When you don’t need filters, you might want to do guide cleansing every week.

Pumps are usually not required as excessive or low present are pointless for Gouramis. They dwell in no present areas, they usually can inhale oxygen from the air.


Utilizing LED lights would be the greatest and cost-effective right here. Additionally, this mild will create an excellent atmosphere within the aquarium.

Nicely, that’s in regards to the aquarium changes, now take a look at the water parameters.

Water Sort for Paradise Gourami Fish

Paradise Gourami Fish has the least calls for relating to water changes; they will survive within the least or no water administration, however, it will possibly make them unhealthy.

You must make the minimal changes within the aquarium water in order that your fish face the least drawback to outlive. Have a look.


65°-84°F (19-30°C) temperature can be appropriate for them. Warmth and chilly tolerance degree in them are usually greater than others, however, under 65°F (19°C) or above 84°F (30°C) shouldn’t be acceptable.

On the time of breeding, maintain the temperature between 70°-75°F (21-23°C).

pH Stage

Similar to every other freshwater fish, pH degree of the tank water must be 5.Eight to eight.


5 – 30 dGH is the perfect water hardness for them.

Nitrate Stage

Nitrate degree must be zero or extraordinarily low to maintain the fish health.

Cleansing Strategies

Use of cleaning soap or chemical substances is restricted, however, you should use store-bought options.

Substitute Process

Partial water change (25%) is required every week, and it’ll assist them to manage up with the modifications.

Compatibility of Paradise Gourami Fish

As a result of aggressive nature, it’s endorsed to not maintain two male ones in a tank as they may harm one another.

One male and a number of feminine ones can be appropriate. Females are additionally extra appropriate and fewer aggressive than males.

For his or her aggression, selecting tank mates is a bit tough for them and aquarists want to maintain them alone.

The bodily assault the small and same-sized fish and injury their fins, however, they don’t mess with massive ones. Check out their appropriate and unsuitable tank mates.

Appropriate Tank Mates of Paradise Gourami Fish

As a result of their aggression, it is going to be good to maintain bigger fish with Paradise Gourami Fish. Species which might be appropriate with them are as follows:

  • Comet Goldfish
  • Giant Danios
  • Geophagus Cichlids
  • Armoured Catfish
  • Cuckoo Catfish
  • Pearl Gouramis
  • Large Characins
  • Dwarf Gouramis
  • Bristlenose Pleco
  • Large Synodontis Catfish
  • Bala Sharks
  • Clown Loach

Unsuitable Tank Mates of Paradise Gourami Fish

All of the sluggish swimmers and fish with lengthy flowing fins are unsuitable to stick with this fish. The next species is incompatible with them:

  • Fancy Goldfish
  • Angelfish
  • Discus Fish
  • Neon Tetra
  • Guppies
  • Bettas
  • Snails
  • Crabs
  • Shrimps

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