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Girella Punctata
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Two Girella species, Girella punctata and G. leonina, are sympatric sister species with an in-depth overlap of their respective distributions on shallow rocky reefs from Hong Kong to the south of the Japanese Islands. Juveniles of the 2 species can’t be discriminated against simply on the idea of exterior characters.

Girella Punctata profile

Largescale blackfish Girella punctata and smallscale blackfish G. leonina (Perciformes, Girellidae) are demersal fish inhabiting the coastal rocky backside zone around Japan. Both species are commercially vital in coastal fisheries, and in addition very fashionable with anglers.

However, in lots of respects, the habitat use of those species all through their life history stays unknown. A precise understanding of their habitat use is crucial for inventory management and sustainable use of this useful resource.

Girella Punctata


Identification of G. punctata and G. leonina juveniles on the idea of morphological characters alone is usually complicated, whereas the morphology of G. mezina can simply be separated from the opposite two species.

Therefore, the phylogenetic relationship between G. punctata and G. leonina has always been a topic of appreciable curiosity with regard to discovering distinct options that might discriminate between the 2 species on the juvenile stage.

Generally, the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene is the area used to analyze the connection between intergeneric and interfamily phylogenies, whereas the D-loop area is ample for resolving the relationships amongst intently associated taxa, equivalent to native races, subspecies, and sibling species.

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The geographical distributions of those species largely overlap within the western North Pacific, however G. leonina is distributed slightly more to the south than G. punctata.

The northern extremity of the distribution on the Pacific aspect of Japan is the coastal waters of the Boso Peninsula for each species, whereas the northern extremity within the Sea of Japan is assumed to barely differ: the coastal waters of the Niigata Prefecture for G. punctata and the Tsushima Strait for G. leonina .

Similarly, the southernmost distribution space of G. leonina (off Fujian, China) is supposedly situated to the south of the southernmost space of G. punctata. Learn about the best places to fly fish in Washington.

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