Common Carp Facts – How Fast do Carp Grow?

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2021)

Common Carp has many useful Facts. A common carp can last up to 20 years. A typical carp is spending 47 years of his retirement in captivity. Here are some of the Common Carp Facts for you.

Common Carp Facts

The average carp size is 40 to 80 cm (15.75 to 31.5 inches) in length and weighs from 2 to 14 kg (4.5 to 31 pounds).

General Carp was brought to the United States in 1831. At the end of the 19th century, they were widely distributed throughout the country by the government as food and fish, but they are now rarely consumed in the United States, where they are generally considered pork.

Koi is a domesticated subspecies of common carp that has been selectively bred for color. In Japanese culture, koi is treated with affection and seen as auspicious. They are popular in other regions of the world as fish of the outer pond.

Bread and fried, common carp is a part of the natural Christmas celebrations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in Poland

The largest record carp was caught by a finger named Colin Smith at the Itang La Sousse Fishery in France on May 25, weighing 45.59 kilograms (100.5 lbs).

Three subspecies with somewhat different scale patterns are recognized. C. carpio communis (scale carp) has a regular centering scale, C. carpio specularis (mirror carp), large scale scales with several other parts of the body naked, and C. carpio quiescus (skin carp) on the back and a few or none on a dense skin. Without scale.

The common carp of the wild is usually thinner than pet size, the length of the body extends to the length of the body, the red flesh, and the front.

Common carp or European carp (Cyprinus carpio) is the most recent freshwater fish.

The common carp is native to Europe, but has been widely introduced and is now available worldwide, except in polar and northern Asia.

They are large and small man-made and inhabited natural reservoirs and pools in slow or fast-moving streams. They prefer larger, slower bodies of soft sedimentary water, but they are tolerant and hardy fish that expand into different aquatic habitats.

Common carp are the third most frequently introduced species worldwide and their history as cultivated fish comes from the Roman period.

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Common carp are ubiquitous. They eat vegetarian diets of aquatic plants but prefer to scavenge down on insects, crustaceans (including zooplankton), crayfish, and benthic worms.

These are usually found in small schools although the larger carp often lead to a lonely existence.

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China is still the largest commercial producer, accounting for about 70% of carp production.

The Romans used to farm and the culture of this pond continued through Europe’s monasteries and to this day. In China, Korea, and Japan, carp were cultivated early in the Yawa period (c. 300 BC – 300 BC).


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